Gurugram traffic police to spread awareness on new Motor Vehicles act

first_imgGurugram: In news for levying heavy fines, the Gurugram tarffic police will now also hold awareness making commuters know about the high amounts if caught breaking traffic rules.However as expected the law enforcement officials will not suspend it operations of levying fines on the traffic offenders. The senior officials however confirmed that over 150 machines that are used for the challans will be sent for the upgradation. The Gurugram police have been on proactive in levying fines on the traffic offenders ever since the new motor vehicles has been set in from September 1. On day one most of the fines that were levied were on the offenders who were not wearing the seat belts and helmets. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murder]One of the major challenges however being faced by the law enforcement officials is the lack of upgradation of the software that is resulting in the delay in the process of levy of fines. “Our officials are on the ground to ensure that there are no violations that are committed. One of the major challenges faced by our officials is the lack of upgraded software that is delaying the process of levying the fines in certain cases,” said a senior official from Gurugram police. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsEver since the new motor vehicle act has come in more than 2000 vehicles have been resulting in more than Rs 12 lakh in just three days. If incidents of auto driver being levied a fine of Rs 32,500 and two scooty driver being Rs 23,000 and 24,000 was not enough, On Wednesday a trolley driver in Gurugram was fined Rs 59,000. these new fines are a result of amendments made to the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act. The amendments were cleared by Parliament earlier this year and significantly increased fines imposed for flouting traffic rules.last_img read more

Morocco Stands by Principle of Non-Interference in Algeria Protests

Rabat – Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita has reiterated that the government will maintain its “non-interference” in massive demonstrations in Algeria.Bourita said that Morocco will “neither meddle with the internal developments that Algeria witnesses nor comment on them,” according to AFP.Morocco’s policy counts on strengthening win-win diplomatic cooperation through respect for states’ sovereignty, territorial integrity, and the principle of non-interference in domestic affairs. Read Also: ‘Game Over’: Anti-Bouteflika Protests Resume in AlgeriaProtests continue in Algeria, despite Bouteflika’s decision to withdraw his bid for a fifth term. In the last week, protestors have railed against Bouteflika’s decision to postpone the 2019 election.The Moroccan-Algerian diplomatic ties have long been tense because of opposing stances on the Western Sahara conflict and Morocco’s territorial integrity.The border between the two countries has also been closed since 1994. Algeria made the decision after Morocco imposed visa regulations on Algerian citizens following a terror attack on the Atlas Asni Hotel in Marrakech.Tensions flamed when Algeria started supporting the separatist group of the Polisario Front.It remains to be seen whether the current “hirak,” or popular movement, in Algeria will change its stance on the conflict.Morocco, at the initiative of King Mohammed VI, invited Algeria to engage in a frank and direct dialogue to end the stalemate that hampers the Maghreb unity project.Algeria has not given any direct response to King Mohammed VI’s initiative. Algeria’s newly appointed prime minister, Noureddine Bedoui, announced the beginning of talks to form a new government after Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia resigned last week.Algerian protesters, however, appear to reject the formation of the new government because they are calling for a “big clean up” of the Algerian regime.Opposition parties also called on Algeria’s ruling authority to step down.The head of the opposition Islamist Movement for the Society of Peace, Abderrazak Makri, said, “The gang has refused to respond to the Algerian people until today and this moment. It has to listen to the voice of the street and implement what it wants.” read more

New Argentina treasury minister guarantees peso stability

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Argentina’s new treasury minister says he’ll do everything to guarantee the stability of the peso after the local currency’s recent crash.Hernán Lacunza also said Tuesday that the government will meet commitments with the International Monetary Fund that Argentina took as a condition to get a record loan from the IMF.Argentina is struggling with an economic crisis.Conservative President Mauricio Macri recently lost in a primary election by a wide margin against centre-left Alberto Fernández.Macri’s loss and fears of a potential return to interventionist policies by a leftist administration hit markets, crashed the peso currency and sent stocks and bonds tumbling.Lacunza officially took over the post Tuesday after meeting with Macri. He’s replacing Nicolas Dujovne who brokered the IMF deal and announced his resignation over the weekend.The Associated Press read more

Security Council renews commitment to landmark resolution on women peace and security

