Celebrate Les Paul’s Birthday With A Jam Alongside B.B. King, Van Halen, And David Gilmour [Video]

first_imgVery few people have innovated modern music like Lester William Polsfuss, more affectionately known as Les Paul. Not only are his guitars prized by many musicians worldwide, but some of his techniques in both recording and musicianship were incredibly inventive and ahead of his time. We salute the late great Les Paul today, on what would have been his 104th birthday.Les Paul was self-taught, learning how to play guitar and rising through the ranks as a country musician. He quickly found a home in the jazz community, working with Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby on new hit songs. Paul became fascinated with the process of recording, and Crosby eventually sponsored his work. Tape delays, multi-track recordings, phasing and more were all ideas pioneered by Paul throughout his career.Though injuries plagued Les Paul in his later career, the man continued to perform every Monday night with a jazz trio at the Iridium in New York, NY. He even won a Grammy award at age 90 for his work on the album Les Paul & Friends: American Made World Played!Les was a true musicians musician, revered by any of the countless legends that fans might recognize. In honor of Paul’s birthday, we picked one of the most legendary blues musicians to have ever lived, B.B. King, to show the enormous level of respect given to the legendary Les Paul.Enjoy this footage of Les jamming with B.B. King, David Gilmour, and Eddie Van Halen to celebrate this special day. Enjoy![Video: Acoustic World]last_img read more

EXCLUSIVE: ColinResponse Shares High-Energy Video For Upcoming EP Single “#YouAlreadyKnow”

first_imgCanadian pop-soul artist ColinResponse is set to release his new self-titled, six-song EP on October 27th, 2017. With a style and swagger reminiscent of a mix between Bruno Mars and André 3000, ColinResponse presents a full, dance-worthy sound backed by his five-piece band, including bass, guitar, drums, keyboards, trumpet, and saxophone. Hailing from Toronto, ColinResponse has been steadily gaining international momentum as a pop-soul artist and performer. As a well-trained multi-instrumentalist (saxophone, bass, guitar, piano, etc.) with close to 100 live performances under his belt, ColinResponse has shared the stage with industry heavy-weights, including Kardinal Offishal, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Wyclef Jean and Erykah Badu, to name a few.ColinResponse has stood out from the competition on several notable platforms, including placing second in Shaw TV and Fontana North’s Urban Star televised talent search competition and first in the industry-vetted and fan driven Hennessy Artistry’s International Talent Quest, where his “She Dances in the Rain” (from his upcoming EP) beat out over 2,000 applicants around the globe.With excitement towards his upcoming release, ColinResponse explains, “This album is a representation of my entire life up to this point. The music is a culmination of everything I’ve learned, it’s everything I’ve ever felt-the hurt, the joy, and the laughter. I made this album to empower people – to bring people together – to let people know that someone else has also felt those same things alongside them.”Today, ahead of the October 27th release of his self-titled EP on October 27th, ColinResponse and Live For Live Music are proud to premiere the official music video for the first track off the ColinResponse EP, “#YouAlreadyKnow.” The music video for the track, which compiles thrilling footage from recent live performances, also features an interesting and strangely prominent visual theme: a T-shirt that the artist wears throughout with Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas‘ face on it.Colin explained the origins of the Fergie shirt inside joke in a comment ahead of the video’s release. “We shot this video on tour, and literally the night before our last show, Fergie released her new song with the exact same name…’You Already Know,’ explains the singer. “I was like ahhhh Hell Naw!  How you gonna play me like that Fergie!?  She didn’t answer any of my calls but, it was too hilarious not to take advantage of so, we decided to have some fun with it and put her in my video instead. The internet has a way about things, I’m sure she’ll eventually see it.”You can watch ColinResponse’s latest music video for “#YouAlreadyKnow” from his upcoming self-titled EP below, exclusively on Live For Live Music:For more information about ColinResponse, head to his website.last_img read more

CS undergrad wins Grace Hopper scholarship from Facebook

first_img Read Full Story Madelaine “Maddie” D. Boyd ’12, a computer science concentrator in the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), was among 20 female undergraduates from across the globe awarded a 2011 Facebook Grace Hopper Women in Computing Scholarship.Boyd and her fellow winners will receive an all expenses paid trip to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference in Portland, Ore., Nov. 9-12, 2011.The scholarship winners will also have an opportunity to visit Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif..last_img read more

