Newmont stresses the benefits of community investment programs for Conga mine project

first_imgNewmont Mining has outlined a number of community investment programs – developed in conjunction with local communities – that have been implemented or are under development in the Conga project’s area of influence in Peru. The project has suffered from demonstrations and attacks by anti-mining groups. The programs, which are in addition to the numerous social investments Yanacocha has made over the last two decades, include efforts to advance health and education, critical infrastructure and economic development in Peru’s Cajamarca region. Implementation of the programs began four years ago and would continue over the life of the proposed mine. Details regarding the social investments can be found in a fact sheet released by the company.In addition to community investment programs, Conga is expected to generate more than $2 billion in taxes over the life of the operation, half of which would be directed to the Cajamarca region through the mining canon. And while the project would replace four lagoons with four engineered reservoirs, downstream users would benefit from a reliable, year-round water supply, something they don’t currently have due to the lagoons not continuously overflowing into the natural streams during the dry season. The reservoirs would increase existing water storage capacity from 1.4 million m3 to 3.2 million m3, providing water to downstream users 12 months a year.“Conga’s community investment programs were designed by the local communities to address long-standing needs that they themselves identified as issues,” said Richard O’Brien, Newmont’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Although many of these programs are still in their early stages, we’ve already seen tangible results including reductions in malnutrition, school drop-out rates and grade repetition. After the Conga project is built and starts generating revenues, we expect to see even greater improvements in community health, education, nutrition, infrastructure and economic development.”To date, Conga’s community investment programs have resulted in:An 8% decline in malnutrition (over four years since the program began) in children younger than 5 yearsLivestock production increasing to 5 t/ha, up from 1 t/haNative potato production increasing to 11  t/ha, up from 5  t/ha400 properly ventilated stoves built in homes to reduce indoor air pollution, a major contributor to childhood respiratory problems26 modern irrigation systems built to support Aguaymanto farmers.In 2008, the Conga Project Team, in co-operation with the Asociacion Los Andes de Cajamarca, engaged 32 of the project’s neighboring communities to identify opportunities for sustainable local development. In 2009, Community Development Committees (CODECOs), comprising and led by local citizens, created the 2015 Community Vision, which set targets for improvements in social, economic and community development.In addition to the social, economic and infrastructure benefits expected from tax revenues, Conga’s initial social investment plans that will be implemented once the project is developed, include:Approximately $20 million to improve the exchange of goods and services through the construction of over 90 km of new roads in the regionMore than $6 million in programs, facilities and equipment to reduce malnutrition among children and pregnant women$5 million to improve production and incomes of rural farmersMore than $500,000 for the construction of 15 classrooms.Prior to the suspension of construction activities at Conga, more than 6,800 people were employed, with the overwhelming majority coming from the local communities. In 2011, the Conga Project entered into contracts worth more than $50 million with more than 60 local contractors.More information about the Conga project, including a fact sheet on Conga’s water protection plan, can be found online at’s Environmental Impact Assessment has already undergone extensive reviews by 12 government agencies and was approved by the Ministry of Energy and Mines in 2010 following a three-year, public EIA process. The environmental and social studies in Conga’s EIA spanned up to 13 years and the public engagement process included 13,000 people from the region. The EIA process was transparent and open to anyone who wanted to participate, provide input or raise issues. Conga’s reservoirs would more than double the current water storage capacity of the four lakes in question from 1.4 million m3 to 3.2 million m3 and provide a reliable, year-round water supply to downstream users, something they don’t currently have as a result of the dry season.last_img read more