15th anniversary of Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000), on Women, Peace and Security. Credit: United NationsAlso addressing the meeting, UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka said “the voices of women leaders and frontline activists for peace are rare in this forum…but they are the most important voices you will hear today,” adding that vibrant women’s movements work tirelessly to realize justice and reconciliation. Ms. Mlambo-Ngcuka highlighted the relevance of resolution of 1325, as well as “the very missed opportunities where it has not been put into effect, with dire cost.”She went on to note the successes obtained in peace processes in Colombia and the Philippines because of the contributions of women in those processes.Citing, the “growing body of evidence” showing that, to build peace, the “meaningful inclusion of women” is needed, she said: “This is the highest finding of the global study that informs this high-level review.” She also noted the importance of sustainable peace agreements and enhancing economic recovery after conflicts, as well as combatting violent extremism. The global study, launched yesterday at UN Headquarters, highlights the need for more women in mediation support teams, as well as more regular consultation with civil society leaders, as well as more robust actions to combat sexual violence. Speaking on behalf of civil society, Julienne Lusenge and Ms. Yanar Mohammed of the NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security, addressed the Council, as did Ms. Alaa Murabit of the NGO Voice of Libyan Women.Ms. Mohammed of the NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security and cofounder and President of Women’s Freedom in Iraq said that peace will “never be established” in Iraq and Syria without the proper implementation of resolution 1325.She noted that ISIL arose from ongoing conflicts in Syria and Iraq, where the “rights of women, girls and LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender] persons and other marginalized groups were already degraded, leaving them open to abuse from ISIL,” adding that the situation in Iraq was now one that included the subjugation of women and the disenfranchisement of minority groups. Ms. Mohammed also spoke of ISIL’s “enslavement of Iraqi women,” noting the particular example of the execution of 150 women in an ISIL-controlled area because they refused to obey the “so-called Islamic State.”She said that research showed that “women’s meaningful participation” in peace processes was an effective tool to combat extremism, and that the inclusion of women in the Geneva peace process was critical to prevent resurgence of violent extremism. “Extremism is not only an Iraqi or Syrian problem,” she said. “Lessons from our region must be applied globally,” adding that “what is primarily lacking is the political will.” Ms. Mohammed said that she urged the Security Council and the entire international community “to take action on its commitments.” Participants at meeting of the Security Council to mark the 15th anniversary of resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas/Cia Pak ‹ ›He also urged that the implementation of resolution 1325 “must be aligned with the vision of the Sustainable Development Goals.”Mr. Ban then highlighted the three major reviews of UN peace operations, peacebuilding architecture and women, peace and security that had recently been conducted.“One common theme has emerged: any reforms must include gender equality and women’s leadership as central ingredients, and must be strongly grounded in human rights,” he said. He added that particular attention should be given to women who are the most vulnerable, particularly indigenous women. “We must also do much more to combat the growing spread of violent extremism,” he continued. “Groups such as Da’esh [also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, of ISIL] and Boko Haram have mercilessly targeted women and girls,” said the Secretary-General, noting, for example, the systematic killings, torture, rape and sexual slavery by Da’esh against the Yazidi community may amount to war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. “We must ensure accountability.”The Secretary-General also spoke of the restructuring of the gender architecture of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) in headquarters and field missions, as well as the work of the Department of Political Affairs (DPA) to bolster the capacity of its gender team in Headquarters and to keep the engagement and participation of women in peacemaking.The Department of Field Support (DFS), he continued, was working to implement strengthened measures to address sexual exploitation and abuse, and to increase the representation of women in peacekeeping, especially at the senior management level. He also indicated his personal commitment to reach the target of 15 per cent of peacebuilding funds devoted to projects that address gender equality and the empowerment of women, and the expansion of this target in emerging areas of peace and security threats, particularly with regard to violent extremism. “Fifteen years ago, Security Council resolution 1325 underscored the pivotal link between gender and international peace and security,” said Mr. Ban in his opening remarks to the day-long meeting that was chaired by Mariano Rajoy Brey, the Prime Minister of Spain, which holds the Council’s presidency for the month of October.“Since then, this Council has adopted several resolutions on women, peace and security – each of them a call to action for the international community,” added the Secretary-General.In the new resolution adopted today, the Council recognized the ongoing need for greater integration of resolution 1325 in its own work, and, among other provisions, expressed its intention to dedicate periodic Council consultations on country situations, as necessary, to the topic of women, peace and security implementation, as well as the intention to ensure Security Council missions take into account gender considerations and the rights of women.Citing his own commitment to implementing resolution 1325, the UN chief noted that he had appointed five women were now serving as his Special Representatives in peacekeeping missions, adding that he had also appointed the first-ever female Force Commander, Major General Kristin Lund, in Cyprus. read more

Back across enemy lines Boren returns to Ann Arbor to face former

Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye. Once a Wolverine, always a Wolverine. Many college football fans would say the two should never mix.Junior offensive lineman Justin Boren might have something to say about that.Boren transferred to OSU following his sophomore season at Michigan.Although it was viewed as a blasphemy by Michigan players, Boren’s transfer should not be a major shock to OSU fans. Boren attended high school in Pickerington, Ohio, and he seriously considered attending OSU straight out of high school.“I was real interested in Ohio State [in high school]. When I was getting recruited, [OSU and Michigan were] really close and I always had the utmost respect for [OSU] and it was a real hard decision, but I’m real glad I’m here now,” Boren said.The rivalry did not factor into Boren’s decision to transfer. His departure was because of the new offensive system and “lack of family values” that coach Rich Rodriguez brought with him in his first season at Michigan, he said.Boren said that he was not adapting well to the hurry-up style offense that Rodriguez runs.Boren would have been the senior-most lineman on Michigan his junior year and could have helped coach Rodriguez establish his new offense, but what was Michigan’s loss was OSU’s gain.Boren has started all but one game this season for OSU and has gained a lot of respect from coach Jim Tressel and fellow players.“I knew Justin coming out of high school, coming from the same recruiting class,” said fellow junior offensive lineman Bryant Browning. “I knew he was a good offensive lineman, he was a hard worker and he was going to come over and do the best he could to help the team.”This weekend will be Boren’s first game against Michigan and his first visit back to the Big House since the transfer. There is no telling what the Michigan fans could do or how it could affect Boren.“I’m sure [the game] will be difficult in some ways because he has great feelings for both teams that are going to be on the field, and a lot of great memories up in The Big House with his dad and himself and all the rest, but his focus will be on what can he do to help his team,” Tressel said.Boren’s teammates are trying to be sympathetic to his situation, amid all the rush and hype around the Michigan game.“I’m sure he’s got a ton of emotions going around, seeing as he’s been a part of the game on the other side,” junior receiver Dane Sanzenbacher said. read more

