Lettuce, ground beef recalls spur new E coli concerns

first_imgOct 9, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – A Salinas Valley produce company recalled its green leaf lettuce yesterday because of possible Escherichia coli contamination, only 2 days after an Iowa meat producer recalled about 5,200 pounds of its ground beef for the same reason.Both recalls involve the same O157:H5 E coli strain that has sickened 199 people and killed 3 in a national outbreak linked to spinach, but the source of the contamination is not the same.Water contamination prompts lettuce recallThe voluntary lettuce recall, by the Nunes Company, Inc., of Salinas, Calif., applies to green leaf lettuce that carries the code 6SL0024, sold Oct 3 to Oct 6 under the Foxy brand, according to a company press release. The products were distributed in Arizona, California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana to retail stores and other distributors that may have sold the product to restaurants.No illnesses have been reported, according the company.Nunes said 97% of the affected cartons had been located and either destroyed or set aside for destruction. The company said it was still working to locate 250 remaining cartons.”This is a precautionary measure based upon the recent events in the produce industry, our concern for our customers and a concern about the product,” Nunes Vice President Tom Nunes, Jr, told Reuters yesterday.Nunes said it recalled the green leaf lettuce when it was discovered that water used to irrigate the product may have been contaminated with E coli. Further investigation showed that the source of the contamination may have been temporary use of a secondary water source, which initially tested positive for E coli. The company said tests were being done on samples of recalled products.The green leaf lettuce that is the focus of the recall is from one farm, according to the Reuters report.US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) spokesperson Julie Zawisza told Reuters that the FDA expects the firm to identify the source of contamination and take steps to correct the problem so it doesn’t occur again.The lettuce recall and the spinach E coli outbreak occurred less than 2 months after the FDA launched the Lettuce Safety Initiative,  a broad investigation into farms and processors of lettuce and other leafy greens in California’s Salinas Valley.Nineteen US outbreaks of E coli O157:H7 from lettuce and spinach have occurred since 1995, and eight have been traced to Salinas Valley. These eight outbreaks have affected 217 people in eight states, including two elderly patients from northern California who died in 2003.More cases and deaths from contaminated spinachMeanwhile, the number of sickened people in the nationwide outbreak of O157:H7 linked to fresh spinach grew to 199 late last week, representing an increase of seven since Oct 4, according to FDA’s latest press release.One hundred and two people (51%) were hospitalized, and one more case of hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a serious kidney condition, has been reported, bringing that total to 31. The outbreak has affected people in 26 states and one Canadian.Three deaths have now been linked to the outbreak strain; newly added to the count are a 2-year-old Idaho boy and an elderly Nebraska woman. Health officials are awaiting results on a fourth possible outbreak-related death, that of an elderly woman from Maryland.Thirteen product samples have now been confirmed to contain the outbreak strain, two more than previously reported. The FDA has said that all spinach connected to the current outbreak has been traced to Natural Selection Foods, a company that packages more than 30 brands of fresh spinach and that supplies spinach to other produce companies.Federal investigators searched two production facilities last week, one of which was a Natural Selection Foods plant, for possible food safety or environmental violations. The FDA said federal and state authorities are still doing inspections, collecting samples, and studying animal management and water use in the production and growing areas that have been traced to the E coli outbreak.The FDA said it will hold a public meeting to address the issue of contaminated leafy greens later this year after the current investigation is complete.E coli suspected in ground beefIn other E coli news, an Iowa company on Oct 6 voluntarily recalled 5,226 pounds of ground beef that may be contaminated with E coli O157:H5, according to a press release from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).Microbiological testing alerted authorities to possible contamination, the USDA said, adding that it had not received any reports of illness related to consumption of the product.The packages, produced by Jim’s Market and Locker, Inc., of Harlan, Ia., bear the number “Est. 2424” inside the USDA inspection mark. The ground beef was produced on Aug 31 and Sep 1 and distributed to one retail outlet in Iowa and distributors in Georgia, Iowa, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New York, Texas, and Wisconsin.The Iowa ground beef recall is the largest to occur since early August, when a Tennessee company recalled 4,300 pounds because of possible E coli O157:H5 contamination, according to an Oct 7 Associated Press report.Other cases stump health officialsInvestigators are still trying to determine the source in several E coli cases in Wisconsin and Canada.In Wisconsin, seven E coli cases were reported to the Manitowoc County Health Department between Aug 30 and Sep 11, according to a weekend report in the Manitowoc Herald Times. One was in the 77-year-old woman whose death was the first to be linked to contaminated fresh spinach from California. Another was linked to animal exposure at a private farm. No information was given for one case.Four cases have been linked to events at the Manitowoc County Expo grounds. In two of these, direct contact with animals occurred. In the other two, however, no animal contact was reported. Samples were collected from 50 sites in the dairy and show barns as part of the investigation; two samples collected from bleachers in the show barn were positive for E coli.The source of the contamination still has not been determined, but Amy Wergin, a county public health nurse, told the Herald Times that manure contaminated with E coli could have been transferred to the bleachers from foot traffic or clothing.Wergin said the bleachers were cleaned with disinfectant and the health department would implement other preventive measures, including posting signs that warn Expo attendees not to eat while in the barns.In Canada, Ontario health officials have ruled out contaminated spinach as the cause of E coli outbreaks in two cities, according to an Oct 6 Bloomberg News report. Between Sep 21 and Sep 26, 20 residents of Hamilton, about 43 miles southwest of Toronto, were diagnosed with E coli infections. Over the same time period, cases were also found in Sudbury, about 240 miles north of Toronto.Officials suspect a link between the illnesses and believe it may be food, but they have not yet determined the source, said CanWest News Service in a report 2 days ago.See also:Oct 6 FDA press releasehttp://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/PressAnnouncements/2006/ucm108761.htmOct 6 USDA press releasehttp://www.fsis.usda.gov/News_&_Events/Recall_029_2006_Release/index.asplast_img read more

