Website drop right invisible killer sensitive article content

on Tuesday, I met with a serious problem, included in several Google only results in the website home page not only in the first, even ranked five! Not only that, several results are not "snapshot data (before snapshot data), Google was given the hint is this:" you can’t find and query XXXXXXX with.


please check the input word for errors.

please use another query word.

please use the more common words.

please reduce the number of query words.

according to local laws, regulations and policies, part of the search results are not displayed." read more

Summary of actual combat do not blindly follow the flow of traffic website


resigned, he began operating his own station for less than a month.

The on-line

website four days later, just on the line flow increases to 80IP, that day, I excited about traffic statistics carefully at CNZZ, one of the 85 IP 80 by keywords visit, and they are all on the front page of several main keywords, accurate flow is visible fine. But then I suddenly found that CNZZ traffic statistics are quite inaccurate! You have to use a few statistics!


always see a lot of people there to say how to flow, how to do, engage in JB?. You want to flow more than the fine, not just mentally satisfied? I do is for the fat girl website, just began to analyze the data when the fat girl daily search volume is more than 300, the final results show that Baidu search only 10 to 20 a fat girl, that don’t rely on webmaster tools. read more

The article is not just to search engine talk about webmaster contribution should pay attention to

yesterday, I wrote an article, revision and re creation, parallel talk about pseudo original writing methods, on the pseudo original writing methods, talk about a few of their own views. Whether it is original, pseudo original, or reproduced plagiarism, are to enrich the content of the site, to attract search engine spiders, improve site rankings and weight, better attract and retain users. Perhaps some webmaster will think that the article is just to search engine to see, as long as the way to make the search engine that is original and included. In fact, otherwise, just like the site can not just focus on SEO and ignore the user experience, the article can not only focus on search engines included, and ignore the user and contributor website. read more

Talk about how to make acquisition change pseudo original

in the near future, to see someone selling at 3500 yuan price acquisition, change the original method, personally feel incredible. This so-called cheat engine method is worth 3500 yuan? Then you today but to pick up cheap, I will reveal several "collecting original method" to everyone, and perhaps outdated methods the man and I don’t like, but I can say that I used this collection method to the 80% engine will included, and will not appear after one or two months by the engine to delete. read more