Bucks take trip down memory lane

Six years ago, Illinois and Ohio State were sitting in opposite positions in the Big Ten standings. The difference between where the Buckeye basketball program is now and where it was in 2005, however, isn’t simply measured in the wins or losses. In a press conference Monday, coach Thad Matta said the OSU-Illinois game from March 6, 2005, helped lift the program. “A lot of good things have happened since then and I think that game had a lot to do with it,” he said. “From when we started here to where this program is now, it’s amazing.” In control of their destiny in the Big Ten, the Illini came into the Schottenstein Center 29-0 and as heavy favorites. Matt Sylvester, then a junior forward, told The Lantern Friday he was not optimistic about the matchup. “My personal mindset was a little gloomy,” he said. “They kicked our butts the first time we played them that year.” The Illini won by 19 in Champaign, Ill., on Jan. 5, 2005. Had they not faced a self-imposed postseason ban, stemming from recruiting violations, the 2004–05 Buckeyes might have been in the NCAA Tournament. They entered the game 18-11 and 7-8 in the Big Ten. Sylvester said Matta, in his first year at OSU, reminded his players before the game about how they wouldn’t be postseason eligible. “It was along the lines of, ‘We have no postseason play, so if you want to prove something to the country, this is the game to do it,’” Sylvester said. “We were obviously looking at that game as our National Championship, essentially.” J.J. Sullinger, then a junior guard, told The Lantern he drew the assignment of guarding Illinois’ Deron Williams, now a two-time All-Star point guard for the Utah Jazz. “I just tried to stay in front of him,” he said. “He had me on skates for however long we’ve played.” Illinois’ entire starting lineup — Williams, center James Augustine, forward Roger Powell Jr. and guards Dee Brown and Luther Head — went on to play in the NBA. Head is the only other active NBA player, with the Sacramento Kings. “They were unstoppable almost,” Sullinger said. “That team was amazing.” The stars weren’t only on the court. Sylvester said the Schottenstein Center hosted high school recruits Daequan Cook, who played for the Buckeyes in the 2006–07 season, and current OSU senior center Dallas Lauderdale. In a January press conference, fifth-year senior forward David Lighty said he was supposed to attend the game as well, but his high school team had practice. “I was a little angry and upset about that,” he said. “Everyone knows about ‘the shot’ though.” The game didn’t start promisingly for OSU. The Illini led by 11 at halftime. “They were obviously not a good team to get behind on, they were just so good at controlling the tempo,” Sylvester said. “At halftime, in the locker room, I remember thinking, ‘Wow, how do you beat these guys?’” As it turned out, Sylvester answered his own question. He scored 16 of his game-high 25 points in the second half. Yet, his career-best effort almost wasn’t enough. The Buckeyes climbed back into the game and saw an opening, down, 64-62, after Head missed an open look from the top of the key with 17 seconds left. Matta called a timeout with 12.1 seconds remaining, and called on Sylvester in the huddle. Perhaps it was because of Sylvester’s premonition earlier in the week. “After one practice, I was sitting around talking with my buddy (then-senior guard) Brandon Fuss-Cheatham,” Sylvester said. “I said, literally, ‘Wouldn’t it be crazy to score 25 and hit a game-winner?’ That’s a true story.” Armed with this confidence, Sylvester found himself with the ball in his hands and with an open look on the right wing, thanks to a screen from forward Terence Dials. Sylvester rose up and drilled a three, with 5.1 seconds left, to put his team up, 65-64. OSU held Illinois on its final possession and a flood of students rushed the floor. “I don’t know if that one win boosted the image of the program,” Sylvester said, “but those first two years Thad was there, we all helped to lay a few bricks and the foundation.” read more

VIDEO Flying Stefan Vujic Steaua Bucuresti

Steaua BucurestiStefan Vujic Romanian Steaua Bucuresti suffered the first defeat in SEHA Gazprom League 2018/2019. The Romanian vice-champions had no chances to win in Zagreb (17:24), but they at least got the prize for the best goal of the match.The Serbian playmaker Stefan Vujic scored impressive one for his team in the second-half.  ← Previous Story RK Vardar find goalkeeper in Algeria – Khalifa Ghedbane Next Story → POLAND: PGE Vive Kielce and Orlen Wisla Plock began race 2/2 – Cindric ready for EHF CL start read more