A new transport trend has come to life in Split, breaking even Zagreb records

first_imgSince July this year, a new trend of transport through the rental of public bicycles has come to life in Split. “We expect the study we are doing to be completed by the end of December. After we get the consent of the City of Split for the locations, we will start announcing a public tender for the system upgrade. We want to ensure that each district has at least one station, and we are planning over 40 stations and over 200 new bicycles next year. ” said Marko Bartulić, director of Split Parking. “The autumn data are amazing, here we are talking about new Croatian records, especially considering that rents in that period are starting to decline due to colder weather and longer nights. I must definitely emphasize that we are working on a young system of public bicycles, which opened in July this year and is achieving top results in a very short time. Factors such as the topography of Split, the lack of a cycling tradition that is actually still being developed, the small number of bike paths and the currently limited number of bicycles and stations should also be taken into account. Electric bicycles have made riding around Split easier and faster than ever before and the citizens have recognized that very well. ” Gustin pointed out. And that this is so, the concrete figures show. From mid-July to the end of November, the people of Split rented bicycles as many as 7943 times, which is a record so far in Croatian cities, which even surpasses Zagreb’s figures. As of this week, the city of Split is richer for four new stations within the system of public bicycles and for 32 new bicycles (12 electric and 20 classic) which will be available to citizens in addition to the existing ones. New stations have been set up in Zvončac (Šetalište Ivana Meštrovića), near the Marko Marulić Library (Slobode Street), on Vukovarska Street (Hygiene Institute) and in Pazar (Poljana kneza Trpimira next to the Bishop’s Palace). The Nextbike system of public bicycles is currently present in 20 cities throughout Croatia, three cities in BiH and eight cities in Slovenia. It is great information that the registration of the Nextbike public bicycle system is valid anywhere in the world, or over 250 worldwide. Those who deal with market development are growing and developing. Smart all clear. The public bicycle system is expanding to four new stations Data on the number of realized leases show that as much as 75 percent of leases are from domestic users, which means that domestic users realized almost three times more leases than foreign users. In the total number of registered users, 65 percent are domestic and 35 percent foreign. These ratios are a confirmation of the great interest shown by the citizens for this mode of transport, which as a novelty in Split met with an excellent response. The most frequent location in Split is the one on the Riva, followed by Stari plac, Spinut and Split 3 and Joker, Kampus, Sukoišan and Žnjan, and the interesting fact is that most of them are domestic users.  Thus, October and November recorded an increase compared to September with over 2000 leases in each month, of which October is a record with 2766 leases, which is an increase of almost 50 percent compared to September. As they point out from Next Bike Croatia, November was especially pleasantly surprised, when the highest daily number of rents since the launch of the public bicycle system was recorded, in which there were over 20 rainy days, but despite that, 2291 rents were realized. The total value of this investment is 700 thousand kuna without VAT, and it is financed by Split parking. It is a continuation of the investment in the public bicycle system after eight stations with 50 bicycles were set up this summer – 20 electric and 30 classic. From Split parking, they said that they are currently preparing a study and documentation that will provide a precise analysis and the optimal number of stations in order to cover the entire city and ensure a complete system of public bicycles. They want to make this alternative mode of transport, which is also cheaper, faster and more environmentally friendly, as accessible as possible to citizens. Director of the company Split parking, Ante Gustin, points out that Split is one of the most successful cities in the region when it comes to the results of the public bicycle system.last_img read more

