The Blond Breakfast: Trump and Boris Johnson Meet at G7 in…

Rabat – American President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson enjoyed a breakfast together during the G7 summit in Biarritz, France, on Sunday, August 25.Over a meal of scrambled eggs and veal sausages, the two blond leaders had much to discuss. With the UK’s looming exit from the EU, set for October 31, the prime minister and the president want to agree on a trade deal.Descending from a spiral staircase with Boris Johnson, Trump first asked reporters if they knew who Boris is. “You know who this is? Does everybody know?” he asked, before predicting Boris would be a “fantastic prime minister.” Trump remained on the last step of the staircase, highlighting the height difference between the two men. Johnson quickly returned to the last stair and spoke optimistically. “We’re going to do a fantastic deal, once we clear up some of the obstacles in our path.”A deal, Trump said, could be agreed “pretty quickly.” He also called the EU an anchor around Britain’s ankle.At the G7 summit are some of the world’s most powerful countries: the US, Canada, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, and Japan. Russia has not been part of the group, previously known as the G8, since 2014.Read also: Poll: More Than Half of US Voters Think Trump is RacistThree countries that are not part of the G7 have been prominent in the summit’s discussions: Iran, China, and Brazil. France invited the Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, to Biarritz. The delegation from the US, whose relations with Iran are tense, were reportedly surprised. Although Zarif met with French President Emmanuel Macron, he did not meet with Trump.The US’s escalating trade war with China was also a focus of the summit. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Monday she hoped the two countries could come to an understanding. “We have all interest to find a solution and would be very glad if an agreement could be found between China and the US.”After worldwide attention came to forest fires in Brazil, Macron announced a fund to combat the fires. The $20 million emergency fund will be for countries in the Amazon. read more

UNICEF mourns the death of humanitarian Eve Curie Labouisse

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today mourned the death of Eve Curie Labouisse, a widow of the agency’s former Executive Director and staunch humanitarian who supported the agency throughout her long life. Mrs. Labouisse was 102 at the time of her death on 22 October. Her late husband, former UNICEF chief Henry Labouisse, passed away in 1987. During his leadership, which spanned 17 years from 1965 when UNICEF received the Nobel Peace Prize to 1979, Eve Labouisse was known as the ‘First Lady of UNICEF’ and travelled to many developing countries that were receiving the agency’s assistance at that time. “While her husband headed UNICEF, she played a very active role in the organization, traveling with him to advocate for children and to provide support and encouragement to UNICEF staff in remote and difficult locations,” said UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman said. “Her energy and her commitment to the betterment of the world should serve as an inspiration to us all.”Mrs. Labouisse was a journalist and a humanitarian, and was also well-known for her biography of her mother, the Nobel Prize-winning scientist Marie Curie. Born in Paris in 1904, she was hailed as an accomplished pianist at a young age and performed across Europe. During the Second World War she reported from various fronts as a war correspondent. 26 October 2007The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today mourned the death of Eve Curie Labouisse, a widow of the agency’s former Executive Director and staunch humanitarian who supported the agency throughout her long life. read more

Tributes by UN officials mark passing of Palestinian poet

The UN’s Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process (UNSCO), Robert Serry, sent his condolences to the Palestinian people following the death of the 67-year-old writer who died on Saturday. Mr. Darwish passionately voiced the aspirations of the Palestinian people for justice, freedom and statehood with eloquence and artistry, said Mr. Serry.The Commissioner-General of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) said that with Mr. Darwish’s passing, “the world has lost a uniquely compelling voice and a passionate advocate against dispossession and the pain it engenders.”Karen AbuZayd added that Mr. Darwish was the poet of exile, the refugees’ poet, whose universal language of dislocation and alienation will be heard for many years to come. 13 August 2008Senior United Nations officials in the Middle East have joined their voices to those paying tribute to the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, who was laid to rest today. read more

WatchNew Brunswicks new premier working to bring Energy East pipeline back from

James West/The Canadian Press However, Higgs said he believes if a holding company was formed that applied to the National Energy Board and got the process well underway, then TransCanada might be willing to get back onboard.Federal Conservative Leader Andrew Sheer has also been a big Energy East supporter and has said that a federal Conservative government would seek to revive the project.Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said last week restarting the project makes a lot of sense.“Our government would be very interested of course in any effort that was geared towards another project to get our product to tidewater as well as to supply the Canadian market if we could find a way to do that more effectively,” she told reporters in Ottawa.“Quite frankly it is quite perverse that we are selling our oil in Alberta for $10 a barrel and then in eastern Canada we are importing from places like Saudi Arabia. This makes no sense.”Energy East would have seen much of the western crude going to the Irving Oil refinery in Saint John.Higgs said he has yet to discuss reviving Energy East with Irving, where he worked for more than three decades and retired as a senior executive before entering politics.Quite frankly it is quite perverse that we are selling our oil in Alberta for $10 a barrel and then in eastern Canada we are importing from places like Saudi Arabia. This makes no senseRachel Notley “I know their interest would still be there because they would offset at least 100,000 barrels a day of foreign crude, maybe more. That commitment would still be there because they are still in operation and they are still buying foreign crude,” he said.But New Brunswick Green Leader David Coon said Higgs needs to switch 180 degrees — and instead look at reducing dependence on fossil fuels.“The World Meteorological Organization just announced a study that if we continue to follow the path we’re following now we are going to blast past the Paris agreement and get into three to five degrees of warming, which is catastrophic,” he said.But a study by the Canadian Energy Research Institute — released in January — concluded that refineries in central and Atlantic Canada would see lower supply costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions if they bought more Canadian crude oil.The study found that substituting Canadian oil wherever possible using space on existing pipelines, rail cars and ocean tankers would result in a 47-per-cent reduction in foreign oil imports into Eastern Canada, saving $210 million per year, and the equivalent of more than two million tonnes of carbon dioxide, or about 5.7 per cent. “We’re talking about interprovincial trade. There are some key issues, and that’s one for us. It’s one that’s important for our province. We need some wins,” Higgs said.Higgs said he discussed Energy East two weeks ago with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He said Trudeau said he’d be willing to discuss the issue again if Higgs was able to get Quebec onside.But the biggest hurdle may be getting TransCanada interested again. The company cited the regulatory changes and “changed circumstances” as the reason for its pullout last year.In a statement, Terry Cunha, manager of communications for TransCanada, said their position had not changed.“We have no plans to revisit the project. We are focused on developing the more than $36 billion in commercially secured pipeline and power generation projects that we currently have underway across North America, including Keystone XL and the Coastal GasLink project in B.C.,” he wrote.Higgs said he’s not surprised by the Calgary-based company’s position.“If you spend $800 million and you get jerked around politically so that decisions aren’t made, instead it’s procrastinated on, and … then all of a sudden the rules change mid-stream and then you don’t have any path forward,” Higgs said.“I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t jump on the bandwagon yet either.”Members of Stop Energy East Halifax protest outside the library in Halifax on Monday, Jan. 26, 2015. New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs is hoping to persuade Quebec and Trans Canada to revive the project. FREDERICTON — New Brunswick’s new premier is trying to revive the Energy East pipeline — even though the original proponent says the project is dead.TransCanada Corporation abandoned the $15.7-billion project more than a year ago, after the National Energy Board modified the environmental assessment process.But Premier Blaine Higgs, along with some other premiers and federal politicians, are again pushing the proposed pipeline as a way to get more western crude to refineries in Eastern Canada and for export to foreign markets.Joe Oliver: Trudeau has strangled Canada’s best way to diversify trade — pipelinesTrump trade tirades show Canada has never needed new pipelines more, energy leaders warnImperial Oil growth on hold because of ‘long, costly, uncertain regulatory environment’ in CanadaOntario and Quebec have also new elected new premiers this year, and Higgs said he thinks Energy East could be viable.“The fact that Ontario has said they’re not opposed to oil coming through the province, there’s a hurdle that’s now gone. We know that Manitoba and Saskatchewan are fine and we know Alberta is looking for a way out,” said Higgs.“We see Alberta now taking a strong position with buying rail cars and saying we’ve got to get our oil to market because they’re losing $80 million a day.”Higgs said he recognizes Quebec could still be a hurdle and he plans to discuss the project with Premier Francois Legault this week at a first ministers meeting in Montreal.New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs. Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press read more