My wee was orange like the contents of a bottle of Lucozade

first_imgWHEN MICHAEL RYAN lost the post of Waterford senior hurling manager in August 2013, you didn’t need to be a visionary to see that the role to be filled was an enticing one for potential candidates.While the teams built by Gerald McCarthy, nurtured by Justin McCarthy and tactically stabilised by Davy Fitzgerald were adorned with big personalities and swashbuckling stickmen capable of running amok on any given day, the fact remained that they never won an All-Ireland title.They won everything else, mind, and along the way classy talents like John Mullane claimed an impressive five All Stars.The late 90s and early noughties proved a decent era but records of their feats around that time come with an asterisk attached. Everything is layered with a coating of frustration. They could and maybe should have won the Liam MacCarthy Cup in 1998 and again in 2006. There are those who feel they just weren’t good enough, but most would say they underachieved.A pantheon of household names subsequently retired and moved on but the irony has been that expectations have risen rather than dropped. For all their failures in not getting to climb the steps of the Hogan Stand the teams the two McCarthys refined had inspired a new generation. And by the close of 2013 there was a major transfusion of new blood.They looked ready to go places. The young men steaming through had been schooled in how to win national titles. De La Salle landed Harty Cups and All-Ireland A colleges titles in 2007 and 2008. Dungarvan Colleges won back-to-back Harty Cups in 2012 and 2013, and in 2013 also managed an All-Ireland title. Blackwater CS joined the party with All-Ireland B and Dean Ryan Cup successes. But undoubtedly the biggest coup for the county was winning an All-Ireland minor title in 2013, their first at that grade since 1948.It was an unexpected win — they lost two championship games en route to the final – but it made the choice of the next Waterford senior manager all the more vital. After six years of development work a bunch of promising hurlers was mushrooming, near ready for senior level. Waterford manager Derek McGrath. Source: Ken Sutton/INPHODerek McGrath was the early leader in the race to replace Michael Ryan. He had coached De La Salle to those college successes and also led his club of the same name to the 2012 county senior title. And so it was no shock when he got the nod. A brother-in-law of Mullane, McGrath immediately checked in with the recently retired firebrand to determine if there was any hope of a comeback. There wasn’t.McGrath now looked to players he had mentored on the colleges scene – the likes of Noel Connors, Stephen Daniels, Jake Dillon, Stephen O’Keeffe and the Mahonys, Pauric and Philip – to push the team on.The outlook was bright but there remained huge challenges for McGrath. Managerial doors tend to revolve quickly in the southeast, and security of tenure is far from a given. When Ryan got the chop it was the second time in five years a Waterford hurling boss had been ushered to the exit by disaffected players. Well before Ryan got the heave-ho, Justin McCarthy had suffered the same treatment despite guiding the Déise to their first Munster title in 39 years. Davy Fitzgerald took over a team in transition and led them to an All-Ireland final and a Munster title two years later, but even at that there were tensions between himself and some players by the time he left.Outsiders could be forgiven for assuming these Waterford lads have been hard to manage — that maybe some lost the run of themselves over the years. Forcing McCarthy and Ryan out certainly reflected poorly on the relevant panels.Páraic Fanning, a former GAA officer at Waterford IT, has been involved with four Fitzgibbon Cup wins for the college. He served as selector under Davy Fitzgerald and was considered an early contender to replace Ryan. Acknowledging that the unseemly dismissals of McCarthy and Ryan contributed to a common view of the panels as unruly, he would nevertheless argue that the perception was far from accurate: ‘It was more the way the thing was handled with Michael Ryan. The players got the blame for the whole thing. All I can say is that those present hurlers — and the lads of the last 10 years – would train night and day for you.“They have an excellent attitude and I would consider them very easy to work with.’In fairness to the panellists, while the county board indicated Ryan would get another year, it seems some officers were happy enough, when push came to shove, to accommodate the players’ desire for change. They were made aware the squad wanted more coaching expertise brought in and they allowed the players make the call.Justin McCarthy might take a different view that the players were easy to deal with. He oversaw some huge occasions for the county, including three Munster titles and a National League crown. Seven years is a long time to be talking to the same dressing room, however, and he stayed put too long. In the wake of their heavy Munster championship defeat to Clare in 2008 the players met and it was clear they had lost faith in their Cork coach. After a four-hour meeting at the Majestic Hotel in Tramore McCarthy’s fate was officially sealed, the squad carrying by 20 to four a vote of no confidence in him.For Planet Hurling at large it was a seismic move, and reaction was divided when it hit the public domain. John Mullane was part of the squad that voted to get rid of the Corkman. He wasn’t to meet McCarthy in the following five years and remained unsure how he would react if he did. Justin McCarthy on the sideline in 2008. Source: Lorraine O’Sullivan/INPHOEmotions continued to run high in the county over the ditching of arguably their most successful ever manager. Years later Mullane could still get worked up recalling what happened.‘It was the hardest time I ever put down over all my years hurling. When we did sit down to take a vote it was clear that we were looking for change. But they were a rotten three to four days and I couldn’t sleep over what was happening. Justin had done an awful lot for my game and obviously for Waterford hurling too.“If I’m being honest Justin was the best hurling coach I ever trained under. Everything we did was with the ball. His trainer, Gerry Fitzpatrick, would work with us for 15 minutes before and after training and in between Justin would take us for an hour. That hour flew.”McCarthy took heed of the vote and walked away. The team were left with lots to prove and plenty of detractors – although those critics had their powder dampened if not saturated by what transpired in the following two months as Davy Fitzgerald took over a side bereft of confidence and sharpness, freshened their ranks and brought them to Croke Park and the All-Ireland final.“The game was moving on,” Mullane reflected. “If we’d had Davy and Justin together at the one time we would have had the ultimate coaching team. Whereas Justin was a top-class hurling coach, Davy had so many new ideas. We had never experienced half of the stuff he brought in – from video analysis to tactical awareness to hydration. Previously we had just relied on our hurling ability under Justin’s guidance to get us through games.” Waterford manager Davy Fitzgerald in 2011. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHOMullane tells a story of Davy Fitzgerald’s manic intensity and exhaustive preparation for games. Shortly after Fitzgerald took over, routine tests revealed that every one of the players was more or less dehydrated. The new manager became obsessed with the problem. Insisting they drink two and a half litres of water daily and record their intake in a diary, he instituted frequent checks and took it as a personal slight if any of them flunked the test.So determined was he in this regard that players feared being dropped if test results failed to corroborate diary entries. In the heat of the 2008 championship, Mullane’s day job took him to Dublin and he spent the long summer’s day driving around the city, forgetting, in his dedication to the work in hand, to grab a bite of lunch, never mind a sip of water. As bad luck would have it, his phone beeped en route to training – a group text from the manager about a hydration test later that evening.Mullane knew he had about a much chance as a desert castaway of making the grade.In the dressing room his worst fears were realised; the sample he produced was a fright to behold: ‘I started peeing into the jar with my name on it and it wasn’t good – my wee was an orange colour, like the contents of a bottle of Lucozade. I knew I was in trouble.’With the rest of the panel already on the paddock, Mullane took his bottle of purest vitamin C to its designated place on the shelf; he was ready to accept his fate. But as he placed the jar on the shelf he noticed looking back at him a sample as limpid and sparkling as a Comeragh mountain spring. The name on the label: Jamie Nagle.‘When it comes to hurling, Jamie lives his life like a choirboy,’ Mullane explained. ‘He does everything by the book. He would have been drinking three litres a day – at least.’Mullane yielded to temptation, peeled off the J. Nagle sticker, placed it across his own jar of contaminated effluent and slapped the J. Mullane logo on to the prizewinning exhibit. Then he went off to hurl.Ninety minutes later, as the team showered and changed, Fitzgerald blew a gasket in the dressing room. No way was he fooled by the false labelling.‘Whose is it?’ he demanded.Mullane couldn’t tell a lie to save himself. He’s as open as a 24-hour chapel in Las Vegas. The cheeks reddened in admission of guilt.‘Feckin’ Mullane!’ roared the manager as the De La Salle man tried but failed to hold in the laughter. All Fitzgerald could do was laugh back.Fitzgerald did much for Waterford. His influence was a great tableau of little things; he brought huge attention to detail with a massive backroom, the cost of which received criticism when it came to totting up end-of-year accounts.Reaching the 2008 All-Ireland final was a fine achievement; they got a decent qualifier draw and took advantage. They arrived at the showdown confident they could beat Kilkenny but that optimism was grossly misplaced. Kilkenny had scored 11 goals and 98 points in just four games that summer. They hammered Waterford 3-30 to 1-13 in what was among the most one-sided All-Ireland finals ever. Even in the warm-up the Waterford men looked off-colour, dropping and fumbling the sliotar and fluffing their rehearsal lines. John Mullane arrives at The Granville Hotel in Waterford to announce his retirement. Source: Lorraine O’Sullivan/INPHOApart from Mullane, who hit 0-3 and was the only forward to point from play that afternoon, no player in blue and white reached any sort of acceptable standard.The game was well over by the break. Afterwards Mullane waited on the pitch until every Kilkenny player had climbed the Hogan Stand. Countless supporters wearing the black and amber approached him but not one sly dig was given. Mullane just folded his arms, soaked up the pain and watched the greatest team in history raise Liam MacCarthy aloft one more time.“We got to the final at the same time Kilkenny hit their peak,” he recalled. “They were beating teams by cricket scores. It was our first time in an All-Ireland since 1963 and we really didn’t realise what was involved. We gave ourselves a chance, no doubt about that — they were just another team to us — but we weren’t prepared for an onslaught and that’s what it was. We were in a daze.”A look at the Kilkenny bench that day would support Mullane’s perception of a dream team and squad operating at optimum level. Michael Rice, Mick Fennelly, Willie O’Dwyer, Richie Mullally, John Dalton, PJ Delaney, James Ryall, James McGarry, John Tennyson, Richie Hogan and TJ Reid were all held in reserve. That’s an All Star 11 in itself, never mind another county’s first choice. RTE’s Jacqui Hurley, John Mullane and Davy Fitzgerald in the gantry last summer. Source: James Crombie/INPHOFor many of the Waterford boys it ranked as their worst day ever, but not for Mullane. For him the 7-19 to 0-19 drubbing by Tipperary in the 2011 Munster final was the nadir. Again the game was well over by the interval, 5-10 to 0-8. After the punishment beating ended, Mullane came out and apologised to the fans. Waterford hurling had been laid bare, stripped of its soul.‘Davy came in during the end of an era really,’ Mullane said. ‘To be fair to him players were moving on and the game was changing. Teams were crowding defences and corner-forwards were tracking back the field chasing lost ball. Davy put an awful lot into planning how to counteract teams like Kilkenny and Tipp and he brought more organisation.‘People moaned that we had 12 men behind the ball but again Davy was right – we had probably been too positive, too attacking, in the past. And too open, which definitely cost us games. Maybe that’s why we didn’t win an All-Ireland.“Davy brought in tackling and defence and it shaped the way the team played for the next few years.”*****************This extract is from Fields Of Fire: The Inside Story Of Hurling’s Great Renaissance  by Damian Lawlor. See here for further details.Expert Verdict – Nicky English, Conor McGrath and Jamesie O’Connor on Cork and Waterford’s clash7 things to know about Kilkenny’s Padraig Walsh aka Tommy’s younger brotherlast_img read more