Volvo CE acts to address skill shortages in Africa

first_imgWith an education aid project two years in the making, Volvo Construction Equipment says it is poised to play a key role in remedying the shortage of skilled technicians in parts of Sub-Saharan Africa. Volvo CE is confronting a shortage of technicians in Sub-Saharan Africa with a Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) project to help support and modernise technical schools in Africa.Volvo CE says it will take a hands-on approach with a project at Selam Technical and Vocational College in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, providing new equipment, training materials, teacher training, ongoing curriculum development and apprenticeship opportunities for students. The company states: “A lack of well-trained machine technicians is a serious problem in much of Africa and has meant that equipment dealers operating in countries like Ethiopia are often forced to hire expatriate technicians, rather than invest in local workers who would remain in the country permanently – and keep more money in the local economy. The few technicians who are local often have had inadequate training, as many technical schools in these countries use outmoded equipment – sometimes dating back to the 1970s or 1980s.”Developing a technical program will benefit OEMs like Volvo by providing a larger pool of skilled workers. Though students and apprentices won’t be under any obligation to work for Volvo, the project will provide Volvo a powerful way of building relationships with potential employees. “This project will increase the number of trained mechanics in our African markets, which benefits Volvo as well as other local OEMs,” says Jonas Rönnebratt, Aftermarket Director in EMEA South (Africa). “But we’re also doing this because we think we can make a real difference in Ethiopia by empowering and educating local people. That’s why this project is so exciting.”“A major obstacle to economic development in this region is the availability of skilled labour, especially in technical professions,” says Lena Ingelstam, Head of the Department for Global Cooperation at Sida. “We believe that this project can serve as a model for other vocational schools in the country and facilitate the emergence of new enterprises.” The project, which will train about 30 students a year, is a first for Volvo CE in Africa, but a similar Volvo program that trains homeless teenagers in Brazil was successful. If the new program works well, the company hopes to expand into other African countries in the future.Volvo CE organisers, who have been working on initiating the program since 2009, are targeting a course start date of January 2013. While Volvo deals with teacher training and equipment, the school will handle administration, recruitment of teachers and selection of students while the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) will oversee the project.last_img read more

Cavex 700CVX hydrocyclone maximises throughput

first_imgThe new Cavex® 700CVX hydrocyclone from Weir Minerals can achieve up to 50% higher throughput capacity in comparison with competitor cyclones in the 26 in diameter range, due to its larger inlet and vortex finder configuration. According to Sheldon Gabriel, Product Manager Cyclones of Weir Minerals Africa and Middle East, the Cavex 700CVX hydrocyclone has a small, more space efficient body, making it ideal for new installations. “It is also perfectly suited and sized to fit into existing cyclone clusters for easy retrofitting, adding substantially to increased capacity. This hydrocyclone is the result of extensive research and development by the company and underlines our philosophy of driving customer centricity in all product development.”Mark Lockyer, Weir Minerals’ Global Product Manager Hydrocyclones, says that the need to increase throughput to maintain production levels is a reality for much of the industry, with many mines having to process more ore than they have in the past. “In these conditions, increasing throughput is essential. Sites that can achieve higher throughput with minimal capital expenditure certainly have a competitive advantage.” Gabriel says that Cavex hydrocyclones have been highly regarded for their proven efficiency and high capacity performance for decades. Cavex CVX hydrocyclones are designed to withstand severe abrasion caused by the rotational flow of solids and slurry.“The unique shape of the Cavex hydrocyclone range features a laminar spiral inlet geometry that allows the slurry to follow a natural path without encountering any shelves, edges or corners. This reduces turbulence inside the hydrocyclone, which helps maximise separation efficiency, hydraulic capacity and wear life, while minimising localised wear in the feed chamber and vortex finder.” Weir Minerals Africa is dedicated to ensuring its products maximise throughput both within current plants and in greenfield operations. The Cavex 700CVX hydrocyclone is typical of the company’s commitment to best practice and is backed up by Weir Minerals’ extensive global service and aftermarket support.The harsh African mining conditions provide particularly tough operating conditions for installed equipment, but this has been catered for with the Cavex 700 CVX hydrocyclone, which features fabricated steel or cast ductile casing, replaceable elastomer liners up to 45 mm thick, ceramic lower cones, rubber lined steel vortex finders, rubber or ceramic spigots, rubber lined steel overflow pipe or air core booster caps.Weir Minerals delivers end-to-end solutions for all mining, sand and aggregate transportation, milling, processing, waste-management and comminution processes across a range of industries and in more than 30 different countries. Weir Minerals Africa benefits from the global investment into benchmark technology development and the vast experience gained by the local operation in a multitude of African installations.last_img read more