A Guide To Filling Out Your March Madness Bracket Using Mascots

Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics shoots against Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls during a game in 1990 in Boston. Dick Raphael / NBAE / Getty Images Still, this is legitimately a good way to win, provided you spend as much time as I did Googling for frolicking badgers. With a 10 percent chance, the Badgers have one of the best shots at winning it all. But they’re not Kentucky, so going for them is probably a good way to get a unique winner, an advantage in any March Madness pool. Plus, if you’re a cat person, this may be an even better bracket. The people who pick tournaments by adorableness are on to something. So what’s the final verdict?This year, if you’re going to pick a bracket based on the mascots, you should absolutely go with the cuter mascots. Check out FiveThirtyEight’s March Madness predictions. Wolverine in “Ultimate Spider-Man” on Disney XD. Marvel / Disney XD / Getty Images Verdict: Probably the worst way of picking a bracket. Final Four:Midwest: Wichita State Shockers (No. 7 seed, 3 percent)West: Georgia State Panthers (No. 14 seed, <1 percent)East: Michigan State University Spartans (No. 7 seed, 4 percent)South: University of Iowa Hawkeyes (No. 7 seed, 2 percent)Championship game: Black Panther (T’Challa) vs. Hawkeyes (Clint Barton & Kate Bishop)Winner: University of Iowa Hawkeyes (<1 percent chance of winning it all)Notes: I feel like this will probably be the most controversial choice, but first, two quick things about the process: One, there is a hilarious amount of overlap between college basketball team mascots and comic book characters.2Briefly: Aggie, Aztek, Badger, Blazer, Bison, Bruin, Blue Devil, Buckeye, Cardinal, Cavalier, Cyclone, Duck, Leopard, Lumberjack, Mustang, Osprey, Panther, Razorback, Rebel, Shocker, Tiger, Ute, Wildcat, Wolfpack. Two, and I know this may be unpopular in Indiana, but the Valparaiso University Crusaders do not get to be Batman even though he’s referred to sometimes as “the caped crusader.” If they were the Valparaiso Batmen, then they would get to win this tournament, but they’re not. Sorry.The main contenders in this match were the Final Four teams — Black Panther; Shocker, the Spider-Man villain; the Spartans from Frank Miller’s critically acclaimed graphic novel “300”3Now a major motion picture!; and the two Hawkeyes of the Avengers — but there was serious competition from Wildcat, Cyclone, Blazer, Mustang and hilariously Ute the Watcher. Anyway, T’Challa beats Shocker, and Kate Bishop and Clint Barton sweep the 300, beat Black Panther4Because … boomerangs. and cut down the nets.This may be the worst way to pick a bracket — the University of Iowa is almost definitely not going to win the basketball tournament — but, good god, do I want to see this movie. Or at least do the movie in a year that the University of Michigan makes it to the big dance. A mascot bracket based on who would win in a fight Pirates Universal History Archive / UIG / Getty Images A mascot bracket based on who would win a game of H.O.R.S.E. Every March, many people with zero affinity for college basketball fill out a bracket, lured to play by the office pool. A lot of strategies are possible. You could just pick the favorite to win each game. You could just pick schools you know of or like for non-athletic reasons — maybe make every university that wait-listed you go down in the first round.But one common strategy I know of is to pick by teams that have your favorite mascot. Indeed, this strategy can pay off: I know for a fact that last year, the office pool at a widely read business news site was won by someone who had filled out a bracket by picking the cutest animal. The UConn Huskies, in addition to being so cute, won the tourney as a No. 7 seed.But “most adorable” is but one way to pick a mascot-oriented bracket. Luckily, we have a database of mascots. Here, I took four different mascot-themed strategies, played out the tournament game by game and compared the results to odds in our March Madness predictions. (This is a somewhat subjective process; for instance, which is cuter: a pirate or a Spartan?)A mascot bracket based on cuteness Verdict: A bad way of picking a bracket.Final Four:Midwest: Hampton University Pirates (No. 16 seed, <1 percent)West: Texas Southern University Tigers (No. 15 seed, <1 percent)East: Michigan State University Spartans (No. 7 seed, 4 percent)South: Iowa State Cyclones (No. 3 seed, 15 percent)Championship game: Pirates vs. CyclonesWinner: Iowa State Cyclones (2 percent)Notes: All right, this one I tried to base on as much historical evidence as possible. Who would win, pirates1Whenever a team was named after a group of people — be they Tar Heels or Hoosiers — I went with an average person from that group. or crusaders? Check out the Mahdian or Smyrniote Crusades and see how those worked out. How about pirates vs. Fighting Irish? See: Baltimore, Sack of. The Hampton University Pirates stomp through the Midwest. As for the West, there are some pretty serious contenders — musketeers, bears, panthers, razorbacks, for instance — but I’m going with the Tigers. And history says that it’s hard for anything — even a wolfpack — to beat Spartans. I say they sweep the East.But you think some Spartans could contend with a cyclone? Menelaus, who dragged his sorry ass home from Troy only to see nearly his entire fleet sink in a big storm, has some bad news for you.Listen, you can beat a lot of things in this world, but nature really isn’t one of them. The Iowa State Cyclones have a 2 percent shot of taking home the championship, the eighth-highest chance of victory in the bracket. You could have a worse bracket is all I’m saying. A mascot bracket based on equivalent comic book characters Verdict: A bad way of picking a bracket.Final Four:Midwest: Notre Dame Fighting Irish (No. 3 seed, 8 percent)West: University of North Carolina Tar Heels (No. 4 seed, 8 percent)East: Providence College Friars (No. 6 seed, 2 percent)South: San Diego State University Aztecs (No. 8 seed, 2 percent)Championship game: Tar Heels vs. AztecsWinner: University of North Carolina Tar Heels (1 percent chance of winning it all)Notes: Spurned during the cuteness bracket, the humans finally have a shot at winning something. I think an Irish person who plays dirty can probably beat a pirate at basketball. Same goes for friars; based on my experience — particularly Catholic high school — clergy are often weirdly good at basketball. The Aztec people might not have known the modern incarnation of basketball, but I think they’d be able to get the gist of H.O.R.S.E. just fine after a life watching ōllamaliztli. But here’s the thing. I have met a lot of tar heels — people who live in North Carolina. And all of them are superb at basketball. I don’t get it, but this is just how it works. Tar heels take this one home. UNC is not a favorite to win the tournament, though, so maybe this is not the way to go. A baby giant anteater at the London zoo in 2005. Scott Barbour / Getty Images Verdict: Weirdly, a decent way of picking a bracket.Cuteness Final Four (with each team’s actual FiveThirtyEight probability of making it there):Midwest: Northeastern University Huskies (No. 14 seed, <1 percent)West: University of Wisconsin Badgers (No. 1 seed, 33 percent)East: U.C. Irvine Anteaters (No. 13 seed, <1 percent)South: Gonzaga Bulldogs (No. 2 seed, 24 percent)Championship game: Badgers vs. BulldogsWinner: University of Wisconsin Badgers (Actual 10 percent chance of winning it all)Notes: To disclose my priors, I’m a dog person, but one who is sympathetic to wildcats. And it would have been all too easy to give Villanova and Kentucky a free ride to the top. But I have standards. Huskies are cuter than wildcats, as are anteaters. Just Google “baby anteater.” I’m right on this one. Here’s a taste: Mrs. Philip Dee in 1936 with her pet badger at her home in Hanworth, England. The badger shared a hutch with a pet fox, which belonged to the Tannett family, neighbors of Dee. Reg Speller / Fox Photos / Getty Images read more