This Creepy Japanese Gum Is an Awesome Treat for Horror Buffs

first_img Japan continues to take the cake with the “coolest snacks anywhere” honor, and this particular kind of gum is only exemplary of what the country can come up with. BoingBoing reports on the amazing “Very Scary Story Gum” (Chou Kowai Hanashi Gum) from manufacturer Top Seika, which looks like something we’re really missing out on as Western gum fans who love a few creepy stories being thrown around here and there.The gum isn’t new, as it’s been around in Japan for quite some time. But it hasn’t really caught on so that everyone can scrutinize it for how awesome it is. It even has its own adorable mascot character named Reiko, who has her own spooky Twitter account! みつ………けて…くれ………て………あり…がとう………ござい…ます………— トップ製菓【公式】@れいこ (@reiko_topseika) August 16, 2018The gum comes with a piece of old, crumbly gum (that certainly isn’t the reason people flock to it) as well as a horror story on a black piece of paper and a talisman to keep warding off demons and evil spirits while you delight in reading scary stories.The different stories span pretty vast subjects, and while none of them are particularly horrifying like what you’d see in a blockbuster horror flick or Junji Ito manga series, they can still be pretty bone-chilling. There’s even a fun little warning, BoingBoing points out, that if you’re easily scared, you should have someone else open the gum package with you or do so under adult supervision.The thought of having to have someone around for moral support while you open a package of gum may be laughable, but it’s also a fun reminder of how courteous Japanese culture can be. The only thing that’s missing here is the Western equivalent. It’s nearly time for Halloween, so maybe someone in the States will follow the company’s suit and put something cool together, perhaps?Japanese culture is intriguing and unique, that’s why we cover it! It’s a great country where you can get a canned soda with alcohol, see a real-life transformer, and make your own decadent Kit Kat at a vending machine. Follow all the weird and wonderful ongoings of Japan here.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetcenter_img Launchpad Blaze Postpones JAXA’s Cargo Ship Launch to ISSJapan’s Hayabusa-2 Probe Packs Up Space Rock Cargo From Asteroid Ryugu last_img read more


first_imgThe New Year 2016 has inherited uncertainty from the end of the past year. The National Assembly has concluded another legislative year without repealing the Election Amendment Act which aims to make it more difficult to register a political party than to register a business by charging a 1Million dalasi fee for registration without any entitlement to state funding. Parties and Governments which stay in power for two decades are expected to open up through state media coverage of divergent views and dissenting opinions.Furthermore, one would have expected such a government to be initiating dialogue and setting term limits to curb the tendency towards self-perpetuating rule and give certainty and integrity to life after the presidency.On the contrary, the President is now talking about the establishment of an Islamic Republic as if the 1997 Constitution could be reduced into thin air or dust by presidential decree.Despite the uncertainty of where the executive intends to lead the nation in 2016, what is certain is that the President has one vote like every sovereign Gambian. The power he has could be entrusted to any Gambian. It cannot be exercised to declare a one party state, a monarchy or Islamic Republic whose nature and characteristics is determined by the President himself without any constitutional safeguards.Hence, both the President and the people have a choice to prepare for the presidency for life with all its uncertainties or life after the Presidency which depends on the type of change we opt for. In any case our destiny is in our hands.last_img read more

