The three elements of enterprise website optimization Shanghai Dragon

chain and content of enterprise website>

now through the Internet sales business, there is a lot of foreign trade enterprises, these enterprises, in the choice of site space, it should give priority to choose foreign space, because such enterprises mainly face users from overseas, and if it is to do the domestic enterprises, the natural select domestic space and in the choice of space, can not find some private IDC suppliers, we find that the reputation of good quality IDC suppliers, because the stability of the space often determines the effect of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but also the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix based optimization, so in the choice of site space must not be reluctant to spend money, otherwise will directly affect the final operation of the website read more

Yunlong Shanghai Dragon pressure is the driving force to RMB

program, is an important template structure of Shanghai dragon, a website must remember the beginning of the positioning don’t change, because I had to change the N TITLE, causing the site to drop right infinite love, Shanghai is very hate this always replace the site of Shanghai Longfeng structure, so not

a friend like the original site, but now people on IP5 million, and now regret is useless ~

I actually belong to a person, to do good, but then returned from Beijing to the northeast, the 10 days no updates to the site, site from 5000IP 3000, 1500, 1000, fell to 800, 600, 400, 200 until now, why? I gave up, but the real stick and rotary I have no room for the read more

Love Shanghai second page search Shanghai dragon Er should be how to use this function

day after the holiday, Shanghai love of search results and a new adjustment, it is about second pages of results there are three related search terms. No one has yet found the ranking results have great, but in fact there are many circles in Shanghai Longfeng factors do not directly affect the ranking, but indirectly affect the ranking. I think this is such a function, may not directly affect the keywords ranking, but must have the indirect effect. As for the influence of how much current data do not believe in love, Shanghai is also feeling the stones. Believe that the present love Shanghai but also on the sidelines, if the effect is not ideal, it is possible to cancel. Just as the push is added to the home page, now add to this function has no home. But the second page search webmaster concern, the author comment. read more

How to perfect the details to promote the love of Shanghai

the number of articles to show the value to a great extent, the words will make the loss of value is too small, and too many words will not let the user to lose interest in the patient. That should be how to control the number of words is the most reasonable? Here depends on the type of site webmaster to control, such as a web site is the enterprise stand, with less words, because the enterprise information should be concise and comprehensive, can let users understand the moment; but if the website is the news station, it should be more words, like this in order to complete a news presentation to the user. read more

On the 28 Google PR SMS network from the 0 to the 4 leap of skills

Google Festival

PR recently updated, became a hot focus of discussion at leisure webmaster friends, from the PR update, with the past is different from the first, update the range of PR, the scope of the previous general increase or decrease is not obvious, and this is from 0 to 3, 4 direct leap, even 28 push directly from the 0 to 6 jump; followed by Google has a different approach for the old station, the old station not to update or even a PR domain name on the other side also retain the Google PR, and Google update from this point of view, if a site not update for a long time if PR is an inevitable decline, the most obvious is that from a long-term not update PR4 directly into the old station, no PR value. read more

On the analysis of the present situation and adjustment method of website optimization

four, the chain. The type of chain market today is diverse, forums, information network, blog and so on. Add a chain is very simple, the effect is bad. The high quality of the chain, can make the site several times to enter the search engine spiders crawl on the web site of the weight of the increase, help to a certain extent;

today, website optimization is not optimistic. The difficulty of optimization such as natural ranking, directly affect the optimization effect. Thus, the optimization of time bound by growth, also increased. Thus, the optimization of personnel many believe that after this is bound to be a chore. Indeed, the search engine algorithm of adjustment, the negative impact of the natural ranking website of big. read more

How to use nofollow to enhance the site optimization effect

many webmaster for nofollow tags written or not about the main application of the general nofollow label on their own do not want to be tracking the link above, the common method is as follows:

; irrigation;How to use the

talked about the label, nofollow label to reflect the first stationmaster is Links in the firm does not change, at the same time in website optimization are refusing to use nofollow tags because many webmaster, synonymous with this label is not included, influence the website included quantity, the scourge of weight transfer "". But is this really the case? Many webmaster see things only one-sided, everyone thinks is bad also said it is bad. In fact, everything has two sides, when the advantages outweigh the disadvantages when it is good, more harm than good when it is bad. So let’s face by many webmaster abandoned nofollow tags, how to make it play more role, help to improve the optimization effect of the site? Today I talk about how to use nofollow tags to improve the optimization effect of the site. read more

Shanghai Dragon technology to improve the correct attitude towards learning the black hat Shanghai D

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later I began to study some black hat technique, found the so-called black hat is not completely no technical content of the "keyword stuffing", "key words" hidden "bridge gate page" (that are Nabuchushou go). Some black hat technique is very clever. You can see them, can come up with these techniques, it is with considerable understanding of the people on the search engine algorithm rules, and this kind of person, often is the real white + black hat Shanghai dragon master. read more