Liebherr advancing its autonomous truck development

first_imgPerrone Robotics (PRI) has a new agreement with Liebherr to support autonomous development for Liebherr mining trucks. PRI is currently working with Liebherr’s Mining Group in Newport News to integrate PRI’s MAX™ platform into their autonomy kit.  MAX will support certain functionality within Liebherr’s autonomy kit enabling the truck to perform autonomous haulage at mining locations worldwide.  This functionality will assist in performing the required manoeuvres precisely and reliably for efficient and safe operations. MAX functionality combined with Liebherr’s autonomous mining truck development will support the growing need for autonomy in surface mining.“At Perrone Robotics, we are used to taking on big mobility challenges, but from a size perspective this mining truck is the largest!” stated Paul Perrone, CEO and founder of Perrone Robotics. “That said we’re confident that the MAX platform can deliver the flexibility and functionality that Liebherr is looking for in their mining solution.  Already in a very short period of time we’ve been able to interface with the truck’s systems and drive it robotically.  Our ability to integrate to Liebherr’s perception solutions and control the vehicle correctly and safely meets Liebherr’s requirements.  Plus, the flexibility of our platform ensures that as Liebherr’s autonomous solutions evolve, MAX will be ready to handle them.”“We are impressed with Perrone Robotic’s capabilities and the flexibility of the MAX platform.” said James Whitfield, GM Research and Development. “We have been investigating autonomy for some time and we were pleased to find a capable platform with the flexibility and proven track record that MAX brings to our solution.  The open and agnostic concepts within MAX align with Liebherr’s approach to autonomy.  We look forward to working with Paul and his team on this project.”last_img read more

De Beers GemFair pilot to create a secure transparent route for artisanal

first_imgDe Beers Group today announced it is preparing to pilot a programme called GemFair to create a secure and transparent route to market for ethically-sourced artisanal and small-scale mined (ASM) diamonds. GemFair will use dedicated technology to record ASM production at mine sites that meet demonstrable ethical standards, with the aim of purchasing of rough diamonds from approved locations while helping improve working conditions and livelihoods for those working in the sector.GemFair is partnering with the Diamond Development Initiative (DDI) for the pilot, an NGO that has been leading efforts to formalise the diamond ASM sector in several parts of Africa. Miners that wish to participate in the GemFair pilot must be certified by the DDI as meeting their standards, as well as additional standards specific to the GemFair business model.Once ethically certified, De Beers will provide qualified miners with a technology solution that includes an app and dedicated tablet, supported by a diamond ‘toolkit’ that will enable the digital tracking of ASM diamonds throughout the supply chain.The pilot will run in Sierra Leone where a number of artisanal mine sites are already participating in the DDI’s Maendeleo Diamond StandardsTM programme and where significant advancements have been made by the Government of Sierra Leone to formalise the ASM sector.Bruce Cleaver, CEO, De Beers Group, said: “The ASM sector represents a critical income source for many poverty-affected communities. However, due to parts of the sector being largely informal and unregulated, it lacks access to established international markets and the ability to derive fair value for participants. By providing a secure route to market, offering fair prices and helping to raise standards, we hope to play a role in enhancing the prospects for those working in the sector, while also potentially opening up a new source of supply for De Beers over the longer term.”Dorothée Gizenga, Executive Director, Diamond Development Initiative, said: “The DDI is focused on ensuring artisanal and small-scale miners have access to the opportunities, information and tools that help create self-sustaining communities and formally recognise the sector’s contribution to economic development. We believe GemFair has the potential to significantly transform the sector by providing a new and secure route to market through the world’s leading diamond company. We look forward to continuing to work with De Beers, the Government of Sierra Leone and all other stakeholders as we progress.”The pre-pilot phase of GemFair will involve setting up a local presence in Sierra Leone and working with the DDI and registered mine sites to ensure the agreed standards are being met, that participating miners are trained in how to use the technology solution, and that they have an enhanced understanding of diamond classification.Once GemFair and DDI are confident the sites are compliant and the technology is working effectively, the pilot will commence with GemFair starting to purchase diamonds from participating miners. While offers will be made for any diamonds presented for sale, regardless of quality, miners will be under no obligation to sell to GemFair if they elect not to do so. Any approved purchases would be sold via De Beers’ industry-leading Auction Sales channel.The pre-pilot phase will commence this month, with the aim of a first purchase occurring later in 2018. There is no set timeframe for the pilot to be completed.Following extensive research to understand the ASM sector and its specific needs, De Beers is developing a fit for purpose technology solution comprising a tablet and a software application that incorporates GPS locations and QR-coded ‘bag and tag’ equipment. The software has been designed to work both online and offline, to support the ability of miners to use it in different locations. The diamond toolkit includes hardware that can work in tough rural conditions, including being powered by solar chargers. The programme also involves providing participating miners with training on diamond classification to help improve their understanding of the products they sell.If proven successful, the technology used in GemFair will be integrated with the diamond industry blockchain platform De Beers is currently developing, allowing the ASM sector to participate in the blockchain and providing an added layer of assurance for ASM production.last_img read more