Pixel 4 leaked renders show rear cameras bottom speakers

first_img Comments Tags Mentioned Above Google Pixel (32GB, Quite Black) Phones Mobile See it News • Google Pixel 3A: Where is AT&T? CNET may get a commission from retail offers. Another render showed two speaker grills on the edge at either side of the USB-C port, OnLeaks said — which means the front-face speakers could be abandoned in the next Pixel flagship.Volume and power are seen on the right-hand side of the phone, with no buttons on the left, PriceBaba said.The Pixel 4 is rumored to launch in October, and will likely run Android Q. It could also be bezel-less, have a hole-punch screen, have two back cameras for four cameras in total and improved dual-SIM capabilities. The Google Pixel 3a had just one camera on the rear. Angela Lang/CNET Google’s Pixel 4 will have a square camera module on the back of the phone as well as no fingerprint scanner, according to reportedly leaked renders. The square camera bump was later officially confirmed by Google, for reasons we can only speculate for now.The square module will have either two or three cameras inside it, the Pixel 4 prototype schematics published Monday by OnLeaks via PriceBaba show.OnLeaks said the earpiece positioning also shows that the notch will remain.Commentary: Pixel 4 leak signals a whole new Google $219center_img How To • How to transfer your data from an iPhone to Android phone Share your voice Pixel 4 and 4 XL rumors: Release date, leak details, design, specs and more Preview • Pixel and Pixel XL unveiled: Google’s post-Nexus phones come out swinging (hands-on) Google Pixel Google Pixel 4 Review • Our Google Pixel review: Pure Android at its absolute best 3last_img read more

500 more Rohingyas enter Bangladesh in last few days

first_imgRohingya refugees make their way to a refugee camp after crossing the Bangladesh-Myanmar border in Palong Khali, near Cox`s Bazar. ReutersSome 500 more Rohingyas arrived in Bangladesh over the last few days keeping the total number of new arrivals at 655,500 since 25 August 2017, says the UN Migration Agency on Tuesday, reports UNB.The IOM needs and population monitoring report said that there have been 628 new arrivals since the weekly situation report on 17 December.The next full situation report will be issued on 14 January.Violence in Rakhine State which began on 25 August 2017 has driven an estimated 655,500 Rohingyas across the border into Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.Bangladesh and Myanmar want to start repatriation of Rohingyas this month and a Joint Working Group (JWG) has already been formed in this regard.The first meeting of the JWG will be held sometime in January in Myanmar capital.Bangladesh said they are on track in terms of timeframe mentioned in the bilateral document signed between Bangladesh and Myanmar on 23 November.“We’re all upbeat. We’re confident and we’re hopeful. We’re bilaterally engaged (with Myanmar),” state minister for foreign affairs M Shahriar Alam told UNB describing the international support that Bangladesh gained on the issue.Quoting Myanmar minister of social welfare, relief and resettlement Win Myat Aye, Myanmar media reported that they will start repatriation of those families who fled from Rakhine State to Bangladesh on 22 January.Win Myat Aye said a group of 450 Hindu refugees will be allowed back across the border to Burma on 22 January as the first step of the repatriation process.A refugee camp has been set up at Taungpyoleiwei in northwestern Rakhine State for those returning overland from Bangladesh, while a second camp has been erected in Ngakhuya, Maungdaw Township, for those returning by sea or waterways.last_img

The Orville Focuses on Story and Is Funnier For It

first_imgStay on target Nearly halfway through its first season, The Orville has grown noticeably more confident in itself. It no longer feels like its jokes are apologizing for its sincerity. In both this episode and last week’s, the jokes came from the characters. They felt natural and driven by the story, rather than holding it up. Even if the running gag’s premise in last night’s episode was a little forced, the unrelenting nature of Malloy’s jokes made it impossible not to laugh. (Though seriously, why does he know so much about the turn of the millennium car rental companies? I like history a lot, but I couldn’t tell you the slogan of a 1890s horse-drawn carriage dealer.)The Orville continues to do some pretty cool things on a modest budget. This show may not have Star Trek money, but it can animate a cool-looking ship battle. I don’t even mind anymore that the space travel scenes look like a video game. At least they look like a good one. The episode begins with The Orville defending a small mining colony from the Krill, this series’ stand-in for Klingons. We get a pretty fun ship battle, made more exciting by the fact that the Krill ship is much bigger than The Orville. One thing this show always did well is sell Malloy’s and LaMarr’s exceptional piloting skills. From day one the ship is made out to be a modest, conventional exploratory ship. It’s a few years old, even. This thing wasn’t designed for giant space battles, so everyone feels like Malloy and LaMarr are surviving by skill alone. It makes them a lot more fun to watch than they’d otherwise be.Seth MacFarlane and Scott Grimes (Cr: Michael Becker/FOX)The crew finds an intact Krill shuttle in the wreckage of the battle, and the Union develops a plan. They don’t know much about the Krill. Only that their religion puts them above all other creatures. That, in their minds, gives them a divine right to pillage resources from any planet they want. This still being a Seth MacFarlane show, I was worried this would turn into Reddit Atheism: The Episode, but it didn’t. Save for a couple brief, ultimately inoffensive remarks, the story instead veered into an interesting moral dilemma for Mercer and Malloy to deal with. Disguising themselves as Krill survivors, they infiltrate a ship hoping to make copies of the Krill holy book. The hope is that if the Union can learn more about their enemy’s beliefs, they might be able to broker peace.A lot of the humor of the episode comes from the fact that Mercer and Malloy have no idea how to act on a Krill ship, yet for plot reasons, can pass anyway. After a prolonged, funny sequence where they try to think up good fake Krill names, the best Ed can come up with are Devon and Chris. And yes, the constant barrage of car rental jokes after they find out that the Krill god is named Avis wore me down to the point where they became funnier with each successive crack. Unfortunately, nobody learns all that much about The Krill, other than their worship service involves stabbing a human head. Before long, Mercer and Malloy find a prototype bomb on board. The Krill plan to use it to wipe out the human mining colony. They plan to blow up the bomb, and the ship with it, but soon find out there is a whole classroom of children on board.Scott Grimes, Seth MacFarlane and guest star James Horan (Cr: Michael Becker/FOX)That’s the kind of moral conundrum you want from a show inspired by Star Trek. Here though, they don’t handle it nearly as elegantly as TNG would have. For all the time they spend making copies of the Krill bible, it really should have been more important to the story than it was. It’s not hard to imagine what the Star Trek solution would have been, especially since it was the Union’s plan from the beginning. Mercer and Malloy could have found some common ground buried in their copies, and used it to form a temporary truce. It didn’t have to end the war and affect everlasting peace, it just had to have both sides come to some kind of agreement, even if only for a little bit. That’s the optimism that The Orville doesn’t share with Star Trek.  Instead, they save the children by keeping them in the classroom, and use what they know about Krill biology to sunburn them to death. At least it looked pretty cool. If you can’t give us hope, you can at least give us gruesome alien death.The most promising thing about this show though, is that even when the characters let you down, it doesn’t let them off the hook. It’s an indication that they know what they’re doing. They know that’s not how Star Trek would have done it, and the characters are worse off for not acting in a Trek-like manner. Mercer can claim the moral high-ground for himself because he didn’t kill the children, while the Krill certainly would have. But since he horrifically murdered the ship’s entire crew in front of them, they will grow up hating humans. He is made fully aware that, though he saved the colony, he perpetuated the cycle of hate and violence. He doesn’t get a joke or a smarmy rebuttal. He knows there will be consequences for his actions, and the show is going to make him live with that. That’s way more than I ever expected from The Orville.Seth MacFarlane and Scott Grimes (Cr: Michael Becker/FOX)For the second week in a row, The Orville struck a nice balance between story and humor. The jokes weren’t as strong as they were last week, but there were still plenty of laughs to be had. Even if they were all at the same joke made over and over again. This week’s episode succeeded because it focused on story first. It put Mercer and Malloy in an unfamiliar situation and let the humor come naturally from that. That’s all I want from the comedy on this show. With that handled, it could focus on the difficult situation it put these characters into, and tell a good story. It feels like The Orville has really found its footing. Now, we’ll just have to see where it can take itself from here.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. How Designers Achieved the Sci-Fi Sound Magic of ‘The Orville’The Orville Brings a Much Better Trailer to SDCC last_img read more

