New Vision Unveiled for Massachusetts College of Art and Design

first_img Print Photo by Alex LauIn the 10 years after 2001, the number of science and engineering degrees awarded in the United States grew by 41 percent. In 2016, the Obama administration announced it had secured more than $1 billion in private investment to further STEM education across the country. Earlier this year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released data showing employment in the STEM-related job market swelled by 10.5 percent between May 2009 and May 2015. And yet, if you ask Massachusetts College of Art and Design President David Nelson, such statistics do not add up to a dreadful future for non-engineers: “I see a world that is unified in many ways and not fragmented,” Nelson said. “The distinction between STEM disciplines and the arts disciplines is pretty artificial.”Nelson, who has served as MassArt president since May 2016, will be officially inaugurated on Friday in a ceremony marking the next stage in the life of the institution. Having spent 15 years at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Nelson arrived in Boston with a strong higher education background and spent time during the first stretch of his tenure developing a revamped vision for MassArt. Driven by a holistic understanding of what it means to hold a contemporary arts degree, Nelson said he hopes to steer the school toward contributing on a broader, systemic level. “There’s a lot of emphasis on consumption and paychecks, and… I’m asking us to think beyond ‘goods’ to the common good,” Nelson said. “We want our children to make a good living, but also to make a good life.”Part of furthering that goal is emphasizing arts education as a solution-oriented field that trains students to be nimble enough to adapt to an evolving economy. Of course, as with much of the higher education world today, making that knowledge accessible across racial, geographic, and socioeconomic lines is something the college is taking into account. MassArt is part of the growing contingent of institutions that are test-optional during the application process, meaning students are not required to send in SAT or ACT scores to be admitted to the school. Nelson said he found that MassArt was actually missing out on many qualified candidates because of the testing barriers, and that this year’s freshman class is the school’s largest and most diverse in history.Moving forward, Nelson said MassArt continue to instill the skills Massachusetts residents need to thrive and create, a niche the institution has fulfilled since its inception. In 2017—144 years since class began at MassArt—that mission requires the school to double-down on the value of its degrees.“It’s up to us to help students and families realize the possibility of art and design school and realize that art and design fills our world,” Nelson said. “We sit on it. We wear it…It’s creating not just things that hang on a wall, but that we use every single day.”President Nelson. Provided by MassArt By Hayley Glatter· 000 10/20/2017, 9:28 a.m. center_img Sign up for Boston Daily. News. Commentary. Every day.* Education New Vision Unveiled for Massachusetts College of Art and Design On the occasion of his inauguration, President David Nelson explains the value of an arts degree in 2017. Get a compelling long read and must-have lifestyle tips in your inbox every Sunday morning — great with coffee! last_img read more

Five of the Fanciest Apartments for Rent Right Now

first_img 2/13/2018, 3:04 p.m. For Sale/Rent Five of the Fanciest Apartments for Rent Right Now And you thought your rent payment was steep. By Madeline Bilis· 000 Printcenter_img Getting a good deal on an apartment in Boston is almost certainly wishful thinking. But the thrill of hunting for a new place is exciting—even if you stumble across a few out of your price range. Here, we’ve rounded up some apartments that might fall into that category.Plus, if money was no object, wouldn’t you live in a brownstone, too? Ahead, check out five of the fanciest apartments for rent in Boston right now.Photo via Zillow1. 31 Marlborough Street, Unit 4S, BostonBedrooms: 2Baths: 2Rent: $4,200 per monthPhoto courtesy of Boston Portfolio Properties, LLC2. 90 Park Street, BrooklineBedrooms: 2Baths: 2Rent: $4,500 per monthPhoto via Zillow3. 254 Marlborough Street Unit 2, BostonBedrooms: 3Baths: 2.5Rent: $9,000 per monthPhoto via Zillow4. 458 Beacon Street, Unit 3, BostonBedrooms: 2Baths: 2Rent: $4,200 per monthPhoto via Zillow5. 17 Marlborough Street Unit 5, BostonBedrooms: 2Baths: 1Rent: $8,000 per monthThe Boston Home team has curated a list of the best home design and home remodeling professionals in Boston, including home accent décor, lighting experts, and more. Get the help you need with FindIt/Boston’s guide to home renovation pros. Sign up for Home & Property newsletters. Design, real estate, and pretty things for living.* Sign up for our weekly home and property newsletter, featuring homes for sale, neighborhood happenings, and more. last_img read more