See Newly Released Footage of HBO’s The Normal Heart

first_imgJonathan Groff on a beach has never been so devastating. A new trailer for the HBO movie version of Larry Kramer’s award-winning play The Normal Heart is out, and if you have any heartstrings that weren’t tugged after trailers one and two, this may just do the trick. Starring Mark Ruffalo, Julia Roberts, Matt Bomer, Taylor Kitsch and Jim Parsons and featuring stage favories Groff, Denis O’Hare and Joe Mantello, the film takes a look at the beginnings of the AIDS crisis in New York City before it even had a name. We’ll have to wait and see if any additional footage of the Ryan Murphy-helmed project is released before its May 25 premiere, but frankly, our tear ducts need a break. Star Files Mark Ruffalocenter_img View Commentslast_img read more

Rural newcomers

first_imgIdentifying pestsThis week, Walter’s office is busy sending soil samples to beanalyzed on the UGA Athens campus. A calloused fruit-tree branchlies on a corner of her desk beside a dog-eared wildlife manual.”I have to diagnose this fruit tree branch first,” she said.”Then I have to help with another squirrel call.”Walter and more than 300 other county agents work through UGACooperative Extension, an outreach program of the UGA colleges ofAgricultural and Environmental Sciences and Family and ConsumerSciences. UGA Extension also delivers 4-H youth programmingacross Georgia.Besides helping with gardening questions, county agents fieldcalls on many topics, including wildlife damage control.”We’ve gotten a lot of calls about squirrels in attics over thepast month,” she said. “In the fall, we get calls about how toget rid of bats.”Walter said soil and water samples are the “bread and butter” forher office. “We do lots and lots of soil tests,” she said. “Andit doesn’t stop when we send off the sample for testing.” Reaching out to help people”More and more people from nonfarm backgrounds are moving to thearea,” Skaggs said. “You used to see horse and cow pastures whenyou drove through the county. Now you see more and more newhouses and new businesses.”But people moving in haven’t pushed agriculture out. “We’re stillthe second-largest agricultural county in the state,” he said.Franklin County is No. 1. Personal attentionHomeowners in Jasper County call Walter when they get their soilsample results. “Everyone wants me to explain the test to them,”she said. “Once I meet a person one time, I make sure they knowwhat we can do to help them. And I get them on our mailing listso they know about upcoming workshops and events.”In northwest Georgia, Hall County Extension Coordinator BillySkaggs often helps ‘reverse snow birds,’ Florida transplants whocome to north Georgia to enjoy the mountains in winter. Thesepart-time Georgians have questions about native trees and plantsthey aren’t accustomed to.Skaggs fields calls from first-time homeowners, too. They needlandscaping advice like when to prune and how often to fertilize,he said.The population explosion in Hall County has increased demand forExtension education. “Gwinnett County seems to be spilling overinto our county,” Skaggs said. “Hall County is home to about170,000 people now. The population was 90,000 in 1990.”The people boom has changed the county’s landscape and the typeof phone calls the Extension office gets. By Sharon OmahenUniversity of GeorgiaOn the old Green Acres TV show, Oliver Douglasconstantly turnedto his county agent for answers to gardening questions. Douglasis a fictional oldie, but urbanites moving to the country andturning to county Extension agents for help are real and now.”I’d say 85 percent of the calls I get are from people who areeither new to the county or new to Georgia,” said Jean Walter,University of Georgia Cooperative Extension coordinator forJasper County.”They hear about the Extension office by word-of-mouth or from aradio gardening show like Walter Reeves’ show on WBS (750 AM)radio,” Walter said. To reach these new residents, Skaggs writes a weekly newspapercolumn and hosts a weekly radio call-in show.”A lot of people find out about (us) by reading a column orlistening to the radio show,” he said. “With the sheer number ofpeople moving in, we have to rely on the media to help us getinformation out to the public.”To contact your county agent, just call 1-800-ASK-UGA1 (275-8421)from anywhere in Georgia. You’ll be connected to the UGAExtension office in your county.But you don’t have to go to your county office for help. You canfind the latest UGA Extension information online atwww.ugaextension.com.last_img read more