GreenGolds ReCYN to detoxify tailings recover cyanide and copper at Martabe

first_imgTechnology provider GreenGold says it has been awarded a ReCYN™ design and install contract with PT Agincourt Resources to detoxify tailings and recover cyanide and copper at its Martabe gold-silver operation in Sumatra, Indonesia.Jakarta- and Perth-based GreenGold will deliver the project with preferred fabricators for specialist equipment packages, the company said.In a report published last year, Whittle Consulting called the ReCYN process “a world-leading approach” in cyanide recovery, metal recovery and tailings detoxification. “Based on an innovative resin-bead absorbent, ReCYN reduces cyanide consumption by 50%, capturing free cyanide from the plant tailings and recycling it back into the leach circuit while recovering metal complexes and making them available for sale,” Whittle said.Whittle also said adopting the technology could provide a $126.9 million upside to the project.GreenGold said it had received the contract following a record influx of enquires for the technology.GreenGold CEO, Malcolm Paterson, said of the Martabe contract: “We have come up with an elegant design to fit the space constrained site. We also will be recovering cyanide and copper which previously was destroyed or sent to tails, turning a cost into an economic benefit for the mine.“We are looking forward to delivering on this strategically important project, and continuing to build on our proven metallurgy and process capability within the precious/base metals sector globally.”The Martabe mine has a resource base of some 7.4 Moz of gold and 69 Moz of silver.last_img read more

SG Flensburg win DHB Cup 2015

SG Flensburg ← Previous Story Kielce and Plock for the Polish title! Next Story → VOTE FOR THE WORLD YOUNG HANDBALL PLAYER 2014/2015 Finally, DHB Cup trophy is in the hands of SG Flensburg after sensational shot-out series in the final match against SC Magdeburg 32:31 in sold-out O2 Arena in Hamburg where 13.300 fans enjoyed a real spectacle. The Swedish left wing Hampus Wanne scored decisive goal from the 7-meter line in the fifth series for the big celebration of Ljubo Vranjes and his guys who again ended the season with the trophy, after last year EHF Champions League crown.SG Flensburg-Handewitt – SC Magdeburg 32:31 (11:11, 24:24, 27:27)SC Magdeburg: Green (10 saves), Quenstedt (8 saves) – Rojewski (2), van Olphen (1), Bagersted (3), Grafenhorst (1), Haaß (3/1), Bezjak (5/1), Weber (6/3), Jurecki (1/1), Natek (6), Lie Hansen, Musche (3)SG Flensburg-Handewitt: Andersson (13/1 saves), Møller (2/2 saves) – Karlsson, Nenadic, Eggert (9/6), Mogensen (3), Svan (4/1), Wanne (1/1), Kaufmann (4), Jakobsson (6), Zachariassen (2), Gottfridsson (2/1), Macke, Elahmar (1/1)PHOTO: SG Flensburg read more

PPD Zagreb routine win over Besiktas

8. Besiktas Jimnastik Kulubu9108238:300(-62)2 4. THW Kiel8404236:224(12)8 6. Orlen Wisla Plock9315252:263(-11)7 7. RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko8107212:234(-22)2 5. HC Prvo plinarsko drustvo …9405234:238(-4)8 BESIKTAS MOGAZRK PPD ZagrebVelux EHF Champions League 1. Paris Saint-Germain Handba…8701263:229(34)14 2. SG Flensburg-Handewitt9702268:237(31)14 RK PPD Zagreb beat Turkish Besiktas MOGAZ 32:26 (14:11) in the second match of VELUX EHF Champions League Group A. Croatian champions almost booked their place with this win even with serious problems with the roster without injured Stepancic, Sandrk, Susnja and some other guys.PPD Zagreb: Stevanović, Ivić (17 saves); Mihić, Sabljić 3, Vujić 9, Kontrec 2, Šebetić 4, Marković 3, Raković 1, Horvat 5, J. Valčić 2, T. Valčić 1, Obranović, Vukić 1, KovačevićBešiktaš : Cebi, Demir, Kočić ( 10 saves); Mercan, Caliskan 1, Arifoglu 4, Pribak 4, Guney, Boyar, Demirezen, Ozbahar 4, Dačević 3, Ninčević 2, Coban, Đukić 7, Done 1SG Flensburg beat Orlen Wisla Plock 27:25…STANDINGS: 3. MVM Veszprém8611229:207(22)13 ← Previous Story Lions take revenge on Kristianstad Next Story → EHF CL: Porto lost TOP 16 train in Russia? read more