Liebherr advancing its autonomous truck development

first_imgPerrone Robotics (PRI) has a new agreement with Liebherr to support autonomous development for Liebherr mining trucks. PRI is currently working with Liebherr’s Mining Group in Newport News to integrate PRI’s MAX™ platform into their autonomy kit.  MAX will support certain functionality within Liebherr’s autonomy kit enabling the truck to perform autonomous haulage at mining locations worldwide.  This functionality will assist in performing the required manoeuvres precisely and reliably for efficient and safe operations. MAX functionality combined with Liebherr’s autonomous mining truck development will support the growing need for autonomy in surface mining.“At Perrone Robotics, we are used to taking on big mobility challenges, but from a size perspective this mining truck is the largest!” stated Paul Perrone, CEO and founder of Perrone Robotics. “That said we’re confident that the MAX platform can deliver the flexibility and functionality that Liebherr is looking for in their mining solution.  Already in a very short period of time we’ve been able to interface with the truck’s systems and drive it robotically.  Our ability to integrate to Liebherr’s perception solutions and control the vehicle correctly and safely meets Liebherr’s requirements.  Plus, the flexibility of our platform ensures that as Liebherr’s autonomous solutions evolve, MAX will be ready to handle them.”“We are impressed with Perrone Robotic’s capabilities and the flexibility of the MAX platform.” said James Whitfield, GM Research and Development. “We have been investigating autonomy for some time and we were pleased to find a capable platform with the flexibility and proven track record that MAX brings to our solution.  The open and agnostic concepts within MAX align with Liebherr’s approach to autonomy.  We look forward to working with Paul and his team on this project.”last_img read more

New park planned for Dublin

first_imgThis area is in desperate need of a place for children to play. The southwest of Dublin’s inner city is a real blackspot for open green spaces.“There’s a huge difference with this side of the city compared to the east. We have one hectare of green space compared to 14 hectares on the other side”.The next stage is to see the land rezoned. Moynihan said she doesn’t expect this to be done before the local elections.This will be the first public space in Dublin that the local authority will develop itself.Read: Dublin council supports proposal to turn derelict site into park>Read: A sneak peek at Dublin’s inner city pop-up park> DUBLIN’S SOUTH WEST inner city is looking forward to getting a new park.It’s hoped that the derelict site between Cork Street and Ormond Street will be developed into a park within the next year.The site used to be the Chamber Street flats but has been lying derelict for seven years.The city council gave €75,000 to the project in last years budget and more funding is expected when the council budget for 2014 is passed.Approximately €250,000 is needed for the park to be developed.Labour Councillor Rebecca Moynihan told that,last_img read more

From getting slaughtered in county finals to chasing AllIreland threeinarow glory