Nassau Repeals School Zone Speed Cameras

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Nassau County lawmakers Monday repealed the controversial school-zone speed camera program four months into its first school year and six months since its botched debut this summer–blowing an estimated $30-million budget hole.Legislators unanimously repealed–same as they had passed–the program following public outcry over the $80 tickets generated by automated cameras, one each at most of the county’s 56 school districts. Republican Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano is expected to sign the repeal, which is effective immediately, his spokesman said.“A program that has no public supper cannot continue,” Presiding Officer Norma Gonsalves (R-East Meadow) said after the vote, calling the idea “a well-intentioned peice of legislation that turned sour.”The GOP-controlled Nassau legislature reversed their position after critics flooded lawmakers with complaints, Mangano cut the hours of operation and the Democratic minority sought to put the brakes on the speed cameras. Last week, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone, a Democrat, announced the legislature there will nix their speed cameras before they debut next year–a plan that county’s GOP legislative minority likewise took credit for.Nassau’s vote to repeal the camera program followed hours of comments of members of the public who mostly favored the repeal, although a couple urged the legislators to reconsider.“They are violating the constitutional rights of people,” Samuel Levine, a former Nassau County District Court judge, told the legislature, arguing that the Sixth Amendment right for an offender to face their accuser in court is violated when drivers are charged by an automated camera. “And that comes first.”Allison Blanchette, a fellow Long Beach resident, was one of the few who urged the legislature to drop the repeal and instead suspend the program until it can be rolled out fairly with proper notification from flashing lights and signage in all camera locations.“These can work,” she said, echoing the administration’s argument that the cameras did make drivers slow down in school zones, as evident by a 70-percent drop in tickets in the first four months. “The fact is we have a speeding epidemic here.”Legislators will debate plans on how to close the estimated $30-million gap in next year’s budget caused by cutting off the speed camera ticket revenue. Existing tickets will not be dismissed.The cameras garnered more than 400,000 tickets earning about $32 million, with the vendor, Arizona-based American Traffic Solutions, expected to get a $7.6-million cut, plus termination fees,  Newsday reported.last_img read more