Gyori AUDI ETO KC win EHF CL for the third time

Gyori AUDI ETO KC are the Women’s EHF Champions League winner for the third time! The best Hungarian team won the big final match against ZRK Vardar Skopje 31:30 (26:26 – 15:12) after extra-time in hot atmosphere of the Pap Laszlo Arena in Budapest, where majority of the fans were on the side of the domestic team.The Macedonian team couldn’t cope in the last ten minutes of the final with experienced ladies in green jerseys. Anita Gorbicz netted seven goals for the winners, while Alexandra Lacabrere scored six at ZRK Vardar.Team from Gyor already won titles in 2013 and 2014.PHOTO: Filip Viranovski, ← Previous Story Germany and Spain book places at Men’s EHF EURO 2018! Next Story → Sweden qualify for Men’s EHF EURO 2018 – Poland are almost out! read more

Sweden celebrates their first ever quarterfinals

Sweden went on to make history at the Arena Leipzig after the victory over Slovenia for 33-21 and advancing into the quarter-finals for the first time ever in a World Championship. The match itself lacked a bit of excitement as the Scandinavians outplayed the Balcanics.“It’s not today’s game that counts, it’s the eight-finals”, said Henrik Signell on Friday after the great victory against Norway for the last match of the group round, and he emphasized: “It gives us nothing more than a good feeling”. And although he said they should forget about it as soon as possible and focus on the next match, it’s clear to see that such a good victory had it’s positive consequences. The Scandinavians took control of the match and after 12 minutes they were leading 7-2. But three consecutive goals by Krim’s right wing Alja Koren put Slovenia back in the match (7-5, 15’) and Signell called the first timeout. When the match resumed, Sweden went on to set the record straight and established a +8 within the following 10 minutes. Slovenia was creating the chances, but whenever hey could surpass the tough Swedish defense, they encountered a very solid Johanna Bundsen, who’s brought with her the great level displayed in Bietighem-Bissingen during the group phase. The first 30 minutes finished with a score of 18-12 in favor of the Swedish.On the second half Slovenia continued to struggle while the captained by Sabina Jacobsen were widening the gap via fast breaks (26-15, 15’). The top scorer of the competition until yesterday, Ana Gros, was having a hard time trying to score (4 of 11) and that didn’t help the spirits of the team, who was finding it hard to break through both the defense and Bundsen. The final score was a comfortable 33-21 for Sweden who will now face Denmark. The top scorers of the match were Slovenia’s Koren and Sweden’s Johanna Westberg, both with 8 goals, while the MVP was awarded to Bundsen (48% of saves, 19/40).Isabelle Gulldén is probably one of the most determining players on this Swedish squad. She understood exactly the meaning of this match, but confessed that the fact that a pass into the quarter-finals would be historic for them was not exactly on their minds: “It was in some way, but we knew it would be a very hard match so we were really focused because we lost against them last year, and they played really good on this match. But we also knew that they had a really good starting 7 and if we could run with them and tire them, we had a good chance, and that’s what we did”. When asked about the boost of confidence they took from the win against the defending champions she said: “Of course beating Norway, and playing good gave us confidence, but we also knew that we can be a little bit like this (moves her hand up and down like in a wave), so we needed to forget about the win because if we lost against Slovenia the win against Norway didn’t matter so much. But you can see it gives us self confidence and you everyone is performing”.Denmark will be Sweden’s next rival in the quarter-finals, and they faced each other in two matches just before the championship. Regarding their next rivals, Gulldén said: “It will be a fight. The tactical things will be important, but we also know that they play really offensive in their defense and they have good shooters. On the second game against them we played really good, so we will look into both games and see what we did wrong and we will also look at what they did now (in the eigth-finals)”.Signell’s girls can now celebrate, but they will put on their game faces on Tuesday at 17:30 at the Arena Leipzig. Alja KorenAna GrosGermany 2017Henrik SignellIsabelle GulldenSimplyWunderbarSloveniaSweden ← Previous Story Les Bleues are through to the quarter-finals! Next Story → GERMANY OUT: Biegler specialist for national disasters… read more

VIDEO Flying Stefan Vujic Steaua Bucuresti

Steaua BucurestiStefan Vujic Romanian Steaua Bucuresti suffered the first defeat in SEHA Gazprom League 2018/2019. The Romanian vice-champions had no chances to win in Zagreb (17:24), but they at least got the prize for the best goal of the match.The Serbian playmaker Stefan Vujic scored impressive one for his team in the second-half.  ← Previous Story RK Vardar find goalkeeper in Algeria – Khalifa Ghedbane Next Story → POLAND: PGE Vive Kielce and Orlen Wisla Plock began race 2/2 – Cindric ready for EHF CL start read more