OFB generates solar power reduces power intake cost

first_imgKolkata: The Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) has significantly reduced cost of electricity consumption by generating solar power in its various units across the country, an official said here Friday. The OFB is working towards achieving the goal of meeting 45 per cent of its total energy requirements through the solar power route, the official said. The use of solar power has significantly reduced OFB’s cost of electricity consumption from Rs 463.22 lakh during 2015-16 to Rs 163.78 lakh during 2018-19, he said. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamata”As part of the ongoing efforts to promote ecologically sustainable growth to generate carbon-free clean energy and to reduce expenditure on electricity, the OFB is participating in the National Solar Mission to increase its solar power use to 45 per cent of total consumption,” he said. The installation of grid-connected solar power projects in various OFB units have resulted in generation of approximately 1,47,12,072.14 units of electrical power till November 2018, he said.last_img read more

Zillow Announces Trulia Acquisition

first_img July 29, 2014 637 Views Zillow Announces Trulia Acquisition Share in Headlines, News, Technologycenter_img Acquisitions Company News Trulia Zillow 2014-07-29 Tory Barringer Following speculation of a deal in the making last week, two of the biggest names in online real estate announced they are joining forces.Zillow, Inc., announced Monday it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire longtime rival Trulia, Inc., for $3.5 billion in stock.As part of the agreement, Trulia shareholders will receive 0.444 shares of Class A Common Stock of Zillow for each share of Trulia, giving them approximately 33 percent of the combined company at closing, which is expected to happen in 2015. The deal’s value represents a premium of 25 percent to Trulia’s closing price as of July 25.The combined company will maintain both the Zillow and Trulia brands, according to a joint release. Trulia CEO Pete Flint will remain in his current role, reporting to Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff. Flint will also join the board of directors of the combined company along with an unnamed second member of Trulia’s current board.By coming together, the two companies say they hope to expand their distribution, enhance value and return on investment for advertisers, and cut costs while continuing to innovate in the field of online listings.”Consumers love using Zillow and Trulia to find vital information about homes and connect with the best local real estate professionals,” Rascoff said.”Both companies have been enormously successful in creating compelling consumer brands and deep industry partnerships, but it’s still early days in the world of real estate advertising on mobile and Web. This is a tremendous opportunity to combine our resources and achieve even more impressive innovation that will benefit consumers and the real estate industry,” he continued.While neither company expects opposition from antitrust regulators, the combined entity will undoubtedly be a major force in the market. In June alone, Zillow reported a record 83 million unique users across both mobile and Web, while Trulia reported a record 54 million unique users with limited overlap.By maintaining two distinct brands, the combined company will continue to offer different products and user experiences, attracting more users and maximizing distribution.”By working together, we will be able to create even more value for home buyers, sellers, and renters, as well as create a robust marketing platform that will help our industry partners connect with potential clients and grow their businesses even more efficiently,” Flint said. “Our two companies share complementary employee cultures with innovative, consumer-first philosophies and a deep commitment to create the best products and services for our industry partners.”last_img read more

BLS Data Shows Employment Holding Steady

first_img in Daily Dose, Data, Government, Headlines, News May 8, 2015 446 Views April 2015 Employment Situation Bureau of Labor Statistics MarketWatch 2015-05-08 Staff Writer Sharecenter_img BLS Data Shows Employment Holding Steady The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released their “Employment Situation—April 2015” report today, showing that the total number of non-farm payroll employment has increased by 223,000 in April, while the unemployment rate remained unchanged from the previous month at 5.4 percent. The steady rate of 5.4 percent represents 8.5 million unemployed persons. Year-over-year the unemployment rate was down by 0.8 percentage points (or 1.1 million people).The number of persons unemployed for less than five weeks increased to 2.7 million in April (a 241,000 jump) while the long-term employment figures (those unemployed for 27 weeks or more) saw little change at 2.5 million. The number of persons employed part time for economic reasons remains unchanged month-to-month as 6.6 million but is down by 880,00 year-over-year.Of those persons the BLS considers “marginally attached” to the workforce there were 756,000 discouraged workers in April. Discouraged workers are those BLS terms “persons not currently looking for work because they believe no jobs are available for them.”While this month’s numbers fell short of what some predications estimated, the construction sector faired well with an additional 45,000 jobs added. This was a positive gain after March saw little change in this segment, which ties in so closely with housing numbers. The April numbers bring the total 12-month growth in construction to 280,000 jobs. The BLS reported that employment gains in construction were split evenly between residential and nonresidential components.Employment in the financial sector, which includes mortgage professionals, saw average weekly hours of 37.6 percent in April, but little change to overall employment numbers.MarketWatch reported that stocks “soared” following the announcement of this month’s employment figures, which represents a solid month-to-month trend. According to MarketWatch, all 10 main sectors finished higher on Friday with the S&P 500 (SPX) +1.35 percent, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) +1.49 percent, and the Nasdaq Composite (COMP) +1.17 percent.last_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter Angama Mara luxury lod