Post-Trump era a possibility, Europeans see no quick fix to US ties

first_imgIf Donald Trump loses in November, it’s no secret that most European policymakers will be happy to see his back. But as they envision the possibility of a post-Trump future, many are wondering how quickly the trans-Atlantic alliance can be fixed.Despite US opinion polls showing Biden ahead, officials in capitals across Europe say they are making no assumptions about the likely outcome of the US election.Having failed to anticipate Trump’s first victory, “the German government already burned its fingers,” said Jürgen Hardt, foreign affairs spokesman for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU party and an expert on US-German ties. “I do not have the impression that the German government is waiting for another president – and I would advise them not to do it.” Still, when they allow themselves to look ahead to the prospect of a Biden presidency, they don’t necessarily see an instant resumption of the easier Barack Obama years. Though tone and style would shift overnight, policy substance on issues from China to Russia to trade could take longer to overhaul.”I don’t expect that, if we have a new president, everything will just fall into place,” said Reinhard Buetikofer, a trade expert for the Greens in the European Parliament.At best, if Biden wins, Buetikofer sees a chance for “revisiting and reforming multilateralism” after years of open US hostility to institutions from NATO and the EU to the World Health Organization and the World Trade Organization.There are areas where frictions created by Trump could disappear as soon as Trump does: on climate policy, for example, a President Biden is likely to jump straight back into the Paris climate change accord that Trump quit. The WTO trade dispute mechanism that has collapsed because of a US veto of the appointment of judges could be put back together quickly.European countries that have prized Western unity in rebuffing Russian advances in Ukraine will no longer have to worry that the president of the United States will invite Vladimir Putin to a G7 summit without consulting them, as Trump did last month.”We would review all of the decisions that President Trump has taken,” Anthony Blinken, Biden’s senior adviser on foreign policy, told Reuters, referring specifically to Trump’s threat in recent weeks to withdraw US troops from Germany.Iran, China, tradeBut there are also issues where a Biden presidency may not be able to simply pick up where Obama left off.On Iran, for example, Europe has spent the past three years trying to salvage an Obama-era agreement to lift sanctions in return for curbs on Tehran’s nuclear program. But so much has happened since Trump abandoned the pact in 2018, and so much has unraveled, it may be too late to save it.And there are other issues where Europe and the United States have real differences that are not going to be simple to resolve, even with a friendlier figure in the White House.On China, Biden’s team wants to take a closer look at the security implications of Beijing’s investment in European infrastructure such as ports, said Julianne Smith, a former Obama-era national security official advising Biden’s campaign.Biden is not expected to be any happier than Trump was about European countries’ plans to incorporate technology from China’s Huawei, the world’s biggest telecoms equipment maker, in their next generation mobile phone networks.On trade, while Biden is not likely to be as trigger happy as Trump has been to impose tariffs on allies, there are serious disputes. Germany, for example, wants to help the exports of its big car manufacturers.With the elections months away, European countries are still working on their own issues with the US administration.In the Netherlands, that means discussing whether Dutch chipmaker ASML should have a license to export technology to China. In France, the focus is on plans to tax big, mostly American tech companies, after Washington scuppered global talks.European countries with nationalist leaders that have enjoyed warmer ties with Trump may use the next few months to consolidate diplomatic gains. Poland aims to solidify plans for a “Fort Trump” – a long sought-after base of US troops.But any big changes in the trans-Atlantic relationship will have to wait at least until November, said the Paris-based ambassador of a large EU country, predicting a “moment of confrontation” if Trump should win another term.”Everybody is keeping their fingers crossed and will wait.”Topics :last_img read more

Art deco beauty revealed by stunning renovation

first_imgViv Sawers and her son Hamish, 4, in the dining room of their renovated Coorparoo Queenslander. Picture: AAP image/Claudia Baxter.Viv and Greg Sawers knew they would only be a chapter in the long story of their post-war Queenslander’s life and so they sought to retain much of the home’s character while renovating it to be more family-friendly. The property at 15 Stodart St, Coorparoo, began its life as a two-bedroom cottage built for a war widow Billie Hughes OAM in the 1940s.Ms Hughes was the president of the War Widows Guild of Queensland from 1954-1994 and the president of the national guild from 1981-1986.The Sawers purchased the home in 2010 after falling in love with the art deco features of the original property, including the ornate cornices and original glass and timber doors. The poolside area has been completely revamped. Picture: supplied.Mrs Sawers said her favourite part of the home was the statement formal entry, which features entry columns, glass stack-back doors and a grand entry room with ceiling rose, double-tiered chandelier, hardwood timber floors and a blind window typical of the era.“The light radiates through the glass chandelier and creates a stunning effect on the ceiling and walls,” she said.The Sawers have found the home to be the perfect place to raise their four-year-old son, Hamish, and entertain family and friends. “We’ve had quite a few birthdays here, lots of Christmases, and our son’s first birthday party,” Mrs Sawers said.“It’s been a really fantastic house.”The family are now ready to move on to their next chapter and have placed their home on the market through Amanda Becke of Belle Property Coorparoo. RENO FACT CHECKTime taken: Two yearsTotal spend: $675,000 The new kitchen flows out to the Merbau deck. Picture: supplied.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus12 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market12 hours ago“We knocked out walls and added big windows to bring the light in, breezes through and generally improved to create an open plan layout,” Mrs Sawers said.The home has an open-plan living and dining area flowing into the living room and out to the rear deck.The kitchen has a butler’s pantry, bi-fold windows, stone benchtops and Smeg appliances.There are also two bedrooms upstairs, along with a study and bathroom.Character remains in the timber floors, art deco windows and doors and the ornate plaster cornices with foliage, sun rays, trapezoidal, zigzags and stepping patterns. Mrs Sawers said they kept the original cornices where possible and sourced handmade replacements from Ornamental Cornice at Logan Village. “The new plaster cornices were carefully selected to reflect the art deco style of the house, she said.” center_img The entry in to the home includes a number of art deco features. Picture: supplied.Mrs Sawers said they didn’t want to demolish the character they loved, so they decided to extend and renovate the “rabbit warren” that was the original home.“We put a lot of blood sweat and tears into the project,” Mrs Sawers said.“We designed (the renovation) with family in mind and we tried to create a home with lots of flexibility.”The couple began in 2013 by raising the cottage, building in downstairs, adding a new Merbau deck and updating the existing pool area.The ground floor now has a living area with kitchenette, three bedrooms, laundry, bathroom and toilet.The second stage of the revamp began in 2018 included a full renovation of the upstairs area, a new paint job throughout, landscaping and a statement entry.last_img read more