Barca routine success against poor Kielce defense

3.Rhein-Neckar6402192:1808 5.Telekom Veszprem6303169:1716 FC Barcelona keep rhythm in the VELUX EHF Champions League. The Spanish champions stayed at the TOP of Group A together with RK Vardar Skopje, after success over PGE Vive Kieicel 31:27. The team of Talant Dujshebaev showed poor defensive performance at “Blaugrana” in which even 16 saves of their goalkeeper Vladimir Cupara weren’t enough to make a real threath to home team…31 – FC Barcelona: Pérez de Vargas (Möller); Áleix Gómez (7), Mem (3), Palmarsson (5), Fábregas (4), Thiagus Petrus (-), Mortensen (6,4p); N’Guessan (3), Syprzak, Tomás, Sorhaindo, Ariño (1), Entrerrios (1), Andersson, Dolenec (1).27 – PGE VIVE Kielce: Cupara (Ivic); Janc, Alex Dujshebaev (6.1p), Karalek (2), Cindric (4), Lijewski (3), Jachlewski (3); Julen Aguinagalde (1), Moryto (4, 3p), Ángel Fernández (3), Daniel Dujshebaev (1), Jurkievicz.TABELA: 7.Montpellier6015158:1761 8.Kristianstad6015167:2071 FC Barcelona handball 1.Barcelona6501204:16310 4.Vive Kielce6402182:1768 6.Meshkov Brest6204157:1744 2.Vardar6501173:15510 ← Previous Story Buric leads Flensburg in win over Skjern Next Story → TOP 5 goals of EHF Champions League 2018/2019 Round 6 read more

These people feel Apples iOS 7 is making them ill

first_imgApple Message Board“It’s exactly how I used to get car sick if I tried to read in the car,” says another.“I had severe vertigo the minute I started using my ipad with ios 7,” someone with a more extreme case wrote. “Lost the rest of the day to it… And not happy at all.”If you’re sensitive to motion and animation, you can adjust your iPhone settings to tone them down. One user showed other motion-sick users how:Some have gone through the hard work of downgrading their iOS.- Alyson ShontellWhy do people wait in line forever just to buy an iPhone?>Upgrade to iOS 7 without messing up your iPhone>These ten computer operating systems never made the grade> Contaminated tap water could lead to 100,000 cases of cancer in the US if people drink it their whole lives. Here’s how worried you should be. Since right after World War II, the president’s national security adviser has an unparalleled ability to influence events worldwide 10 things in tech you need to know today center_img THE MOST RECENT complaint about Apple’s new software, iOS 7, is that it makes users feel sick.iOS 7 includes more animation than iOS 6. Apps fly open and closed, for example. Some people have said the excessive movement gives them motion sickness.An Apple message board spotted by The Verge lists a number of symptoms, including “severe vertigo” and the feeling of “car sickness.”“I’m going on day 3 of total nausea,” one complained.Have any of you experienced similar symptoms?And if so, what did you do about it? Downgrade again to iOS 6?(Note: there is a good tip further down this piece on how to rearrange your settings to lessen the effect these people are talking about.) Trump carries a wad of cash for tipping people in his back pocket instead of a wallet last_img read more

Up to 200 police could face charges over Hillsborough tragedy

first_imgI must stress the scope of our work is not yet clear – and we do not underestimate the size of our task.Speaking to Sky News, she said:I think I can confidently say this will be the largest independent inquiry that has been launched into the actions of the police in the United Kingdom.In a statement from the Crown Prosecution Service, Keir Starmer QC said:Having read and considered the report published by the Hillsborough Independent Panel on 12 September 2012 and liaised with the Home Office and Independent Police Complaints Commission, I have concluded that the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) should consider all the material now available in relation to the tragic events on 15 April 1989, including the material made available by the Independent Panel. UP TO 200 police officers in the UK are to be investigated over the events surrounding the Hillsborough disaster.The news comes following the publication by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) of their response to last month’s report by the Hillsborough Independent Panel.It is believed that 164 police statements had been altered following the tragedy, in order to alter negative comments that had been made in relation to how the match had been policed.A statement from the Deputy Chair of the IPCC, Deborah Glass, said that last month’s report had revealed “extremely serious and troubling issues for the police” and that it was now time for the IPCC and others to complete the investigation.Further investigation was deemed to be required relating to the amendment of statements that had been made by police following the incident, including “who ordered it, who knew about it, who was involved in the process, and was pressure put on individual officers?”Attempts to smear those who died in the disaster by suggesting excessive alcohol had been consumed is also to be investigated.The way in which subsequent investigations into the tragedy were managed by the West Midlands Police are also due to be delved into further.Misleading information that was passed to media, politicians, and subsequent inquiries are also to be investigated by a “dedicated Hillsborough team,” with Glass saying: The purpose of this exercise is to identify what the focus of any further criminal investigation should be in order for the CPS to determine whether there is now sufficient evidence to charge any individual or corporate body with any criminal offence. All potential offences that may have been committed and all potential defendants will be considered.Read: The Hillsborough documents: What we’ve learned so far >Column: The full story of the Hillsborough disaster is still to come >last_img read more

