Wang Zhunzhi was your shlf1314 Adsense account blocked265 on the target advertising temporarily appl

actually said that it would be a skill to make advertising money through the sh419 League and shlf1314 adsense.

this time has been depressed, with other people’s ID number, domain name is also changed, the space server is also changed, why can not apply at this time,

is making a website, it must be based on traffic. If the site doesn’t have traffic at all, your

had no choice but to choose Ali’s mother’s advertising alliance.

? !

I saw his ad on the website was Ali’s mom’s advertising alliance, and I asked him why he didn’t hang up the sh419 alliance or shlf1314 AdSense. read more

Do online shop propaganda 8 seven characters balladEntrepreneurship from angel to D round probabilit

a group of fallen start-up companies, although the final result is dead, but the cause of death is still different, the following causes of death are still universal and typical.

in fact, all startups have a rough time, but compared to before C round of company, the scale, reputation but facing D round of the so-called star company has the typical significance, this paper simply from sudden death, suicide, the sale of the development path for readers full decoding can not escape the "Curse of financing". read more

Webmaster confused use PDCAR rule to get a breakthrough

seems to have been considered by many people many years ago that the Internet is a huge gold mine, and many people have tried to enter the field in the hope of "counter attack"". As the saying goes, "a lot of people do God helps those who help themselves, through their own unremitting efforts to completely turn over in access to the Internet, such as the founder of hao123 from a small Internet cafe administrator became millionaires, and like him a lot of people; and many times God seems to be unfair, you know many people join the Internet, but only a few are very successful, most only when a cannon fodder, their every night just to maintain a" food and clothing line". read more

s Ali mother nurturing webmaster or Adsense to feed Ali mother

Ali mother began her viral marketing from the establishment, resulting in various webmaster forums everywhere to Ali mother pimp post, the mailbox will receive promotion Ali mother spam every day, it seems the mom is still a little do marketing skills. The more disgusting is that Ali mother and cheats on a relationship, I often receive similar "XXX yuan to buy ads on your site", the opening is the point of promotion of the mom website, Ali and her mother is of this kind of behavior go unchecked. read more

Then 300 million users and their rivers and lakes

In an interview with

, a small table, the new media reporter Wang Yan Lu Ruolin

, a small table, writing new media editor on Xiangde reporter Wang Yan

Zhongguancun Qidi Technology Building 22 floor, a door without any logo in the company, a group of mechanical engineers are working hard.

the three interviewer enters a tiny, slightly humble room. The subject before them was interesting:

if you’re an employee, driving a car and pulling bread across the country, there are a bunch of farmers to rob you, don’t you give them read more