Armageddon in Andover What We Know about Fires and Explosions in the

first_imgWhat happened in the Merrimack Valley yesterday was a tragic incident. We are saddened to learn of the death of a young man as a result of these events . Our thoughts and continued support are with those who have been injured and affected. We are focused on providing as much support as possible to our customers, residents and communities. We are grateful for the community’s patience, as well as the tremendous support we have received from our first responder and law enforcement partners.As part of response efforts, Columbia Gas crews need to visit each of the 8,600 affected customers to shut off each gas meter and conduct a safety inspection. More than 500 resources from several affiliated Columbia Gas companies and other utilities are currently mobilizing to provide assistance.We urge customers in the affected area to call us and arrange for us to meet you at your property to make sure the house is cleared and your gas meter is shut off. Please provide us with your name, address and cell phone number so we can call you when we are ready to access your property.If you don’t provide us with a cell phone number, please call 1-866-388-3239 to schedule a time to meet you at your property so we can gain access.Residents evacuated the communities on Thursday, as crews cut electricity to aid in the response.MBTA Commuter Rail service was replaced with shuttle buses on the Haverhill Line, with service continuing only between North Station and Reading, according to an update posted to the T’s website Friday morning.Haverhill Line trains will operate only between Reading & North Station on Friday. Buses will run from Haverhill & Bradford to Anderson/Woburn for inbound service on the Lowell Line. Consider service on the Lowell or Newburyport Lines as an alternative.Passengers needing service to Haverhill and Bradford can take Lowell Line trains to Anderson/Woburn and transfer to a shuttle bus. The bus will only go to Haverhill and Bradford due to road closures.Parking at Anderson/Woburn Station will be free on Friday and passengers are encouraged to utilize this large parking lot for service on the Lowell Line. Additional capacity will be added for anticipated heavier ridership.The Red Cross responded last night and continue to provide services to those affected, staffing impromptu shelters at schools and community centers.Many homes have been destroyed and people are under an evacuation notice; this could turn into a long-term response. We have workers and supplies on site now, but will need more as we go. The best way you can help is by donating: 1-800-RED-CROSS or (2/2)— RedCrossMA (@RedCrossMA) September 14, 2018The MPSCA has opened its doors to animals in need of shelter at its Nevins Farm location in Methuen, where it has already taken in several pets. It was also soliciting donations of food and supplies. Pets in need of medical care can be brought to its hospitals in Jamaica Plain and Waltham.Our @nevinsfarm team is very much in need of the following supplies: microchip scanners, paper towels, dry cat food, canned cat food, canned dog food and cat litter. Donations can be dropped off at Nevins, 400 Broadway, Methuen! #MVGasFire #Andover #NorthAndover #Lawrence 1/3— MSPCA-Angell (@MspcaAngell) September 14, 2018 By Spencer Buell· “Armageddon” in Andover: What We Know about Fires and Explosions in the Merrimack Valley As chaos hit Lawrence, Andover, and North Andover one man died, others were injured, and thousands were evacuated. 2372242 Sign up for Boston Daily. News. Commentary. Every day.* Photo via AP/Mary SchwalmUpdate: As frustrations mount with Columbia Gas, the utility provider linked to the fires and explosions, Gov. Charlie Baker has declared a state of emergency in the Merrimack Valley. Eversource has now been tasked with recovery efforts in the affected communities.Earlier: The day after an unprecedented disaster in Lawrence, Andover, and North Andover that saw homes destroyed in gas explosions and burned in dozens of fires, thousands of families are working to put the pieces back together Friday.One man died in the chaos that erupted there Thursday evening. Leonel Rondon, 18, of Lawrence, was killed when the chimney atop a house toppled onto his car, authorities said. There were more than two-dozen other reported injuries.“Obviously, today’s incidents have been traumatic for the people of Lawrence, North Andover and Andover,” Gov. Charlie Baker said Thursday. “Thankfully, neighbors helped neighbors, police, fire and our first responders jumped into action quickly, and despite the fluid situation these communities are experiencing, local state and federal partners are working together to make sure the communities are safe.”Baker in a press conference Friday urged residents to be patient, as did Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera, as many were allowed to return home but others were not while inspectors determine areas that are safe. They were advised further not to turn gas on at their homes, and to wait for properly trained technicians to do it for them. “Everyone here understands the massive inconvenience that everyone is going through,” Baker said. “This will not be a simple process and doing it right is essential to making sure everyone remains safe.”Schools and state offices remained closed in the three communities.It still wasn’t clear how all of this happened, but officials suspect an overabundance of pressurized gas running through the cities’ aging pipes was to blame. By the latest count, at least three homes blew apart after gas built up inside, and fire departments from all around the region responded to between 60-80 fires, according to The Eagle Tribune.“It looked like Armageddon,” Andover Fire Chief Michael Mansfield remarked at a press conference.Scenes from today’s multiple explosions and fires in #Lawrence where along with the towns of North Andover and Andover, firefighters were called to 70 addresses as people throughout were forced to evacuate their homes.— Jessica Rinaldi (@jrinaldi5) September 14, 2018Utility company Columbia Gas had still not provided a thorough explanation of exactly what went on, but provided a statement on the company’s website describing the recovery as “an extended restoration effort” and advising its customers to flee their homes and not to return unless accompanied by a technician. The company had reportedly been working on gas lines in the area this week. It said 8,600 customers were affected. Officials said representatives from the company would provide an update directly at some point later Friday. Our @nevinsfarm team is also (always) in need of items from our @amazon #WishList. If you’re able to purchase any of these to help the animals, we’ll be forever grateful! #MVGasFire 3/3— MSPCA-Angell (@MspcaAngell) September 14, 2018The Boston Globe compiled a list of other outlets for those who wish to help impacted families.MSP Fusion Center has current updated tally of responses to fires/explosions/investigations of gas odor at 70. Spread over wide swath of south #Lawrence and northern part of #NorthAndover with several others across Merrimack River in north Lawrence.— Mass State Police (@MassStatePolice) September 13, 2018center_img Print Get a compelling long read and must-have lifestyle tips in your inbox every Sunday morning — great with coffee! Thank you for your offers to volunteer in response to the #MVGasFire! We cannot manage volunteers in emergency situations such as this but we’re ALWAYS looking to add to our roster! Visit to sign up to become a volunteer! 2/3 @nevinsfarm— MSPCA-Angell (@MspcaAngell) September 14, 2018 9/14/2018, 10:34 a.m. #BREAKING: Chopper video shows several plumes of smoke over the Lawrence-Andover area as fire crews respond to 39 fires and gas explosions— Meagan Kolkmann (@MeaganKolkmann) September 13, 2018last_img read more