Party delegations meet the Troika today

first_imgDELEGATIONS FROM SINN Féin and Fianna Fáil are meeting with the Troika today.The meetings are taking place in the Department of Finance this morning, with Sinn Féin due to meet them at 9am and a Fianna Fáil spokesperson saying their meeting is currently ongoingFianna Fáil finance spokesperson Michael McGrath and members of the party’s finance team are the delegation meeting the Troika.The Sinn Féin delegation will be led by the party’s Deputy Leader Mary Lou McDonald and will include Peadar Tóibín TD, Brian Stanley TD and Senator Kathryn Reilly.Both parties said they will comment after the meeting at the Department of Finance.Read: Troika have no issue with reported Croke Park savings – government>last_img read more

Isolation and the lack of opportunities impacts on young peoples mental health

first_imgDONEGAL HAS THE lowest rate of expendable income and the highest rate of male unemployment in the country. The geography of the county alone can make it a very isolating place, which is something that can impact heavily on the mental health of young people.Jigsaw projects across Ireland work with communities to better support young people’s mental health and well being. Developed and supported by Headstrong, the National Centre for Youth Mental Health and the HSE, one such Jigsaw facility was opened last year in Letterkenny, Donegal.The opening of the project was three years in the making, after community groups voiced a need for supports for the young people of Donegal.Free serviceIn just over one year, the programme has seen over 230 young people avail of the free service, something Sean McGrory, the project manager says is testament to how badly it was needed in the county.Speaking to, Mr McGrory said the project has three aims. They want to give one to one support to young people if they want help, they want to train people who are in contact with young people on a daily basis, such as teachers and youth workers, on how to be aware about youth mental health issues and to educate the broader public also.He said: He added, however, that the issues young people face in Donegal are the same problems that young people in other parts of the country face. “They have the same problems, feel the same pressure and we are not saying that they are any more worse off than others, but the access to supports can be limited here,” he said.Young people in Donegal He added that there are a number of factors in Donegal that can have an impact on young people. “In terms of deprivation, Donegal is always pretty much bottom of the list, we have the highest rate of male unemployment in the country, the lowest rate of expendable income, so while the Celtic Tiger may have had some benefits to people, it did not reach us as much,” he said.Mr McGrory added:With such a high level of unemployment in the county, this has can cause a lot of distress to families and to teenagers who see their parents struggle.Not only that, but young people who are just leaving school or college, the lack of opportunities and jobs is something that we see as a big problem. We are a rural county in an isolated location and that has a huge impact on young people, socially.The population of the county is scattered and this alone can have an impact on how young people interact and engage with each other.center_img The Jigsaw project is open to people aged between 15 – 25 years old, which Mr McGrory said shows the huge spectrum of youth mental issues in the area.Low mood“People who use the service range from users with common problems, such as low mood, stress and worry to people presenting with early mental health issues, which we try and treat with early prevention. We would see a significant amount of people self-harming, but also a lot of young people who have either left college or school or have lost jobs and are just very disillusioned about their future,” he said.He said that as a county, Donegal is very loyal, stating that majority of the people do not want to leave, but they feel they have no choice. “It’s common to have ‘wakes’ in the small towns when 8 or 10 young people are leaving to go to Australia,” he said, adding that it is a great loss to the community and can be felt.The Jigsaw project does not require a doctor’s referral, meaning young people can simply walk in off the street and say they want to talk to someone.“My World Survey of 14,000 children found that they were dealing with issues and not asking for help. Often times, young people don’t want to visit the family doctor they have known since they were a baby. Jigsaw offers them a place to visit, where they don’t have to worry about being dismissed,” he said.Jigsaw in Donegal is located in Letterkenny, though, Mr McGrory said they were aware of rural isolation in the county. They have three outreach centres which are manned one day a week, in Buncrana, Killybegs and Gweedore.“Establishing a youth mental health service like this hasn’t been without its challenges, but we hope it’s making a difference and helping young people in the county,” said Mr McGrory.Read: New Donegal centre hopes to tackle mental health issues and rural isolation>Read: “Arrogant” Phil Hogan’s visit to be greeted with protest by Letterkenny councillors>last_img read more