Critiquing the Case for Same-Sex Marriage

first_imgMatthew Flannagan is a Pastor at Takanini Community Church; Madeleine Flannagan is a Lawyer at Coast Legal. Together they blog at MandM.Equality and Non-DiscriminationAccording to the General policy statement of the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill (“the Bill”), the justification for affirming same-sex marriage as a human right is the notion of equality and non-discrimination. The General policy statement provides: “This Bill amends the Marriage Act 1955 (the principal Act) to ensure that its provisions are not applied in a discriminatory manner”; it goes on to state, “Marriage, as a social institution, is a fundamental human right and limiting that human right to 1 group in society only does not allow for equality.”The problem is that the Bill itself goes on to apply the provisions in an unequal and discriminatory manner.Schedule 2 of the Bill provides a list of prohibited degrees of marriage; fifteen different classes of people are explicitly excluded from being able to marry. Further, the General policy statement and sections 4 and 5 of the Bill explicitly exclude unions where there are more than two people.The Bill does this regardless of whether such unions are consensual, and the parties in question love and are committed to each other. It does this despite Sections 4 and 5 each repeating the idea that marriage should have no regard for “sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity.”In doing this the Bill itself blatantly and explicitly applies the law in a discriminatory manner, it limits “the human right to marry” to only 2 classes of people in society, while excluding many more.If equality were a valid basis for rejecting the Marriage Act as it stands then it is an equally valid basis for rejecting the Bill. Proponents of the Bill cannot have it both ways; the appeal to equality either refutes both or neither.The drafters of the Bill clearly recognise that it is not unjust to legislate Marriage in a discriminatory manner. They make it clear, by the inclusion of Schedule 2, that they do not really believe that all classes of people should be allowed to marry if they want to; further they make it clear and that sexual orientation is a legitimate ground for marriage discrimination.Of course one can gerrymander the position and claim that it is not unjust to apply the law in a discriminatory manner; rather, it is only unjust to do so when the union in question has only two partners and is not between people in the sorts of relationships the law restricts (which, incidentally, parallel the relationship restrictions prohibited in the bible identically). But if one does this then it is apparent that the only reason for adopting this modified position is that it both allows same-sex marriage and avoids other counter examples above.The reasoning then is circular; one adopts the premise because it fits the preordained conclusion and then argues for the conclusion on the basis of the premise. The arguer assumes what he attempts to prove and commits the fallacy of petitio principii.Slogans that people have a right to marry whomever they love are just that, slogans. People do not have a right to marry whomever they love. If someone loved their sister or brother, or mother, or loved their two best friends, they do not, in virtue of that fact, have a right to have the state solemnise or recognise these relationships as marriage. Nor does the Bill enable people to marry whomever they love.Analogy with Inter-Racial MarriageAt this point, some play the race card. The state would act unjustly if it refused to recognise someone’s union on the basis of their partner’s race. It is argued that refusing to recognise someone’s union on the basis of their partner’s sex is analogous to this, and so it is unjust for the same reasons.The analogy is questionable. First, it assumes that discrimination on the basis of race is on par with discrimination on the basis of sex. It is not. If a mall had racially segregated toilets that would be an outrage, but having separate toilets for the sexes simply upholds privacy. Refusing pregnancy services to people on the basis of their race would be racist, but refusing pregnancy services to men is sensible.The point is that there are important physiological differences between men and women that justify treating them differently in various contexts that are not present between races, so racial and sexual discrimination is not on par. Until proponents of this Bill are willing to offer pregnancy services to men and prosecute all mall owners that have male and female toilets, we can safely put to one side the idea that discrimination based on a person’s sex is on par with racism.Further, anti-miscegenation laws differ in important ways from the prohibition on state recognition of same-sex marriage. Advocates of the former object to someone’s union because their partner is of a different race; the