Where you can still bag a bargain in the celebrity hotspot of Byron

first_imgThe views from the house at 144 Lighthouse Rd, Byron Bay, are breathtaking. Image supplied by McGrath Estate Agents Byron Bay.4. 41 BROWNELL DRIVE, BYRON BAYAsking price: $5mThis home at 41 Brownell Dr, Byron Bay, is on the market.Closer to Wategos Beach is this cute three-level house.Features include an in-ground pool framed by timber decks, while the house itself has four-bedrooms, the main with an ensuite.There is a breakfast bar in the kitchen, while the bathroom has a spa bath.The house is listed with Nick Dunn of McGrath Byron Bay.Inside the property at 12 Brownell Dr, Byron Bay.5. 160 TANDYS LANE, BRUNSWICK HEADSAsking price: $5mThis property with expansive views of Cape Byron has three separate dwellings.The main timber home has four bedrooms, while the other two could be used as guest retreats or accommodation for extended family.The views span from Julian Rocks to Cape Byron Lighthouse and the property is on 7.67ha of land with plenty of parking.The home is listed with Helene Adams of First National Byron.This property at 160 Tandys Lane, Brunswick Heads, is for sale.10 TOP SUBURBS FOR PRICE GROWTH IN THE BYRON BAY REGIONSuburb Median house price 12 mth change in median priceMyocum $1.33m 33.3%New Brighton $1.08m 22.4%Suffolk Park $1.26m 20.2%Federal $1.225m 16.7%South Golden Beach $875,000 16.7%Clunes $712,500 12.9%Bangalow $960,000 10.7%Mullumbimby Creek $1.08m 9.3%Ocean Shores $745,000 8.8%Mullumbimby $740,000 5.4%(Source: CoreLogic) Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky in Byron Bay. Picture: Instagram.IT may seem like half of Hollywood is flocking to Byron Bay, but you don’t have to be a movie star to afford a piece of the country’s hottest property right now.The once sleepy, hippy town has seen property prices skyrocket more than 134 per cent in the past five years — thanks to the Hemsworth ­effect and a surge in demand for high-end real estate.The median house price in Byron Bay is now $1.5 million, while the most expensive suburb in the region is Coopers Shoot at $2.75 million, according to CoreLogic data — both outpacing many of Sydney’s trendy beachside suburbs.RELATED: TENNIS ACE THE NEW THOR NEIGHBOURAustralian actor Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky at the ‘Men In Black: International’ premiere in New York City. Photo: Angela Weiss/AFP.But it is still possible to pick up a home in the heart of Byron for under $700,000, and even the most expensive home for sale in the area at the moment has had its price slashed by around $3 million.Byron Bay has long been a favourite holiday destination for Queenslanders, but now it’s common to see the likes of Matt Damon, Naomi Watts, Margot Robbie and Liam Hemsworth with his girlfriend Miley Cyrus regularly wandering the streets and beaches.Thor star Chris Hemsworth and wife Elsa Pataky are putting the finishing touches on the $20 million mansion they have built in the hills of Broken Head and are continually adding to their property portfolio in the area.Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky’s property in the final stages of construction in Byron Bay.A few kilometres away, tennis ace Pat Rafter and his family have put down roots, with the first images of their rural retreat revealed this week.Rafter reportedly spent about $3 million on the property in total, after buying the land when it was just a paddock four years ago for $1.35 million.This is the paddock tennis legend Pat Rafter bought in 2015, which he has now built a house on.Other high profile residents include musician Angus Stone, of the duo Angus and Julia Stone, lives on an estate near Byron Bay, while former netballer Liz Ellis lives on a farm with her family just outside the town.Other big names that now call Byron Bay home — or at least a holiday spot for some of the year — are Channel 10 personality Carrie Bickmore, musician Pete Murray, model Gemma Ward and soccer hero Tim Cahill.Broken Head Nature Reserve, south of Byron Bay. Picture: Amanda Robbemond.Local agent Karin Heller of Parkinson Property said the number of celebrities moving to the area in recent years had done wonders for property prices.“If you’re a property owner, it’s a good thing,” she said.“As long as they integrate into the community and want to be part of it, it’s nice.“Generally, Byron’s become incredibly sought-after and prices reflect that.”If you’re willing to fork out a little more though, there are some amazing properties up for grabs.Agent Liam Annesley, of L.J. Hooker Byron Bay, is selling the Wategos Beach property of Peter Mattick, the co-founder of Salmat.This property at 41 Marine Pde, Wategos Beach, aka `Byron’s best house’, is still on the market. Photo: Supplied.The home marketed as ‘Byron’s best house’ was listed with $18.5 million hopes when it first hit the market early last year, but the price has now been slashed to $14 million to $15 million.Mr Annesley said he was getting interest from young expats for the beachside property and that since the price had been reduced, viewings had increased.With around 2.25 million tourists flocking to Byron in the past 12 months, the local agent is expecting a bit spring selling season ahead.MORE: INSIDE TIM CAHILL’S ULTIMATE SPORTS STAR MANSION“I think with the recent interest rate drop, the market’s going to run, and we’re starting to see that already,” Mr Annesley said.