The reason for Taobao’s lost order may be announced soonBlogging makes money an unusual way to talk

more stable blogging ways to make money

2. buy links Tips: buy links here is to help customers buy a large number of links, earn intermediate fees. Suppose the intermediary fee of a link >


each Blogger’s motivation for blogging at first seems to be motivated by interest, and over time, interest shifts slowly into experience and resources, such as strong connections, significant visits, and so on. When the resources on hand are accumulated to a certain extent, they begin to think how they can be converted into money through certain operations or means, so as to achieve the purpose of profit. Vulgar, just as making money through blogging. read more

A creates enterprise Synergies develops commercial GPS defeats 10 years experience manager13 the

, but it’s not a horror film, it’s a comedy. Because read Jun see these zombie stocks hidden in a large number of high-quality enterprises, once the "Resurrection", in the field is amazing.

Zhang Zongyao told reporters that their technology has broken through the limitations of depth learning, changed the structure of the database, so that computers can deal with a large number of business data through deep learning programs. After that, their products, like GPS’s steering route, provide businesses with a roadmap for business decisions". The most important job of CEO is to grasp the company’s strategic direction, and such a "AI business GPS" can help them at two levels. read more

Do online shop propaganda 8 seven characters balladEntrepreneurship from angel to D round probabilit

a group of fallen start-up companies, although the final result is dead, but the cause of death is still different, the following causes of death are still universal and typical.

in fact, all startups have a rough time, but compared to before C round of company, the scale, reputation but facing D round of the so-called star company has the typical significance, this paper simply from sudden death, suicide, the sale of the development path for readers full decoding can not escape the "Curse of financing". read more

Newcomers learn how to make three profits on the nternetExamination pass rate is low the net is ab

platform has the qualifications, vehicle operating permit, the driver’s car network about the qualification certificate, after the Department of transportation issued about the new car network and the provinces have been released about the car network management rules, three cards are complete the network about cars on the premise of open and aboveboard orders, so that the threshold for network about cars is not low. In other words, if the net about the car driver to pick up, after the road checked, unable to get the operating permit and qualification certificate, may be detained cars. read more

Talk about the products and operations of the website atmosphere

as the electricity supplier industry operators meow, the boss must have said, such as "our website /APP atmosphere can not ah", "home" how angry!" In this case. Maybe your job is not here, the weight is only a small part, but no one is ignored the corners of things, in the busy work is too busy, but the atmosphere is not enough, the first thought is the operation of the boss. Helpless face, cross out or have a corresponding strategy, today talk atmosphere related operations. read more

Zhong Zhixin about the small experience of forum operation

now building websites is getting easier and easier, and programs are becoming more and more stupid, not as long as making a website a long time ago, knowing code, HTML, ASP, PHP, and so on. Now, as long as the online search, free website program, free templates are a lot, set are all Chinese, basically as long as you see on the function of the Chinese, you know this is what, is really very convenient. And now is the era of Web2.0, Web2.0 is relatively Web1.0 (before 2003 Internet model) of a new kind of Internet applications collectively, is a revolution from the core content to external applications. By simply browsing the HTML web model through the web browser, the development of Web2.0 Internet model with richer content, stronger connection and stronger tool has become a new trend of the Internet Web1.0. Simply speaking, is the interaction with the user era, interactive is relatively strong community, forums, and so on, so I chose to make an unknown x forum to play. read more

Value determines the price Where is the value of the individual website

Hello, diving for several years, tonight, suddenly there is the impulse to write something, I this person is love psychology or something, so I just from the angle of psychology, shallow talk about the personal website, and our personal webmaster success, write more chaos, we hope.

often see on the Internet, many webmaster complain, complain about Baidu K station, complain about don’t pay, complain Google unit price is too low, income is too little. Indeed, most of the webmaster’s income is far from their expectations, and very unstable. So, a young webmaster, if you want to rely on your own personal website to earn money to buy a house, everyone will think it is Arabian nights. read more