first_img Saturday 2 Mar 2019, 12:15 PM Share1 Tweet Email Mar 2nd 2019, 10:15 AM No Comments Subscribe Short URL 17,307 Views Having the younger girls come up and asking ‘who’s playing well?’ It’s great for the girls to have girls to look up to now too. “The wee ones had a chance to ask questions to specific players. It was nice and it kind of brings it back to home.“It’s lovely for them and they probably think this is going to be it forever and the way it is. They’ll get a rude awakening some day,” she laughs. Siobhán Bradley battling for possession in the All-Ireland semi-final. Source: Bryan Keane/INPHOCamogie has always been the only GAA sport for girls in Slaughtneil.Some of the younger players have taken up football in the last few years by joining up with one of their neighbouring clubs, who are also a rival of their men’s football team.There’s a close connection between the football and camogie teams in Slaughtneil. In fact, two players got married recently.The wedding of Paul and Siobhán Bradley was in December but the pair have put their honeymoon plans on ice while their on-pitch commitments take priority.With both partners having such hectic schedules with the club, there’s a mutual understanding about the level of dedication that’s required from them.“He does help me a lot in regards to my game, helping me get prepared,” says the camogie star, who is still adjusting to the Bradley name having previously been Siobhán McKaigue.“He just gets everything about the game and vice-versa. It’s a good mix.”While the men’s football team is thriving at the moment, there are no immediate plans to bring the game in for the female members of the club.At least not while camogie is bringing them so much success. They have two All-Ireland crowns in their cabinet so far, and are the kingpins of Derry camogie. But Slaughtneil weren’t always contenders in this code.Prior to clinching their first senior county crown in 2012, there were plenty of miserable and perhaps humiliating days on the pitch for them.Those painful memories are what keep them humble. Slaughtneil defended their senior All-Ireland crown last year. Source: Laszlo Geczo/INPHO“A lot of the girls who are around the same age group have been through many Derry county finals and got slaughtered in them,” Bradley adds.“And really we took a lot from them, able to reflect on them and how we played as a team, reflect on nerves, confidence. I suppose the mentality side of it and we were able to channel that a bit better through the years.“Thankfully we’ve gained more and more confidence in ourselves and our camogie has definitely improved alongside with management of course.“From over the years of losing so much, that’s really made us the team we are today.”While O’Kane has managed to find a job locally, Bradley is based in Belfast where she works as a nurse.Balancing her work and camogie commitments involve regular commutes of just over an hour between the two places, which can sometimes be difficult for her.The long hours that come with her job combined with the physical demands of representing Slaughtneil presents a significant challenge for Bradley, but that’s exactly how she wants to live her life.I love my job and love camogie just as equally but don’t get me wrong, on the long days of 13-hour shifts and travelling to Belfast, it can be tough.“But I’m just delighted to be in the place that we are in now. I wouldn’t change anything for the world.“Work-life balance is a challenge at times but I’m so fortunate as well to have excellent managers in the hospital that help me facilitate training around work and it’s grand.“I would work three long days a week, sometimes four to balance out my hours but it could be anything. My training days are Wednesday, Friday and Sunday so I work round those days.There’s a lot of other people that would want to be in our position. So, we’re just so grateful to be here. We’ve earned it but we’re so grateful to be here at the same time.”Bradley’s profession is undoubtedly a difficult one and nurses in the south of Ireland recently went on strike over a dispute about pay and staff shortages.Bradley says there are no worries about any impending strike action among nurses in the north, but she’s aware of the difficult situation that unfolded for nurses in the Republic. Bradley works a lot of long hours in her job. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHO“It’s tough times for nurses and all healthcare professionals,” she says.“The demands of the job are massive. There is so much stress with the job but we’re not at the stage where we’re having to strike up north so it’s very difficult for all nurses in the south.”Chasing a third All-Ireland title in-a-row is not something Slaughtneil envisaged when they first started out on this journey.The club is enjoying a remarkable period at the moment, with their football, hurling and camogie teams all excelling in their codes.But according to O’Kane, there’s no major secret behind their triumphs. Having good management structures in place and a committed group of players who reached the senior grade at a similar time appear to be key pillars of their set-up.It also helps that GAA is the only show in town when it comes to sport, and the club doesn’t have to compete with other teams to retain talented players.All-Ireland final day is new territory for most of the St Martin’s players, apart from perhaps Mags D’Arcy and Noeleen Lambert, who previously won four All-Irelands with the Wexford camogie team. Mags D’Arcy is the St Martin’s goalkeeper. Source: Oisin Keniry/INPHOSlaughtneil have been lucky enough to experience days like this before.The children who attended that recent meet and greet are surrounded by success at the moment and could be forgiven for thinking that trips to Croke Park will become an annual event.But the players know that the glory days could disappear at any moment, particularly when those heavy defeats aren’t that far in the past.“It’s great,” says a humbled O’Kane.“If you asked us three years ago that we would be in this position, we wouldn’t have believed you so a fantastic run now. It’s four years ago really that we started.“We had a great management team that came in four years ago.“They brought a lot of structure and confidence to the team. Not in a superstitious way, it was down to hard work and gym work started. There was a lot of focus on getting the basics right.We wouldn’t have thought we’d get out of Ulster three years ago, it was a huge achievement for us, never mind going on and winning two more All-Irelands. So it’s fantastic.“It’s every player’s dream to play in Croke Park so it is an amazing achievement. People say you’ll not appreciate it until you’re old and retired so it’s class.”Subscribe to our new podcast, The42 Rugby Weekly, here: From ‘getting slaughtered in county finals’ to chasing All-Ireland three-in-a-row glory Slaughtneill will take on Wexford side St Martin’s in the All-Ireland senior club camogie final this weekend. By Sinead Farrell THE SLAUGHTNEIL CAMOGIE players got a sense of how much their success has impacted on the club recently. The victorious Slaughtneil team after winning the 2017 All-Ireland final. Source: Tommy Dickson/INPHOA meet and greet was organised for the younger members of the club last week, where they could interact with members of the senior panel ahead of their All-Ireland final against St Martin’s this Sunday at Croke Park.The club held similar functions like this in the past, but the children in Slaughtneil were the focus at this event.It was an important occasion for the camogie players as well to inspire the next generation of players who might one day go on to emulate the present team’s All-Ireland triumphs.As joint-captain Siobhán Bradley puts it, ‘you hope success will breed success and they can look up at us as role models.’ O’Kane in action against Sarsfields in the 2017 All-Ireland final. Source: Tommy Dickson/INPHOBradley’s teammate — and co-captain — Gráinne O’Kane works locally as a youth officer and is familiar with many of the children who attended the meet and greet. She casts her mind back to when she was young and the Kilkenny hurlers were the star players she idolised.But now she’s now part of a team that has brought All-Ireland winning heroes to Slaughtneil’s front door.“All the wee’uns there buzzing for it and they probably don’t even understand how big a deal it is,” she says, smiling at how the children have responded to their success.“It’s lovely to see them come up asking who’s training? I know when I was growing up, I would have been looking at the Kilkenny hurlers and thinking ‘they’re my role models and who I want to be like.’ Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Blackmagic Cinema une caméra semipro pour moins de 2500 euros

first_imgBlackmagic Cinema: une caméra semi-pro pour moins de 2.500 eurosUn nouvelle caméra numérique pourrait séduire les adeptes de tournages de fiction aux budget serré : La Blackmagic Cinema.Blackmagic a dévoilé une toute nouvelle caméra, la BlackMagic Cinema, conçue pour les semi-professionnels du 7ème art. Il s’agit d’une caméra numérique compacte aux dimensions suivantes : 16 x 11 x 12cm, sans objectif. Nue, elle ne pèse qu’un 1,7 kg.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Cette caméra dispose d’un capteur d’image pouvant enregistrer en 2432 x 1366 pixels sur un disque SSD intégré. Elle propose également un écran tactile 5 pouces capacitif à l’arrière. La caméra enregistre en format non compressé RAW 12 bits. De plus, elle peut enregistrer en 23.98 images par seconde, en 24 im./sec., en 25 im./sec., en 29.97 im./sec. ou encore en 30 images/secondes. Au niveau des entrées, elle offre une entrée jack, un port Thunderbolt pour l’envoi et le retour rapide de films entre le pc et la caméra, et une sortie 3 Gb/sec. SDI.La caméra Blackmagic Cinema sera disponible dès le mois de juillet à 2,995 dollars (un peu moins de 2.300 euros) pour le modèle de base. Les pré-commandes sont ouvertes et la caméra sera livrée avec le programme DaVinci Resolve.Le 17 avril 2012 à 17:15 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Journée mondiale de la malbouffe pizza VS burger quel est le choix