thinking is that people of different races are physiologically different, they come from different clans or ethnic groups. The position is based on the idea that other races are inferior; it is part of a broader attempt to keep people of different races apart to avoid the inferior contaminating the superior.Whereas those opposed to same-sex marriages object to someone’s union because their partner is the same-sex. Like the prohibition on incest, the issue stems from the physiological similarity between the couple. The objection arises because the couple are from the same group as each other. This means the rationale is very different; the position is not based on the idea that other sexes are inferior, neither is the intent to keep members of the same-sex separate to avoid contamination. On the contrary, it is based on notions of other sexes being equal and complementary.Imposing views on others in a Pluralistic SocietyOther slogans fare little better. It is argued that the Marriage Act presupposes a controversial moral position that homosexual conduct is wrong, which many people now reject in a pluralistic society. One cannot, therefore, impose it on others who do not share that view (but apparently one can impose the view in reverse).The problem is that the Bill also presupposes a moral position which many today reject: that consensual adult incest, polygamy and polyandry is wrong. Under this Bill the state will not recognise such unions even though some in a pluralistic society accept these practises.  If this Bill passes then the new law will be imposed on others in the same way the present law currently is.Again, if this argument refutes the status quo then it refutes the Bill.Rejoinders to the Incest, Polygamy, Polyandry ArgumentAbove we have offered arguments that reference incest, polyandry and polygamy. Note: we are not here making a prediction; our argument is not that if we recognise same-sex marriages then inevitably, at some point in the future, the state will pass laws recognising incestuous, polyandrous or polygamous unions.Rather, our point is that several of the major arguments for same-sex marriage employ premises which, if true, logically entail that incest, polyandrous and polygamous unions should be legally recognised; those who make arguments from equality, non-discrimination and pluralism are rationally committed to this conclusion.It is true that legislators are unlikely, in the present climate, to recognise such unions and do not advocate doing so – Schedule 2 being Exhibit A of the case in point. This, however, is the point, their actions in doing so show that their stance is irrational. When the topic is not same-sex marriage they recognise that these arguments do not work, and they do not advocate acting in accord with them. If they are to rationally advocate for same-sex marriage proponents need to offer different arguments – ones that are sound!Many people will undoubtedly respond with outrage and will apply derogatory labels to us over this blog post. They re-join that sex with member of the same-sex is totally different to incest or polyandry or polygamy; they will point to features of these practises which mean there is good reason to not recognise them in law.None of these responses will be adequate. Expressing outrage is not an argument, it is simply an expression of dislike for another’s position; casting labels is not an adequate response either, doing so commits the ad hominem fallacy. The issue is not whether you like what we say but whether our arguments are sound.Pointing to differences between incestuous and same-sex unions also misses the point. We never said that homosexual conduct was like incest in all respects. We pointed out that the premises of the arguments in question commit one to drawing conclusions about incest; this is not the same thing.Finally, pointing out that there are good reasons for not recognising incestuous, polyandrous or polygamous unions, actually proves, rather than rebuts, our argument. Those who make this point illustrate that one can legitimately discriminate against sexual practises and sexual orientation. They show that one can discriminate against people on the basis of how many partner’s they have and on the basis of whether the partners are of the same kin as them – same-sex relationships between relatives cannot be state sanctioned. They hold this position despite the fact that such unions may be loving, consensual and between adults.This shows that the issue is not equality, discrimination, love or consent. It is about whether good reasons exist independently of these features for the prohibition in question (apparently social norms based on biblical texts amount to good reasons in any context other than same-sex relationships). Consequently, appealing to these features as though they themselves provided good reasons is a red herring and it is not good enough to justify a law changeHatTip – Whaleoillast_img read more