The Aladdin plan will hinder the stationmaster’s money approach

this article might be written a lot, and it might take some time to sort out the two articles. Today, Hefei network promotion, mainly about the discovery problems. By the way, there’s a question for everyone to think about. The question is: "do we need a Aladdin plan?"

what is the Aladdin plan:


Aladdin project is a new generation of search engines. Aladdin is a universal open platform launched by Baidu, a search engine company, which opens the interface to the owner of unique information data, thus solving the invisible web information that the existing search engines cannot crawl and retrieve. read more

Webmaster confused use PDCAR rule to get a breakthrough

seems to have been considered by many people many years ago that the Internet is a huge gold mine, and many people have tried to enter the field in the hope of "counter attack"". As the saying goes, "a lot of people do God helps those who help themselves, through their own unremitting efforts to completely turn over in access to the Internet, such as the founder of hao123 from a small Internet cafe administrator became millionaires, and like him a lot of people; and many times God seems to be unfair, you know many people join the Internet, but only a few are very successful, most only when a cannon fodder, their every night just to maintain a" food and clothing line". read more

From BBS to online education leaders Hujiang network 13 years’ journey

twenty-first Century Business Herald correspondent Wang Shanpeng, Shanghai,

August 15th, Shanghai river network 13th anniversary anniversary, online and offline activities overwhelming.


net already was born in 2001 to become the domestic influence of radiation 200 million learners, nearly 80 million registered users, 3 million students of the largest Internet Education enterprise.

from the community to do business, then turn to the Internet to the mobile terminal, Shanghai river network in 13 years the focus of exploration of online education, can be said is a pioneer, is the industry leader. With nearly two years of online education entrepreneurship and investment rising, Shanghai river network has become the domestic online education companies can not miss the sample. read more

CP records for the webmaster where will he go


Sohu saw no record of domestic Station No. 24 before the closure of all, such as the stick hit me, confused and disoriented, how could this be, although my main business site on the foreign server, but the customer all websites on the internal server, the seriousness of the problem is that the customer is my site the server is mine, once the IDC over there talking, this is not my money all over


enterprise website as a warning for the future, following the wave of the past, the online mall is almost no suspense, Taobao, Baidu, eBay, Amason, Jingdong, 2688, red child…… Although the electronic commerce has a bright future, online shopping has become a fashion and a must, but which can remove the masses online cruising shopping outside the shop? I as a web developer, cannot be done by shopping mall three digits, but two digits or more than, no profit the operation of the company, so difficult, these sites provide development services for the webmaster is also a lot of sac shy ah, grassroots webmaster read more

Analysis of new breakthroughs in website access

company at the end of August the new revision of a website junlue industrial advisory network, access volume exceeded 3000 in December 1st, up to 3163 IP. Earlier than I expected. What is the reason for baogao114 visits from early September tens of IP to 3000IP now? I have a simple analysis of the.

September 1 good to December 2 good flow change chart

from this view, the flow is basically in an increasing trend, in October at the beginning of a I flow down, it seems to me that it was because just modify title, Baidu drop right for a period of time. The number of visits has been increasing, in addition to the site positioning, keyword selection reasons, I think that is the website update efforts have been increasing. The amount of information has been increased, and more pages have been collected, giving the site more opportunities to appear before the user. read more

Please do not seize the user played the former song with timeliness of topics

when it comes to the search engine web value judgment standard, Baidu R & D department Bowen "on the Internet page value" fourth point is "the timeliness of the page features strength."". In May 2012, Baidu officially introduced the "timeliness" resources included problems, to remind the webmaster, SEOER attention to the timeliness of information, which shows the importance of "timeliness" of website content — especially for not using conventional means to broaden the content of the enterprise website to say more, we must pay attention to. read more