Shanghai dragon began the fifth chapter news sources and sensitive words from zero with the sea

is expected to start Shanghai dragon is expected in the first 105 chapters have drafted plan outline from zero, may a few chapter is based on the love of Shanghai recently made adjustment, recently went to a special training to do business SEM software company to buy, I feel, why they can do success is mainly thinking. Technology occupies a portion of a lot less, eloquence, thinking occupies much. A software artifact may be ranked in Shanghai Longfeng business isn’t worth 100 yuan, why can sell 22000 enterprises. General model is the first training and sales in the training process, of course, this is not the most important, is the core of enterprise, is a variety of marketing tools, such as phone calls, customer tracking, door-to-door consultation etc.. They help to establish the target group is very clear, is the enterprise, medium and small enterprises that do not understand the industry market coupled with the awesome sales team, to contribute to the success of. After listening to the SEM training and training some books, feeling is how it is not reliable, the paper said so beautiful, like you do micro-blog marketing, your business is to do the first eat crab people must be bold but cautious person, then may be successful but you listen to the training, and then follow the trend micro-blog is only 100 thousand to 200 thousand of the women’s marketing customer groups, 10 people, 10000 people, the effect is not the same. A popular project is only one person you do, and a hot industry, N personal rush is different effect. Do enterprise training is also the truth, so many people naturally have no profits, many people do business to your technical requirements will be higher, now Shanghai dragon training is a precedent. read more

The case analysis of Shanghai love fast ranking

website in October received the optimization task, in mid November has been the word first to have vanilla alcohol. You can fall in love with the sea to check.

The case analysis of

now how I start, the first is to attract the spider climb over my station, I update my date. So I was in the fast updating forum released a few soft, which left the signature in the forum. Leaving only a few signatures (some can not leave the forum signature) has reached the purpose of this update, the site quickly in second days will be updated time. The next step is to do the connection. We all know and related website connection method is relatively good, but this kind of product related connection is not many, besides there are also some people did not maintain the website, then I find I was most willing to exchange connection site, Taobao station (because everyone is looking for you can not connect) to see what the chain site at my station, that is because I cross and connect to others, the new general people do not love connection, I added about 20 connections, because the new station can not be weighted too high (before listening to the station, so I don’t say) are added love Shanghai update faster, a little weight, every day I see the website rankings, which I think we have this habit. A day for two days, 3 days, I still adhere to the information, there is the exchange connection, a day or so, in the 20 day time I check, obediently vanillyl alcohol has come to the first page of the first love, Shanghai encyclopedia in second, so I checked the ferulic acid (fourth pages) homopiperazine, (first page second), etamsylate (fourth pages), calcium dobesilate (the first page of the first), excited. To continue the ferulic acid, and etamsylate do. read more

The environment caused by the Shanghai Longfeng practitioners need to have vigilant awareness

from 2012 to now, Shanghai love constantly adjustment, since the station 6.28K events, Baidu seems to have not stopped. The Shanghai dragon industry generally came a voice: Shanghai dragon is really hard to do, the individual owners in a dire situation. Shanghai Longfeng service company days certainly is not good, customers will be less and less, customer demand has changed. Many customers have lost confidence in the Shanghai dragon, because they found a few keywords ranking the first page is not to bring their own orders, in addition to the Shanghai dragon misunderstanding, Shanghai dragon really is not a panacea, some traditional industries are not suitable for network marketing, the Shanghai dragon also lost meaning. read more

Tencent micro blog officially fully shielded spider love Shanghai

, Tencent, micro-blog has officially fully shielded love Shanghai spiders, but it is only the love of spiders in Shanghai, Google and other search engines in addition to love overseas, which makes people think about.

when I was in February this year in the A5 published an article pointed out that "micro-blog search, search engine a piece of cake", if the contents of the retrieval and utilization of micro-blog, is likely to catch up with the Tencent soso love Shanghai, become the most mainstream search engines, the premise is micro-blog Tencent must shield love Shanghai and solve the technical problem. But now most people in soso search, micro-blog is also not search out, probably is read more

The new place for the construction of the chain light blog full advantage


The rise is 1

experienced 10 years of development, the traditional blog value has slowly come to an end, not only more and more people moved to micro-blog, even the love of traditional Shanghai blog also slowly lost interest, believe that early Shanghai dragon shoes, experience is more profound, reduce the value of the blog chain, let the traditional blog teeter it is one disaster after another.

light blog published by traditional blog pages, often believe that the chain of friends will be very love: read more

The movie station outside the chain skills summary

every day in the love of Shanghai know, Sogou quiz answer questions, add your own links to the corresponding.

here, love Shanghai know at the beginning will delete your web site, but we need to have some problems. All you choose in order to solve the problem of strong, so adding links necessary answer, pass rate is greatly improved.