HSE signs agreement to improve palliative care

first_imgPatients nearing end of life may be cared for in hospices and in their own homes. However many people also die in our acute hospitals and there are specialist palliative care teams which provide services to both in-patients and out-patients.He added that the HSE is fully committed to ensuring that it maintains and improves on palliative care services.The collaboration is on a number of areas including a review of palliative care for all, primary care, advance care planning, bereavement and addressing gaps in service prison.The IHF said there is also potential to expand the Hospice Friendly Hospitals programme into community hospitals and work on the development of palliative care with dementia.Read: 2,500 patients a year are denied access to hospice services> THE HSE HAS signed a collaborative agreement with the Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF) to cover cooperation on joint projects to improve palliative care and end-of-life care services in Ireland.The IHF said today the agreement aims to deliver maximum benefits to those accessing palliative care services avoid unnecessary duplication and maximise opportunities for cross sector working.Commenting on the agreement today, Director of Acute Hospitals at the HSE, Ian Carter said:last_img read more

Flights back to normal today following UK air traffic control issue

first_imgFLIGHT SCHEDULES IN airports across the UK and Ireland are said to be operating as normal today following an issue with the air traffic control system in the south of England yesterday that caused delays and some cancellations.The National Air Traffic Control Service (NATS) said a technical problem occurred in relation to an internal telephone system used by controllers but confirmed yesterday evening that this had been resolved.Today airports and airlines sought to reassure passengers that flight schedules have returned to normal and they would be operating on time.A number of flights from Dublin Airport to London have already departed on time this morning and a spokesperson for Aer Lingus told the airline is “operating a full service” today.Yesterday Eurocontrol said approximately 1,300 flights- almost 8 per cent of European traffic – were severely delayed by the glitch.Read: Flights getting back to normal after major air traffic control problem fixed>last_img read more

Poll How much money have you spent in the postChristmas sales

first_img Over 1000 Euro (77) Poll Results: MANY PEOPLE ARE heading back to work tomorrow, so this might be the last chance for people to get a bargain in the post-Christmas sales.Bargain hunting This year Retail Excellence Ireland reported that St Stephen’s Day was the busiest since the start of the recession and despite the stormy weather sales have remained consistent. This year online sales were also up to 8 per cent.With that in mind, we want to know: : How much you have spent in the post-Christmas sales so far – in the shops and online. I haven’t bought anything in the sales. (1055) Over 500 Euro (936)center_img Under 500 Euro (2802) I haven’t bought anything in the sales.Under 500 EuroOver 500 EuroUnder 1000 EuroOver 1000 EuroVoteGot any sales tips, tell us in the comments section. Under 1000 Euro (89)last_img read more

Tagged sharks tweet alerts to help warn Australian beachgoers

first_imgSHARKS THAT SWIM close to any popular beaches on the south west coast of Australia will tweet their location, warning beachgoers of their presence.Australia’s Department of Fisheries has installed 19 satellite-linked monitors off the coast of Perth, Bunbury, Meelup and Albany. It has tagged 338 sharks that will tweet alerts whenever they come close to a popular swimming area.Whenever a tagged shark comes close to a major beach, an alert is sent to the Surf Life Saving WA Twitter account.These alerts provide details of the shark such as its size, its breed, location and the time it appeared. The alerts will only happen when tagged sharks appear in the monitored areas.(Image: SLSWA/Twitter)The system is to help both improve public safety and as well as research the movements of great white sharks, tiger sharks and whale sharks.It’s also one of a number of measures the country has taken to help reduce the number of shark attacks. The Australian government was criticised last month after it pledged to hunt down large sharks that enter popular swimming areas.Baited drum lines will be placed one kilometre from the shore to attract and catch sharks more than three meters in length. The lines will be in place initially from January to April.Read: Man killed in shark attack off South African coast >Read: Man gets in fist-fight with shark… and wins >last_img read more