Mou: Keeper quandary a good problem

first_img “I think it’s not easy (to keep both happy). I don’t think any manager is happy to see one player not in a very happy and comfortable situation. “Only in that perspective it’s not easy for me, because I like to see happy people. “I’m not happy to see when other people are not very happy. “And I can understand that for top goalkeepers that could play in every club in the world, here, one of them is going to be on the bench, and that’s a difficult situation. “For Chelsea Football Club, it’s a great situation, and for me as a manager, thinking in a pragmatic way about my job, it’s to think about having the best goalkeeper on the field. “It’s a very safe and comfortable situation for us.” Mourinho continued: “They are working well and hard, and we are so happy to have them both. I prefer to analyse this thing in that perspective. “During the season if one is definitely my first choice, obviously at the end of the season I’d have to support and stimulate the other one. “I cannot have one of the incredible goalkeepers on the bench for three or four months waiting for a game. “I have to stimulate the competition, and I have to praise some top goalkeeper that is not my first choice. “The best way for me is to think in a pragmatic, cold way, forget a little bit, or try to hide the emotions around this situation, and just decide what is best for the team and the club.” A host of European clubs are rumoured to be preparing bids for Cech if he loses immediate ground to Courtois at the start of the new campaign. Mourinho refused to consider the hypothetical possibility of either man leaving. “If there is no offer there is no possibility,” he said. “I am not waiting for anything. It is not good to analyse anything that’s not on the table.” Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is ready to “think in a pragmatic, cold way” to keep “two of the best three goalkeepers in the world” happy this season. Press Association Mourinho hailed rivals Thibaut Courtois and Petr Cech as the envy of the Barclays Premier League, but admitted he must “hide the emotions” in his selection conundrum. And the Portuguese, whose side launch their new season at promoted Burnley on Monday night, acknowledged he will have his work cut out to appease both his front-line stoppers. “In my opinion, with all the respect to fantastic keepers around the world, with all my respect, I think Chelsea has two of the best three goalkeepers in the world,” the Blues boss said. “And this is something unique. “So is it a problem for me? It’s a great problem. “Because they are both fantastic goalkeepers. Even (third choice keeper Mark) Schwarzer – a different age and level at this moment – even he is a very good goalkeeper. “So to have Peter and Courtois is a good problem – one that every manager in every club would like to have.” Courtois excelled on loan at Atletico Madrid last term before starring for Belgium at the World Cup over the summer. Mourinho will keep his two goalkeepers guessing as to who will start at Turf Moor, but also vowed to use both as equally as possible throughout the campaign. “I don’t tell you because they don’t know – the team doesn’t know,” Mourinho said regarding his selection for Monday’s match. last_img read more

Body found in ocean by Dania Beach pier

first_imgA diver made a gruesome discovery off the coast of Dania Beach.The Broward Sheriff’s Office says a diver found the partial remains of a body in the ocean about a mile from Dania Beach on yesterday afternoon.BSO deputies took the body to a nearby Coast Guard station after fishermen brought it ashore.Homicide crime scene investigators are trying to identify the victim and the the cause of death.This story is developing.last_img

