The new place for the construction of the chain light blog full advantage


The rise is 1

experienced 10 years of development, the traditional blog value has slowly come to an end, not only more and more people moved to micro-blog, even the love of traditional Shanghai blog also slowly lost interest, believe that early Shanghai dragon shoes, experience is more profound, reduce the value of the blog chain, let the traditional blog teeter it is one disaster after another.

light blog published by traditional blog pages, often believe that the chain of friends will be very love: read more

The movie station outside the chain skills summary

every day in the love of Shanghai know, Sogou quiz answer questions, add your own links to the corresponding.

here, love Shanghai know at the beginning will delete your web site, but we need to have some problems. All you choose in order to solve the problem of strong, so adding links necessary answer, pass rate is greatly improved.

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is especially famous for the site collection: QQ bookmarks, love Shanghai collection, YAHOO bookmarks and other online favorites. After all, these are the respective online collection of large portal products. So we in the construction of their products in the chain, they must also be recognized, so as to give us the weight. read more

The monk six principles of Shanghai Longfeng novice quick keyword

in Shanghai Longfeng in the choice of words is a very important, like the spring farming to sow, key words are seeds, you want what kind of, we must first choose varieties and sowing. Keywords is an important channel for users to enter our website, the website appeared in these keywords, use some technical means to optimize your site, the user can enter through the love of Shanghai, Google and other search engines to search relevant keywords. Keywords precise selection and optimization of Web site traffic is the source of the website is the premise of profits. The monk will share with you the six principles to choose keywords, hoping to give new people to help in the process of learning in Shanghai dragon. read more

The website is search engine punishment for five big reasons

had to admit that Shanghai Longfeng work trivial, heavy, and the need to persevere work attitude occasionally to Shanghai dragon worker brings all sorts of strange feeling, because this is Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng need to adhere to, need pondering, need to practice the skills required…… The sense of loss is not terrible, work inevitably occasionally emotional is normal, but don’t have disappointed to work, once the Shanghai dragon work loss of confidence, no confidence on the website, that is equal to their no self-confidence! Work every day in the Shanghai dragon with search engines to deal with because of this, the search engine will also constantly change to the website ranking algorithm, but the web site occasionally punished by search engines also can hardly be avoided. Once the site has been search engine punishment, keyword ranking plummeted, the Shanghai dragon worker also means that the search engine in the punish us hard work pay, after the loss is more need to find is the reason, because this is the Shanghai dragon work. The website is punished, usually need to comprehensive factor analysis to find the reasons, perhaps every webmaster in these cases all have their own way, the exchange on the website by the five major causes of punishment, inadequacies also forget more guidance. read more

Yang Changsheng the chain leads to the volatility of the website ranking change radically



content is king, the chain for the emperor, a website to be successful, in addition to the rich content, the importance of the chain is self-evident. We have a lot of common construction of the chain, such as Links, soft outside the chain, the chain, the chain blog forum, inquiry platform, network encyclopedia and so on, but we do most is the chain blog and forum outside the chain, why? Because they had the strongest operability, as well as at the same time otherwise, the risks are high than the other way. Some people may have doubts, the forum outside the chain of the chain effect than other forms of difference can be understood, the risk of higher say? The next Quanzhou Shanghai dragon Yang Changsheng will introduce you to the forum outside the chain website ranking change radically, vulnerable read more