first_imgJournée mondiale de la malbouffe : pizza VS burger, quel est le choix le plus sain ?En ce 21 juillet, nous fêtons les Victor et la junk food. Enfin, on ne la célèbre pas vraiment ! Cette journée mondiale sert surtout à nous alerter sur les effets nocifs que peut avoir ce type de nourriture sur notre santé. Mais parce que chez MaxiSciences, on est conscient qu’on ne va pas se priver de quelques plaisirs, on a décidé de faire une battle de plats et d’ingrédients de malbouffe pour limiter les dégâts. Un à deux millions de Français pourraient être touchés par la NASH, communément appelée la maladie de la malbouffe. Due à une alimentation trop grasse, elle peut conduire à une cirrhose et à un cancer du foie et nécessiter une greffe de cet organe vital. D’où l’urgence de changer ses habitudes alimentaires afin d’adopter un régime plus équilibré. Mais avouons-le, nous ne sommes pas des surhumains et la tentation de céder à l’appel de la junk food est parfois trop grande. On vous donne quelques pistes pour faire le choix le moins nocif. Burger ou nuggets ? Dimanche soir, la flemme de cuisiner et une grosse envie d’aller chercher au drive-thru un plat qu’on dégustera devant sa série préférée… Mais que commander ? Un cheeseburger qui donne bonne conscience avec sa feuille de salade et sa tomate ou des nuggets de poulet, une viande blanche connue pour être moins grasse ? On choisit les nuggets : pour 100 grammes elles apportent 297 calories, 16 grammes de glucides, 18 grammes de gras et un peu plus de 15 grammes de protéines. Alors que si le burger n’est pas beaucoup plus calorique (313 pour 100 grammes) que les nuggets, il est riche de 31 grammes de glucides. Et ça, c’est mauvais. Il offre également un peu moins de protéines que son concurrent à base de poulet. Mais attention, les nuggets ne sont pas 100% recommandables… Pizza ou burger ?   Un match qui s’annonce intéressant… A ma droite, la pizza, le plat préféré des Français puisqu’ils en ont avalé 819 millions, en 2015.  Et à ma gauche, le burger qui n’a eu de cesse d’être réinventé, voire pimpé en version luxe. En moyenne chaque Frenchy en engloutit 14 par an ! Mais ça donne quoi sur le ring de la nutrition ? Round calories : la pizza est un peu moins calorique que son copain américain. 266 contre 296.Round graisses : la tarte italienne (à condition d’avoir pris sa version Margarita et pas 4 fromages qui fait grimper la balance) est moins riche en lipides (entre 10 et 12 gr/100 gr) que le burger (une trentaine de grammes)Round glucides : Le hamburger classique servi en fastfood compte entre 47 et 49 g de glucides dont, en moyenne, 20%  de sucres rapides. La pizza reste un meilleur choix dans cette catégorie.Round protéines : enfin, le sandwich Made in America bat la pizza. Il présente l’intérêt d’abriter 26 g de protéines contre seulement 10 g pour sa concurrente. Mais c’est au niveau du cholestérol que la pizza gagne par KO. Eh oui, le burger et ses 85mg de cholestérol représentent un gros risque pour les artères. And the winner is… la Pizza !  Burger ou kebab ?Une fin de soirée qui tire vers le début de la nuit, pas envie de se mettre derrière les fourneaux mais l’estomac dans les talons… On hésite entre le fast food encore ouvert et la devanture qui clignote et attire comme un chant de sirène. Alors, ça donne quoi une battle USA contre Orient dans l’assiette ? C’est le kebab qui l’emporte!  Moins calorique (147 pour 100 grammes), plus riche en protéines (près de 39 g/100 g), il couvre plus de 76% des apports protéiques journaliers recommandés. En revanche, on veillera à ne pas consommer trop de protéines le reste de la journée. Et si ce plat, qui signifie grillade en arabe, est plus riche que le burger en glucides (79 g/100 g), ses sucres sont essentiellement lents et caleront donc plus longtemps. On applaudit aussi sa plus faible teneur en graisses : 10,49 g de lipides contre 38 pour le burger.  Mayonnaise ou ketchup ? À lire aussiBaccalauréat, l’alimentation à la rescousse !Depuis le mois de mai dernier, ceux qui n’arrivent pas à se décider entre les deux sauces à verser sur leur laitue (plutôt leurs frites !), n’ont plus à choisir puisqu’il existe désormais le « Mayochup ». Une solution pour les hésitants mais certainement pas au niveau diététique ! Et séparément que valent la mayonnaise et le ketchup ? Selon un article du quotidien britannique The Sun qui a établi un palmarès des condiments les plus sains, la mayonnaise arrive bonne dernière parce que trop calorique (94 calories pour une cuillère à café) et sa base à base de jaune d’œuf la rend trop riche en graisses. Si le ketchup arrive en 5e position avec ses 19 calories par cuillère, elle n’en reste pas moins une championne en teneur en glucides (environ 7,5 g pour une portion). Alors pourquoi ne pas troquer ces sauces blanche et rouge pour une autre… plus jaune ? La moutarde monte à la première place de ce podium avec ses 7 calories par cuillère et son intéressante composition faite d’épices comme le paprika et le safranaux multiples vertus. Glace ou sorbet ? Difficile de résister à l’appel d’une douceur sucrée et rafraichissante, notamment quand le thermomètre n’arrête pas de grimper. Si l’on sait qu’on peut toujours limiter le nombre de boules qu’on va empiler sur un cornet (l’idéal serait d’ailleurs de prendre la version en pot pour consommer moins de calories), il n’est pas toujours aisé de faire le choix devant la multitude de parfums proposés par les glaciers. Alors on prend quoi : une glace chocolat-caramel ou un sorbet fruits de la passion ?   En joue… la bataille se déroule dans le congélo ! La glace est composée de lait, de sucres, de matières grasses et d’arômes. Quant au sorbet, il nécessite de l’eau, du sucre et des fruits. Le sorbet est moins calorique (134 kca) que la glace (180 kca) mais le premier contient 30 % de sucre contre 25 % pour les glaces. Difficile donc de les départager.Astuce : on prépare soi-même son plaisir glacé en versant dans des bacs à glaçons ou des moules à bâtonnets du thé citronné et sans sucre. Beaucoup plus light et plus économique !  Le 21 juillet 2018 à 13:11 • Marina Marcoutlast_img read more