Center of progress: Through ongoing practice battles, Leary, Alexander further each other’s games

first_img Comments Kayla Alexander couldn’t escape the thorn in her side. She felt it every day in practice. Wherever she was on the court, the thorn went, too poking, prodding and taking her out of her game. ‘With her, last year in practice was constantly a battle,’ said Alexander, Syracuse’s sophomore center. Alexander was referring to a counterpart that instigated a physical war whenever she was on the court. That made life difficult for Alexander. That was the 6-foot-3, redshirt freshman Shakeya Leary. ‘When we’re on the court, we’re totally enemies,’ Leary said. Sitting out her first season in Syracuse, Leary guarded Alexander during every single practice. Head coach Quentin Hillsman made sure they never played on the same team, realizing how each could make the other better. Both play the center position for Syracuse but with drastically different styles. Alexander gives much of the credit for her Big East All-Freshman recognition to Leary. And in return, her pupil says she wouldn’t have been ready to step out onto the court in 2010 were it not for the experience of playing against Alexander all last season.AdvertisementThis is placeholder text Saturday, the Orange (5-0) takes on Delaware State (1-4) in the Carrier Dome at noon. It’s a game in which both Alexander and Leary should be able to dominate against a team whose starting center is just 6-foot-1. When asked if Leary was the most physical presence she faced all of last season, Alexander had to think on it but eventually said yes. Even more physical than Connecticut’s Tina Charles. Listed as an inch shorter than the 6-foot-4 Alexander, Leary works tirelessly in practice to keep her counterpart away from the post area. And in Hillsman’s practices where fouls are called sparingly this can mean pushing, shoving or anything else her coach doesn’t deem ‘flagrant.’ ‘Shakeya’s a very physical player,’ Hillsman said. ‘She’ll put a body on you and do the things she needs to do to keep Kayla away from the basket. I think it’s important to get used to playing through contact and being physical and being aggressive.’ In addition to improving Alexander’s strength, Leary assisted in the development of her defensive game, as well. Leary is a guard trapped in a center’s body, said teammate Iasia Hemingway, meaning she likes to turn and face the basket with the ball in her hands. Able to palm the basketball easily, Leary has the ability to put the ball on the floor and attack off the dribble. This is in stark contrast to Alexander, who rarely dribbles during the course of the game. As a result, Alexander had to leave the paint on defense to guard a player with a contrasting skill set. ‘It makes me buckle down, play real defense, and it gets me better,’ Alexander said. ‘I’m going to come across players just like Shakeya who can start with the ball outside. She helps me prepare for that and defend them.’ But both players are quick to say the physicality doesn’t leave the Carmelo K. Anthony Basketball Center. Off the court, Alexander and Leary are roommates. And it is in this non-basketball setting that Leary learned even more about how to get ready to play in the Big East this season. Leary said she would constantly ask Alexander what game experience was like and just how tough it was to play in the nation’s biggest conference. ‘I always go to her for everything,’ Leary said. ‘With her help and working hard in practice, it’s easier for me in games.’ Thus far, those battles in practice and inquisitive conversations at home are paying off for the Orange. Alexander is averaging nearly 18 points per game as the starting center once again seven points higher than her average last year. Leary, serving as Alexander’s backup, is averaging six points and six rebounds in 13 minutes of playing time per game. She’s shooting an impressive 47 percent from the field and 91 percent from the free-throw line. ‘They’ve been very good for each other,’ Hillsman said. ‘When you have competition every day, that makes you better. … It obviously helps you.’ But perhaps the most rewarding part of having Leary on the court this season for Alexander is watching other interior players deal with her level of physicality. She has played just five games, but Leary has scored 13 points and nine rebounds against Long Island and led the team in rebounding against Cornell. The thorn no longer resides solely in Alexander’s side. Said Alexander: ‘I’m ecstatic now that she’s finally on the floor and doing damage to other people instead of me.’ Mjcohe02@syr.edu Published on December 1, 2010 at 12:00 pm Contact Michael: mjcohe02@syr.edu | @Michael_Cohen13center_img Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more