Love to the depths do stand a year of ups and downs

I’m the webmaster for daily recruitment. The station was built at the end of 07. During the day, evening I went to the Internet to find information, including nationwide recruitment information, I am not willing to go to the web site (a friend urged me to direct acquisition), global forum, Baidu know, ask me is my usual way. One day, I was contacted by a recruitment meeting and asked if I could publish information about their recruitment on my website. I was glad to send him to my mailbox. The same day, I issued a "welcome" notice, gradually, every day I can receive letters sent to the venue of the recruitment of email, ha, this give me collect data saving a lot of time, I finally no longer until 12 p.m., during that time, I often go to a less Kazakhstan I don’t work, leading to intervene under 10 back. read more

From nbhao123 site experience about site navigation station brand strategy and business value

site navigation station trend, I have been at the station network published an article entitled "Web Trends and Ningbo four site navigation station" analysis of the soft, although is mainly aimed at the station opened (original name flagship Ningbo hao123) propaganda, but also based on my web site for business model and the next point of thinking. The conclusion is as one of the overall trend of the Internet, the web site is the trend and the value of localization, also mentioned that I have always attached importance to brand and operational planning, but the actual experience and maneuverability is also very broad. How to shape a brand, how to achieve commercial value or have income? With the construction of Web sites and learning in depth, this problem also has a more profound experience. read more

How to rapidly improve website awareness and website traffic

see how I can quickly improve the popularity and traffic of the website

see how I can quickly improve the popularity and traffic of the website

, like Jolin and Chua, copy! What a typical example,


this world a lot of actors, acting particularly good is not in the minority, why some famous, some have been unknown to the public? A lot of time is on speculation, Zhang Yu fry make not only red herself, more red a video website, the video station immediately got the wind. Zhou Hongyi borrow YAHOO borrow 3721 a fry do, immediately let his BBS search red, VC one by one, general speculation is fried article, we come to fry the article method: read more

Advertising sites for increasing advertising revenue

advertising position completely determines the click rate of advertising, the article website, for example, the article put 336*280 is recognized, the highest rate of hits. Some people are always complaining about the low earnings of an ad, perhaps because the advertisement is not in a good position.

according to my experience and practice, the best advertising position for a content page of a web site follows the following principles:

1. close to the text, not only to attract visitors to the eye, but also to facilitate user clicks. read more

s Ali mother nurturing webmaster or Adsense to feed Ali mother

Ali mother began her viral marketing from the establishment, resulting in various webmaster forums everywhere to Ali mother pimp post, the mailbox will receive promotion Ali mother spam every day, it seems the mom is still a little do marketing skills. The more disgusting is that Ali mother and cheats on a relationship, I often receive similar "XXX yuan to buy ads on your site", the opening is the point of promotion of the mom website, Ali and her mother is of this kind of behavior go unchecked. read more

You don’t have to worry about the complexity and simplicity of your web site t’s about content and

nowadays many grassroots webmaster care very much about the copy and function construction of the website, but ignore the practicability and user experience of the website. Which causes the website to be unprofitable. Today I will tell you a little bit about my personal experience of standing. Hope to share with you.

general webmaster know the meaning of garbage station, that is, there is no content is their own. Also does not need the website the usability, completely relies on the trash information to cheat the user the misleading click. In general, such sites are based on Google advertising. Then, the site is now hard to survive. Because with the strengthening of the audit system of the alliance. These sites can not be earned by the major search engines, and thus no traffic source, and therefore lose revenue. So the stationmaster realized this and realized that the garbage station was not working. read more

The impact of Taobao alliance rules changes on Taobao customers two

in the context of "Taobao Union rules change influence on customers" Taobao (a), mark tower and share the radium muscle dew on Taobao union to change the rules for major influence, webmaster indeed, change alliance rules, certainly not only for the main site effect for other channels to promote the friend, also have today, the main influence, and share the love Taobao single product page:

in the League for change before we can through the Taobao alliance, alliance products – self promotion: single product / store promotion to get goods promotion links, after the user clicks on the link, you can jump directly to the product page, after purchase can get a commission, but is the system after the upgrade, the user clicks on the link to enter the single product only love Taobao single product page, can not jump directly to the store. read more