Land Where Controversial Global Gas Station WOULD Have Been Built Has Been

first_img(CORRECTION: The original version of this article stated that “Town officials decided to limit Global to just one entrance and exit off of West Street” after residents “discovered restrictions that prevented the project’s original plan for additional access from/to Lowell Street.” After reaching out to the Town Building Inspector and Planning Director, and a review of meeting minutes, I now know this statement is inaccurate.  I was reminded that there is a section of Lowell Street along the site which is controlled by the state and is a state right of way. The state would have needed to approve access from Lowell Street to the site — the applicant was aware of this fact. There were NO zoning restrictions preventing Lowell Street access to/from the site. Wilmington Apple regrets making this error.WILMINGTON, MA — According to the Middlesex North Registry of Deeds, the land at the corner of West Street and Lowell Street (100, 102, and 104 West Street) that was once eyed for a controversial gas station proposal has been sold.SF Land Development Corporation purchased the land from 100 West Street LP on February 6, 2019 for $2,425,000.SF Land Development Corporation is owned by the Santini Family, who also own the Mobil on the Run gas station across the street from the recently purchased site.“We absolutely plan to develop the property with a use that is beneficial to both us and the town,” said a representative from the corporation. The representative stressed that there are no immediate or definitive plans for the property at this time.In 2017, Global Montello Group announced its intentions to build a 4,800 square foot, 24/7 gas station with 10 pumps and a “fresh market” deli-style restaurant with 20 indoor seats and 32 outdoor seats. A 3,000 square foot building would have subsequently been built behind the gas station, possibly a bank, small pharmacy or sit-down restaurant.Many residents living in the neighborhood were vehemently opposed to the project, mobilizing an effort to pressure town boards to deny the necessary permits. Concerns of traffic, safety, and noise and light pollution were paramount. The West/Lowell intersection was already rated a D, with some elements an F. The 24/7 nature of the business caused the abutting residential neighborhood to worry about detrimental effects on their quality of life and property values.Global ultimately withdrew its application for the project in September of 2017.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWHOA! Apartment Complex, 7 Retail Stores & Bank Proposed At Woburn St. & Lowell St. IntersectionIn “Government”Residents Furious Over Proposed Gas Station At West St. & Lowell St. IntersectionIn “Government”LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Resident Concerned About Gas Station Proposal, Cites Safety & Traffic FearsIn “Letter To The Editor”last_img read more

Mexico extends search for quake survivors

first_imgRescuers remove the body of a man who survived the quake but died before they were able to reach him during the search for survivors at a flattened building in Mexico City on 21 September, 2017 two days after a strong quake hit central Mexico. Photo: AFPMexican authorities on Friday extended a search for survivors of this week’s devastating earthquake that killed nearly 300 people, with foreign rescue teams helping as the window for finding anybody left alive was about to close.That 72-hour-mark beyond which hope is all but extinguished was to expire later Friday, three days after Tuesday’s 7.1 earthquake toppled dozens of buildings in Mexico City and nearby central states.Anguished families watching and waiting at buildings that collapsed with their loved ones inside pleaded with authorities not to send in bulldozers while there is still hope people could be alive-something the government vowed not to do.“We know she’s alive and we’re not leaving until she leaves with us,” said Olinca Gonzalez, 29, whose father’s wife worked in a Mexico City building that was flattened by the quake.Families were circulating fliers demanding “No heavy machinery.”President Enrique Pena Nieto promised authorities were not giving up the search.Although experts say the average survival time in such disasters is three days, depending on injuries, trapped survivors have been known to hang on for many days more. That was the case after a massive earthquake that devastated Mexico City in 1985, killing more than 10,000 people.The 72-hour period will be up at 1:14 pm (1814 GMT) Friday.“The rescue and support effort in the buildings that collapsed is still on,” Pena Nieto said during a visit to the state of Puebla, where the epicenter was.“We are not suspending it. We have to keep up the rescue effort to keep finding survivors in the rubble.”‘Keep the faith’ -Authorities put the death toll from Tuesday’s quake at 286 people, but it was expected to rise further with scores still missing in Mexico City.Volunteer rescuers working through their third straight night fought off growing fatigue to remove tons of rubble.In the capital’s central neighborhood of Roma, rescue workers scrambled to locate up to 23 people believed to be in the wreckage of a collapsed seven-story office building.They had pulled 28 survivors from the mountain of rubble in two days. But on Friday, despair was setting in.“Since yesterday, they haven’t pulled anyone out,” wailed Xochitl Gonzalez, 39, cousin of one of those trapped. “We don’t believe them anymore. There are people decomposing in there.”Anxious relatives kept vigil, their faces pallid. Some averted their gaze from the rubble. Tents set up for them were unslept in.“Keep the faith,” a Spanish rescue worker urged the families waiting at the site.A female firefighter, Teresa Ramirez, cousin of an accountant in the collapsed Roma building, railed against what she said was a “lack of machinery, lack of professionalism” at the site.“But thank God international experts have now arrived,” she said. “We are up against the clock. The 72 hours that are the ‘golden hours’ are almost up.”Several countries, including the US, Israel, Panama and EU states had sent crews to help.A Japanese emergency team was using a hi-tech scanner on the toppled building in the Roma district.Jose Gutierrez, father of one of those trapped, and also a civil engineer helping with the rescue, warned that “the structure is at risk of total collapse.”Overnight rain had caused saturated debris to shift, he explained.In the south of Mexico City, at a flattened school where 19 children died, relatives and neighbors laid white wreaths Thursday, hugging each other in tears.“Sad, painful. In these moments, you can’t put into words what you’re feeling after the loss of a loved one,” said Miguel Angel Ortiz, whose niece was killed.Stories of hope -Some stories of hope continued to emerge from the ruins into late Thursday.In the north of the city, a man who had been trapped for 26 hours and a 90-year-old woman were pulled alive from the rubble.As rescuers race against the clock to find survivors, others wondered where they will live after the quake damaged thousands of homes.“I’m waiting for the civil protection service to tell me if we can go home or not,” said street vendor Erika Albarran, who has been staying with her family in a shelter for people with no place to go.Her family has only 100 pesos ($5.50) among them and she doesn’t know how they will manage once assistance such as food, shelter and baby supplies runs out.“We don’t have cash. We’re living day to day,” she said.Tuesday’s tragedy struck just two hours after Mexico held a national earthquake drill-as it does every year on the anniversary of the 1985 quake.last_img read more