Wide receiver Kobena out indefinitely after undergoing surgery

first_imgSyracuse got one wide receiver back on Saturday, but lost another soon after.Sophomore wideout Jeremiah Kobena will be out for several weeks after undergoing surgery after he suffered an upper-body injury, SU Athletics announced in a press release on Tuesday.Wide receiver Alec Lemon returned to the field Saturday after being held out of the season opener against Northwestern as he recovered from a lower-body injury he suffered in training camp. But Kobena’s loss means SU’s receiving corps will remain thin.Kobena has caught five passes for 101 yards through the first two games of SU’s season, and also scored two touchdowns. He was averaging a team-leading 20.2 yards per catch.The Orange’s struggling special teams unit also takes a hit with Kobena’s loss, as he was one of the team’s primary kick returners. So far this season, he returned nine kicks for 174 yards.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textIn Syracuse’s game against Southern California on Saturday, Kobena caught one pass for 22 yards. He had a pass from quarterback Ryan Nassib bounce off his fingertips in the first quarter, and then failed to beat Trojan defensive back Brian Baucham in the end zone in the remaining seconds of the first half.With Kobena out, younger receivers Jarrod West and Christopher Clark will likely take on greater responsibilities. Comments Published on September 12, 2012 at 2:34 am Contact Chris: cjiseman@syr.edu | @chris_iseman Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more

Nigeria to Play Cameroon in Titanic Round of 16 Clash

first_imgDemola Ojo in AlexandriaDefending champions Cameroon’s 0-0 draw with the Squirrels of Benin Republic coupled with Ghana’s Black Star’s 2-0 win over Guinea Bissau yesterday, means that the Indomitable Lions will play Nigeria’s Super Eagles in the second round of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt.The mouth-watering clash to take place in Alexandria Saturday July 6, was confirmed after Cameroon finished second in Group F behind Ghana who finished top of the group. Nigeria ended up in second place behind Madagascar in Group B which means they gave up the opportunity to play one of the best third placed teams.Nigeria and Cameroon are age long rivals in on the continent, with the Indomitable Lions usually coming out tops, especially when the stakes are high.Cameroon won three of the five AFCON titles after beating Nigeria in the final match. In 1984, the Lions triumphed 3-1, in 1988 it was 1-0 and in 2000, which was hosted in Nigeria, the Indomitable Lions broke Nigerian hearts after prevailing on penalties.On the last occasion these African giants crossed paths, the Eagles trounced the freshly-crowned African champions 5-1 on aggregate over the course of a few days, with a 4-0 at home victory in Uyo followed by a 1-1 draw in the Lions’ den in Yaounde.Despite being two of the biggest teams on the continent, both teams have had inconsistent campaigns so far.Nigeria started with two 1-0 victories over Burundi and Guinea before succumbing to a shock 2-0 defeat to debutants Madagascar.Cameroon on the other hand started brightly with an impressive 2-0 victory against Guinea Bissau, before following up with two 0-0 draws against Ghana and Benin.By coming second in their respective groups, Nigeria and Cameroon will have to take the tough route if they are to add to their combined haul of eight AFCON titles, with hosts and seven-time champions Egypt a probable opponent of this tie in the quarter-finals.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more