PGA Championship 2019 Why Phil Mickelson signs so many autographs

first_imgFARMINGDALE, N.Y. — It’s half past three on the Wednesday afternoon of the PGA Championship, and Phil Mickelson is signing autographs. He always does this on Wednesday afternoons, but this one is different: It’s a major week, and a Long Island major week at that. The fans here love Mickelson, and they especially love that he loves them back.“Hey Phil, how come you always wear black?”“Honestly, it’s because I’m too fat,” Mickelson said.He continues signing. The shrieks come from both sides of the aisle. “Phil! Phil! Phil!” His pace is quick, but not frenzied; there’s a rhythm to it. Grabs an item from an outstretched hand. Attaches his signature. Returns that item to its owner, and grabs another one. There are always more items to sign, even at a pace of one per five to seven seconds, which is what Mickelson hits. That’s ten per minute, with pauses only for selfies, which he takes himself.Mickelson’s wearing shorts, although it’s hardly mandatory shorts weather — Lefty’s calves have become a notable piece of his brand. One fan tells Phil that players over 40 should be able to wear shorts during tournament rounds. Phil agrees.“Plus, the young guys — their legs aren’t fully developed yet.”Phil Mickelson signed hundreds of autographs on Wednesday afternoon at Bethpage Black.Dylan Dethierlast_img read more