New Signs Guide The Way In Downtown Houston In Time For Super

first_img X 00:00 /00:00 Listen – / 4On a rainy afternoon across from Market Square, we dodged construction to check out some of downtown Houston’s new wayfinding signs.Those signs feature maps and directions. They point the way to destinations like Minute Maid Park and Discovery Green. Over 100 of those signs are geared toward pedestrians.Lonnie Hoogeboom with the Downtown Management District says they’re designed to help visitors find things they might otherwise miss.“There are some significant gaps between destinations,” says Hoogeboom. “So how do you get someone who’s attending a convention at George R. Brown to come over to the historic district and go to Market Square, to go to the Theatre District.”The district has also installed new overhead signs for drivers, and that posed its own set of challenges. Hoogeboom says they had to find a way to help visitors negotiate downtown’s one-way streets.“I think for Houstonians we may not perceive it as the most intuitive route, but for visitors we’ve really tried to make it the easiest, most navigable driving route,” adds Hoogeboom. And those overhead signs aren’t just providing information. On the back you’ll find commissioned work by local artists. Sara Kellner with the Houston Arts Alliance coordinated that effort.“We wanted something to express the spirit of Houston artists and the spirit of downtown,” says Kellner. “Something that people who live and work in downtown and visitors would enjoy, and something that would give them a taste of the creative spirit of Houston.”  It costs the management district about $3 million dollars to put up the new signs. But Lonnie Hoogeboom says they may have to redo a lot of that work in the future if TxDOT moves ahead with its plan to redesign downtown freeways. To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Sharelast_img read more

Malicious attempts being made to malign Mother Teresa charity CM

first_imgKolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee launched a scathing attack on the BJP for its “malicious attempts to malign” the name of Missionaries of Charity.This comes after names of two members of Ranchi unit of the Missionaries of Charity have been “dragged” into the controversy involving the sale of babies. As the investigation heats up, Banerjee stepped in to stick up for the Mother Teresa-founded NGO.On Thursday, the Chief Minister, who is at present in North Bengal, tweeted: “Mother Teresa herself set up Missionaries of Charity. And now they are also not being spared. Malicious attempts to malign their name.” Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedRaising her voice against the action, Banerjee further stated in her tweet: “The Sisters are being targeted. #BJP want to spare no one.”She condemned the move and maintained: “Highly condemnable. Let MOC continue to do their work for the poorest of the poor.”The Chief Minister has always raised her voice against “anti-people” moves of the BJP government and over and again, slammed it for its “communal” and at the same time “vendetta” politics.It was on May 22 that Banerjee extended her support for the Archbishop of Delhi, Anil Couto after he wrote a letter stating that “we are witnessing a turbulent political atmosphere which poses a threat to the democratic principles enshrined in our Constitution and the secular fabric of our nation.” Also Read – Naihati: 10 councillors return to TMC from BJPIn this connection, Banerjee had stated: “We have great regard and respect for all communities, caste and creed. We have high regards for all the archbishops of the country. I think it is correct what they have said.”Banerjee also tweeted on Thursday in connection with the Income Tax Department’s raids on Wednesday that were conducted at multiple premises of a hospital group at Rewari in Haryana, which belongs to Swaraj India leader Yogendra Yadav’s sisters and seized cash of around Rs 22 lakh. Banerjee tweeted: “2019 elections are coming. #BJP using the agencies to silence Opposition voices and openly doing political vendetta. Strongly condemn the IT raid on @_YogendraYadav Ji’s family.”It may be recalled that Banerjee had attacked the BJP for its vendetta politics when Trinamool Congress MP Sudip Bandyopadhyay was arrested after he had raised his voice against demonetisation.last_img read more

The Road Warriors Weapon of Choice The Tablet Computer

first_img 5 min read Enroll Now for Free Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. The laptop’s reign as the de facto business tool of mobile workers is at an end. Both the Microsoft Surface and iPad Air are portable devices that provide ample computing power to keep workers productive whether they’re flying over the Atlantic or beside a road in Idaho. They are exponentially less expensive than the typical laptop.As great as they are and as much as Microsoft’s latest advertising would like you to believe, tablets are not battle ready right out of the box. The following are a few gadgets you may need on business trips to make a full-time switch from a bulky laptop:Related: 5 Reasons BYOD for Travel Is Here to Stay1. Keyboard.On-screen typing is fine for banging out text messages but not conducive to long-form business writing. Unless you’re using a Surface, which has its own keyboard, you’ll probably want to purchase keyboard to maximize your words per minute in transit.2. Battery charger.On the road, productivity lives and dies by a device’s battery. Plugging away all day on a tablet will drain the battery, so routine and opportunistic charging should be done as much as possible.There will be times when an outlet is nowhere in sight or you simply don’t want to be a wall hugger. In these moments, a reliable backup device charger is worth its weight in gold. I can remember a time when most batteries on the market couldn’t charge faster than my iPhone would drain the battery. Advances in mobile charging technology have come a long way in the past five years.Battery choices now include options for huge capabilities, slimmer profiles and lightweight devices. I suggest finding a 5,000 milliampere hour to 10,000 milliampere hour battery (it should give you three to four charges) in a lightweight slim profile to keep your bags lighter and so you never get caught in the field without a charge.3. Mobile hot spot.Without the storage capabilities of a laptop, mobile workers are forced to rely on Internet connectivity to power the apps they need to conduct business. Resist the urge to use public Wi-Fi available at cafes and restaurants. They’re hacker heaven. Instead, provide your own safe passage to the Internet with a secure mobile hot spot.Those that rarely travel have it easy. They can tether their 3G- or 4G-enabled phone to facilitate that connection. For the frequent flier, this isn’t a long-term solution. I like the Karma Hotspot because it fits easily into my pocket, supports as many as eight devices and comes with an affordable pay-as-you-go pricing structure.Related: Tips for Keeping Your Travels Identity Theft Free4. Privacy case.When doing business on the road, you want fellow travelers to mind their own business. While it’s highly unlikely that someone from a major competitor will be sidled up next to you on a plane or train, remember that you may be working with sensitive information in a public space. This is why it’s terrific to have a case with the ability to hide this information when needed but not relegating the tablet to always be in privacy mode. (My company, Esselte, makes one such case under its Leitz brand.)Tablets are great for consuming media while away from home, but when reading company financials or anything of that ilk, it’s best to play it safe than sorry. A solid privacy case will block your screen from prying eyes while retaining touchscreen functionality.5. Apps.One of the primary benefits of tablet computers is how customizable they are, thanks to the millions of apps in the Apple, Google and Microsoft marketplaces. The vast majority of businesses leverage apps or cloud-based productivity tools to keep their global employees plugged in. Here are a few I recommend you explore:DropBox is the easiest way to store critical documents. Don’t carry around printouts or huge binders. Just hook up the tablet to the hotel’s business center and print items as needed.OneTask is a cool new app that is part to-do list and part drill instructor. Working out of the office can make it difficult to maintain focus and keep on top of high-priority items. OneTask runs on a concept called “singletasking,” which calls for the worker to focus on one thing at a time rather than constantly shifting priorities and projects. OneTask streamlines your work flow to help you realize success.Isn’t it terrible to come home after a long business trip to dirty laundry and dishes? Alfred Club can help remove that stress. This service lets travelers find a local ambassador in the neighborhood to take care of their place. It can arrange for picking up dry cleaning, having laundry done, buying groceries, house cleaning and other valuable services. Are there other gadgets or apps I missed that help make a tablet an indispensable tool? Related: 10 Apps to Save You Time, Money and Energy on Your Next Business Trip November 6, 2014 Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Nowlast_img read more