Market mover McGregor set to break UFC betting records

first_img StumbleUpon Related Articles Submit Oddschecker: Cheltenham data to dispel ante post perception? February 19, 2020 This weekend’s UFC 229 card from Las Vegas marks the much anticipated return of Conor McGregor, as the Irishman aims to once again achieve what no man has done before and defeat lightweight champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov.Inevitably the event has lead to overwhelming excitement from the betting sector, with sports fans clamouring to pick a winner of the blockbuster main event. Oddschecker have revealed that when examining the numbers in the week leading up to this Saturday’s fight, they’re seeing 78% more page views this week (Sun-Weds), than they did for McGregor’s last historic UFC contest, which was his clash against former welterweight champion Eddie Alvarez in November 2016. The firm also revealed that the actual amount of money bet on this weekend’s fight has also taking a significant surge, detailing that to compare the same time period, there’s been an increase of 87% in actual bets placed on the fight.Furthermore, in spite of such a long lay off, McGregor is still attracting a plethora of late punting attention, prior to this week, Nurmagomedov was both the bookies’ pick and the punters’, however punters are changing their tune and showing support for the Irish fighter. This week alone, the ‘Notorious One’ has accounted for 69% of bets, substantially more than he accrued in the previous weeks.It’s believed the wave of support is due to the press conference held between him and his Russian counterpart, with a flurry of bets being placed immediately afterwards.Only 26% of bets this week have been placed on Nurmagomedov winning the contest, with the remainder placed on the title bout finishing as a draw.If the line stays the same, this will be the second time McGregor enters the octagon as an underdog, after facing Dustin Poirier as an odds-against shot.Oddschecker spokesperson Callum Wilson commented on the market swing: “There’s been a wave of money coming in for Conor McGregor this week, with punters across the country more than happy to back the Irishman at underdog prices.“Almost 70% of all bets have been placed on the 30-year-old to emerge victorious against the undefeated Russian grappler, signifying a change in support between the pair.“However, bookies are remaining staunch on their decision to call Khabib the favourite, although you can expect McGregor’s odds to shorten as we edge closer to fight night.” Restructured GVC sidelines Oddschecker affiliate services  July 8, 2020 Oddschecker: ‘Unusual circumstances’ fail to hinder Royal Ascot traffic July 23, 2020 Share Sharelast_img read more

FSB names Andrew Bowen as new CFO

first_img Mark Wilson: How FSB is meeting the recreational cricket punter’s demands August 20, 2020 StumbleUpon GVC absorbs retail shocks as business recalibrates for critical H2 trading August 13, 2020 Share Submit SG OpenMarket approval sees SportCaller expand FTP distribution capacity August 18, 2020 Share Related Articles Sports betting platform and systems provider FSB has strengthened its leadership team after appointing Andrew Bowen as its new chief financial officer. Prior to his new role, Bowen has accrued a number of years of senior-level experience in corporate and operational finance across the gambling sectors having previously served as the Finance Director of the eGaming Division at Ladbrokes. From there, Bowen then went on to become the Finance Director for the Gaming Division at Scientific Games, where he oversaw the group’s strategy to support strategic partnerships across a number of key gaming markets. His role also included the integration of recent acquisitions. Bowen celebrated the new role: “I’ve always premised my business relationships on the ability to add value. Working with FSB, I’ve not only found a flexible, best-in-breed platform that can speak to the different sides of the gaming industry but also a strong, experienced team that are client-focused and eager to tailor their offering to make it work for their partners.“FSB has cut its teeth in the UK’s ultra-competitive sports betting domain, raising the tech bar with numerous tier-one platform awards, despite being a smaller company. That really grabbed my attention. “Specifically, the team’s combined ability to leverage leading software infrastructure as a progressive business model for the modern gaming era, while also managing to invest in front end and the next generation of retail products, spoke to my experience and enthusiasms for the future of the sector.”Bowen is expected to support FSB’s plan to broaden its footprint into emerging territories, having secured significant working capital from Toronto-based private equity firm Clairvest earlier this summer.David McDowell, CEO at FSB, added: “We’re thrilled that Andy is joining the FSB team. His industry experience and contacts are second to none. We feel sure he’ll be a true asset to both FSB and all our clients, as we look to grow beyond our initial domestic horizons. FSB’s flexibility, scalability and product range will see us consistently win business, even in the hotly contested U.S. market.“Unlike so many companies in the space, FSB have never worked in black markets, always focussing on regulated territories. I know that was hugely important for Andy, underscoring his CV for probity and compliance as a top-notch CFO. Ultimately, this responsible approach should set us apart for our partners. “We already offer the best B2B services backed up with the best technology and we are attracting the best talent possible. So, whether you’re an established operator or a bricks-and-mortar business making your first move into sports betting or online gaming, FSB can help.”last_img read more