“My pick is we’ve seen the bottom of the market and have a bit of time before it kicks into gear…if I were looking to buy, I’d get my ducks in a row this winter.”In the heart of Byron Bay and with a slightly more affordable price tag, a boho cottage at 22 Kingsley Street has hit the market for $3.2 to $3.2 million.The home belongs to the fashion designers behind the label Mister Zimi and is being marketed by Christian Sergiacomi, who recently launched his new agency Pacifico Property with wife and television personality Shelley Craft.Christian Sergiacomi and his wife, Shelly Craft, of Pacifico Property are selling this home at 22 Kingsley St, Byron Bay.The house at 22 Kingsley St, Byron Bay, that’s for sale.FIVE OF THE BEST BARGAINS FOR SALE IN BYRON RIGHT NOW1. 525 COORABELL RD, COORABELLAuctionThis property at 525 Coorabell Rd, Coorabell, is for sale.A deceased estate only 15 minutes from Byron Bay has just hit the market and is set to sell for a steal.The two-bedroom brick house on just over 2ha of land in the Byron hinterland could either be renovated or demolished to make way for a new home.Surrounded by dream homes, the property goes to auction on August 10 and is listed with Helene Adams of First National Byron.Inside the house on the property at 525 Coorabell Rd, Coorabell.2. 7/21-25 CEMETERY RD, BYRON BAYAsking price: $685,000 to $750,000This townhouse at 7/21-25 Hanlon Court, Byron Bay, is for sale.This three-bedroom, three-bathroom townhouse is close to town with an airy, light-filled feel and a bush outlook.Set over three split levels, with a double garageListed with Paul Banister and Robyn Hunt of First National Byron.Inside the townhouse at 7/21-25 Hanlon Court, Byron Bay.3. 4 HANLON COURT, BANGALOWAuctionThis house at 4 Hanlon Court, Bangalow, is for sale.This four-bedroom house is touted as being in ‘the best location’ in Bangalow.It comes with a covered outdoor deck, a huge kitchen with walk-in pantry and a magnesium swimming pool.Listed with Karin Heller of Parkinson Property.Inside the main living, kitchen and dining area of the home at 4 Hanlon Court, Bangalow.4. 11/10 BALEMO DR, OCEAN SHORESAsking price: $650,000This townhouse at 11/10 Belamo Dr, Ocean Shores, is for sale.This three-bedroom, two-bathroom townhouse is for sale for the first time and a bargain at just $650,000.The complex is next to a championship golf course and only a six minute drive to North Coast beaches.Listed with Julie-Ann Manahan of Raine & Horne.5. 60 MAIN ARM RD, MULLUMBIMBYAsking price: Reduced to $674,500This house at 60 Main Arm Rd, Mullumbimby, is for sale.This original, two-bedroom 1950s timber cottage is on a huge 1334 sqm block — so big you could put a granny flat on it!Inside is light and airy with high ceilings, timber floors, French doors and northerly views to Mt Chincogan.The property is in walking distance of the heart of Mullumbimby.It”s listed with Mark Cochrane of Professionals.This house at 60 Main Arm Rd, Mullumbimby, is for sale.LIVE LIKE A STAR IN BYRON BAY IN ONE OF THESE HOMESBuyers looking to splash some cash and wanting to get the full Hemsworth experience may want to consider one of these luxury homes around Byron.1. 41 MARINE PDE, BYRON BAYMore from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus12 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market12 hours agoAsking price: Was $18.5m, now $14mInside the house at 41 Marine Pde, Wategos Beach, which is on the market. Photo: Supplied.The holiday home of Salmat co-founder Peter Mattick and his wife, Pam, is still on the market a year and a half after first listing.The trophy home on Wategos Beach spans two levels with a central swimming pool and panoramic ocean views.It was first listed with an $18.5 million asking price, but that’s been reduced to ???The current record for Byron Bay was the sale of a home to property developer Danny Goldberg in 2006 for $15.68 million.Mr Mattick bought the property in 2004 for $3.9 million before commissioning architect Tim Moon to turn it into his dream holiday home.The property is listed with agent Liam Annesley, of LJ Hooker Byron Bay.This house at 41 Marine Pde, Wategos Beach, is still for sale. Photo: Supplied.2. 105 COOPERS SHOOT RD, COOPERS SHOOTAsking price: $10m to $11mThis house at 105 Coopers Shoot Rd, Coopers Shoot, is for sale.This amazing home overlooking Byron Bay is on 2.7ha of land and has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms and an entertainment terrace with pool.Just minutes from beaches, the kitchen has premium appliances, the main bedroom has two ensuites and there is a lift to the upper floor.A detached guest studio, a games room, gym, pool house and four-car garage are also included.The house is listed with Nick Dunn of McGrath Byron Bay.Inside 105 Coopers Shoot Rd, Coopers Shoot.3. 144 LIGHTHOUSE RD, BYRON BAYAsking price: $8m+This house at 144 Lighthouse Rd, Byron Bay, is for sale.last_img