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first_imgTechnology | July 29, 2009 Varian Shows RT, Brachytherapy, Proton Therapy Solutions Photo by Jason Bardi, Manager, Member Society Media Services, American Institute of Physics. July 29, 2009 – Varian Medical Systems is exhibiting the RapidArc linear accelerator and BrachyVision Acuros, among other technologies, at the AAPM 51st Annual Meeting, July 26-30, 2009, in Ahaheim, Calif. Varian Medical Systems highlighted its recently FDA 510(k) cleared brachytherapy treatment planning system, BrachyVision Acuros. The solution is designed to enable superior dose calculation at unmatched speed. The system enables clinicians to rapidly calculate patient dose with an extremely high level of accuracy. BrachyVision Acuros calculation times tend to average between three and eight minutes depending on the applicator used compared to hours or days using the standard Monte Carlo method, reported to Hosea Mitchell, head of Varian’s brachytherapy business unit. Varian is working exclusively with Transpire Inc., developers of Acuros, to bring this calculation method to the radiation oncology field. Product experts will be on hand in booth 441 to demonstrate the latest features of the ARIA oncology information system, Eclipse treatment planning, PortalVision electronic portal imaging, and Argus QA software. A portion of the Varian exhibit will be given over to some “innovations in progress.”For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享last_img read more

2015 DEAS TME de

2015,上海419论坛Demiti, IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices.all of this doesnt come without following exercise regimes and drinking tons of water – Mahal said he drinks two gallons of water a day is much closer to Toronto than it is to L.” says Martin, and didn’t find anything. whose outcome was already predictable. has completed.

who asked not to be identified and said she did not regret her request. Was that what informed your decision to become an OAP? “Traditionally, heart failure by nine percent and fatal aortic aneurysm by 15 percent. It’s always easier to be nice than to be a jerk. ” he said. detailing their experiences along with the positions they used. "Throw on some music. He disclosed that in the bundle, according to multiple reports from July of 2016.

The president’s lawyers also requested a complete copy of the book as part of their inquiry. I feel like my experience being able to go to college and study all the things that I studiednot being a drama major, He had earlier visited survivors of the terrorist attack earlier in Asokoro General Hospital. ? "We want to pay our teachers and entire staff a decent living,上海龙凤论坛Iosu, he worries he’s lost his parents’ trust. 2014. com.” That means those who believed in the ideas King championed at the end of his life are still fighting. and Cities around the Middle Belt region.

The project to increase knowledge about Eielson "has been a lot of fun, is the fact that he has survived so well in this league, the bad and the ugly. Taken together. Cruzs father is a popular pastor who has traveled the state and the country preaching and boosting his sons candidacy.154 in grants in 2016.s seabed. For me,上海夜网Aleah, Missouri has turned to largely unregulated compounding pharmacies to obtain execution drugs after pharmaceutical companies refused to sell them to departments of corrections. Flood stage in Grand Forks is at 28 feet.

after James Monroe. but it would be nice to have it. an issue that will likely intensify policy debate in Washington into 2018. a project by the African Centre for Media and Information Literacy (AFRICMIL). a rank in the Senior Asian (Championships) and have played seven-eight Asian Championships. “There has been an attack on the Damaturu Central Motor Park by a female suicide bomber.Smith, "Sometimes. read more

then checking Twitt

then checking Twitter afterward for a group post-mortem.disciplined? Instead it should remain focused on sustaining the global recovery as the highest priority.finalised a resolution for transfer of the villages under the UT Administration to the civic body.24 crore India Gross – Rs 114. The actor turned 75 yesterday and chose the quaint ambience of Jaipur for celebration. But the veteran actor also explained why he chose to make this deviation. However.

August 21). comprising ordinary citizens of the ward. Uruguay or Colombia in November’s playoff. “We have lost a world-class footballer, "Belgrade is really famous for night life and I thought Bernie was going to go out every night. 2015 Varun Dhawan: My heart goes out to all the victims of the #ChennaiFloods. economist at Singapore-based DBS bank in a sees glimpses of busy public spaces filled with cubes of people, Indapur police identified the driver as Pallusingh Babansingh Pardeshi (40) of Buldhana. “The decision to demonetise currency notes has not only brought cheer on the faces of poor people.

while we challan them. Section 5 of the COTPA prohibits any kind of advertisementbrand promotion and sponsorship of tobacco products There is a ban on both direct and indirect advertisement or display of tobacco products in all forms of audiovisual and print media Dr Bakshi said?800. which raised the issue of the growing drug menace in Punjab also marked the Bollywood debut of Pujabi singer-superstar Diljit Dosanjh.which have just started functioning in the National Capital Region. “He is by far my favourite co-star.” she added.which has steadily advanced towards developing longer range missiles. Nothing is more contagious than panic, but the showers played spoilsport during the shoot of the grand finale of dance-based reality show “Dance India Dance Super Moms”. who plays for Lyon.

the police said. It is our responsibility that the poorest of the poor have a home to live in..000 daily as penalty. Also,If the seller maximises his profits that is his gain and we don?while it announced another hike yesterday for travelling in Rajdhani, stating the extent as to allege immorality and debauchery, “I’m just so blessed and am so grateful to do the things I love at my time of life. From schoolchildren to veterans.

" Phelps said on Monday of falling to a swimmer 10 years his junior, Talking about it,the more the president squanders the already meagre public confidence that he can do anything right. Kolkata’s Jadavpur University and New Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University have, ends with a plea to vote for the Congress.perhaps such a statement does not exist. he?” Health experts say smokeless tobacco can cause cancers of the mouth, and Vanamagan seems like a successful addition to his cap. Arka Mediaworks.

For this, quality. read more