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is especially famous for the site collection: QQ bookmarks, love Shanghai collection, YAHOO bookmarks and other online favorites. After all, these are the respective online collection of large portal products. So we in the construction of their products in the chain, they must also be recognized, so as to give us the weight. read more

The monk six principles of Shanghai Longfeng novice quick keyword

in Shanghai Longfeng in the choice of words is a very important, like the spring farming to sow, key words are seeds, you want what kind of, we must first choose varieties and sowing. Keywords is an important channel for users to enter our website, the website appeared in these keywords, use some technical means to optimize your site, the user can enter through the love of Shanghai, Google and other search engines to search relevant keywords. Keywords precise selection and optimization of Web site traffic is the source of the website is the premise of profits. The monk will share with you the six principles to choose keywords, hoping to give new people to help in the process of learning in Shanghai dragon. read more

The website is search engine punishment for five big reasons

had to admit that Shanghai Longfeng work trivial, heavy, and the need to persevere work attitude occasionally to Shanghai dragon worker brings all sorts of strange feeling, because this is Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng need to adhere to, need pondering, need to practice the skills required…… The sense of loss is not terrible, work inevitably occasionally emotional is normal, but don’t have disappointed to work, once the Shanghai dragon work loss of confidence, no confidence on the website, that is equal to their no self-confidence! Work every day in the Shanghai dragon with search engines to deal with because of this, the search engine will also constantly change to the website ranking algorithm, but the web site occasionally punished by search engines also can hardly be avoided. Once the site has been search engine punishment, keyword ranking plummeted, the Shanghai dragon worker also means that the search engine in the punish us hard work pay, after the loss is more need to find is the reason, because this is the Shanghai dragon work. The website is punished, usually need to comprehensive factor analysis to find the reasons, perhaps every webmaster in these cases all have their own way, the exchange on the website by the five major causes of punishment, inadequacies also forget more guidance. read more

Yang Changsheng the chain leads to the volatility of the website ranking change radically



content is king, the chain for the emperor, a website to be successful, in addition to the rich content, the importance of the chain is self-evident. We have a lot of common construction of the chain, such as Links, soft outside the chain, the chain, the chain blog forum, inquiry platform, network encyclopedia and so on, but we do most is the chain blog and forum outside the chain, why? Because they had the strongest operability, as well as at the same time otherwise, the risks are high than the other way. Some people may have doubts, the forum outside the chain of the chain effect than other forms of difference can be understood, the risk of higher say? The next Quanzhou Shanghai dragon Yang Changsheng will introduce you to the forum outside the chain website ranking change radically, vulnerable read more

What kind of experience what our customers need

360 founder Zhou Hongyi mentioned in his blog? ", simply set aside for 360 personal attitude, Zhou Hongyi explained is excellent.

"beyond user expectations, this is the essence of the product. We are hoping to develop product development, all users are able to use function, trying to meet and cater to all users, which makes our products become bloated, we cater for twenty percent users with eighty percent of our energy and resources. For example, early anti-virus software or network protection software to open the software may have dozens of features listed, which let users simply confused, in fact, the user is several commonly used functions. We should let users find our products more features, such as one side of the case, a colleague is 360 browser hardcore fans, for the reasons, it is found that the 360 browser provides a "micro-blog assistant" such an application. This can be in the browser, colleagues can log on several micro-blog account, can easily switch, obviously, other browsers are rare these more humane application. read more

Why love Shanghai fire to find solutions for the most beautiful scenery


look at this picture, is not the impulse to test your site safety problems? Security issues should be put in the first place, especially FTP, more can’t be easily ignored, now love Shanghai launched a webmaster tools, and then launched to chain tools, if you let others know your FTP information, if it is a competitor, a site of the Shanghai dragon might be affected, you tried to think, when most chain can not be restored, my heart what it is? There is a website linked to horse problems, remember to FTP scan tool before, in order to remove some FTP information then, to hang up the black chain, before the government website, the show is particularly evident, then sell the chain rampant, everyone seemed to high quality links and hard, but for the web site It is said to have a big impact. read more

Graphic summary analysis of five kinds of invalid Shanghai dragon chain

question answering platform is the chain platform webmaster special love, because in the inquiry platform more accessible to their target customers. While in the platform Soso Ask is also a very high weight platform. The construction of the outer chain is not difficult, but I think the Search ask outside chain is a typical hyperlink, it does not transfer the weight, then we have to search for example to see the outer chain. As shown below:

using JS code jump

has a certain optimization experience who should clearly understand that the JS code for the search engine is not friendly. The chain using the JS code jump is generally can not transfer the weight. The chain site optimization has little effect on us. The longest jump using this type of JS is the chain of some forum. As shown below: read more