Inter Milan join race to sign Real Madrid target

first_img Loading… The amount of flirtation that has gone on between the player and the club is frankly ridiculous at this point; and now that Manchester United seem to have finally lost patience with him, everything looked lined up nicely for the long-awaited move to be completed. Real Madrid have long considered themselves to be favourites to buy Paul Pogba.Advertisement But according to Mundo Deportivo, things might be a little more complicated than that. They say that Inter Milan are now in the race for the France midfielder, which United will welcome.Not only will that allow them to create a bidding war between the two teams to raise the former Juve star’s massively depressed price, it might also mean a chance to get a little revenge on Madrid for their years of gentle tapping up by sending their wanted man elsewhere.Read Also: UEFA open to seasons ending early due to COVID-19Pogba, while he might prefer Real, would still probably be fine with any move to a top club, as long as he gets to leave Old Trafford.Perhaps there’s even a third option – the disruption of the coronavirus chaos means very few big moves this summer, and therefore an unexpected further season for the 27 year old at United.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Promoted ContentBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever MadeThe Highest Paid Football Players In The World10 Asian Actresses Of Irresistible BeautyWhat Are The Most Delicious Foods Out There?A Hurricane Can Be As Powerful As 10 Atomic BombsWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?7 Reasons Why You Might Want To Become A VegetarianCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?Top 7 Best Car Manufacturers Of All Time6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A Dronelast_img read more