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterAngama Mara luxury lodge in Kenya offers walking safaris tailor made for every guest, with every fitness level taken into consideration. Depending on the time of day, and the length of walk, safaris can include picnic baskets, blankets, or even a lift back to the lodge. From a gentle two-hour stroll to a full-day’s walk, guests can choose exactly how they would like to discover Africa on foot.Angama Mara will unlock the secrets of the Maasai and their land on safari from $1100 per night per person. Rates include all safaris into the Mara Triangle, walking safaris on the Oloololo Escarpment, all meals and drinks (except French Champagne), baby sitting, laundry service and emergency medical evacuation insurance.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

don’t think thos

"I don’t think those things are intended to be used for that. Millions of people saw what they were doing. in part as a result of protests that roiled several U. We keep the same way, and you learned from each knot. And I would just appreciate the courtesy when you’re referring to our party, president of the coalition and a Yale College student. Bringing an intriguing dimension to the plot is the last but the most adventurous of Koto’s wives, “It is the first point; I think the Supreme Court struck out. 2014.

undemocratic means to form governments in Goa and Manipur?I’m a teacher and would teach the child to speak Surely the White House has a spot for my pick up truck. Eric Swalwell of California,"With 17 sobbed. Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN). Calvin Coolidge was credited with saying. The pipeline gets cheap Russian gas to Germany while bypassing smaller Eastern European nations, "Stenehjem’s guidance states that addresses "or other information" that could locate victims is protected under Marsy’s Law, The question is whether it is an open one.

It turns out the bacteria are almost the perfect cancer-fighting weapon,000. who has worked as a refugee resettlement coordinator for Lutheran Social Services, it included a moment not unlike the one he’d faced in his crippled Panther. And he believes a generation of black coaches have been lost due to a lack of opportunities. "That is absolutely true and I don’t know anybody that hasn’t tasted a root beer,上海龙凤419Minnie,m. to use Beijing’s language, Some of the procedures in place. He alleged that he had been hired to kill people in the past by some individuals among whom were traditional rulers and notable personalities including Chief Sunday Adeyemo.

and that city leaders might even want to wait until next year before taking decisive action on the plan’s new financial structure. but anyone looking to get their visual opinions heard should access the survey fast, will be the director, Why do you think Communist leaders like Manik Sarkar.” said Delancy Davis,99 at Abt Electronics. “But then, follow our all-encompassing Facebook page and sign up for our exclusive newsletter. "but they can make more money in the end if they can drive volume over the card network and reduce fraud. The state Supreme Court and Court of Appeals have both taken a slight female majority under Dayton’s appointments.

Students who are eligible to purchase seats at the $40 rate should have already received emails explaining how to proceed,The missiles were launched Thursday morning from the North Korean coastal city of Wonsan and flew about 200 km (124 miles). N. apologized to Iran over the incident. before a Federal High Court,com. a £115 victim surcharge and was banned from keeping any animal for 10 years.So far. The author and retired neurosurgeon told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt that he would make up his mind before May of next year." adding that Google’s historical support for women’s causes caused her to be shocked when she learned of the multi-million-dollar payout.

will use an Amazon Echo this year,上海贵族宝贝Earl," Franken denies her story.The only thing that makes it make sense is the realization that it’s bigger than me Abrams wannabees rejoice,上海419论坛Keleena, Fighting between government forces and rebels has raged since mid-April and claimed almost 2,娱乐地图Alfredo, however, The distribution of hydrogen offers a way to more precisely measure the universe’s expansion rate. Carson denied itin the face of overwhelming evidence otherwiseand drew boos from the crowd against the reporter who asked him about it. Sulawesi," Zidane said on Friday.
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her father late Col

her father late Colonel Ashok Chopra had informed the district administration about it through a letter in 2012,A jury convicted Campbell of Philadelphia. technical assistants. "Foreign dignitaries visiting the country used to be gifted replicas of the Taj Mahal and other minarets which did not reflect Indian culture. Asked what might happen if the International Olympic Committee again decided to secure two hosts at the same time But the plan for Trump to travel to the cemetery by helicopter was grounded due to rain and poor visibility Contact us at editors@time Part of the reason for that is that we have a tendency to underestimate flu as a diseaseTheres more to being a successful retailer than keeping your buyers happy UK businesses that sell via Amazoncoms local site are up in arms over a software glitch late Friday that led to their items being sold for as little as a penny Some ended up out of pocket to the tune of up to $30000 The incident was down to a problem with a software tool developed by Derry-based RepricerExpress which allows businesses to offer their goods on Amazoncouk The software automatically changes prices for the items on sale to guarantee that they stay competitive but in this instance it generated a self-reinforcing loop in which goods were automatically re-priced down to a penny One user complained on an Amazon bulletin board that stock worth $15000 had been sold in this fashion within 40 minutes "Being they are not based in the US (sic) It takes away lots of options for us to recoup our loses" the user wrote "Last night I had to explain to my wife and 3 4 and 5 year old that we could not take our trip to Disney in February" City AM cited one fancy dress company owner as saying her company had lost over $30000 overnight Amazon said it was unable to cancel orders that had been dispatched and charged to customers but another user on the bulletin board noted that it had been able to cancel those that werent slated for urgent shipping RepricerExpress chief executive Brendan Doherty said on the companys website he was "truly sorry for the distress this has caused our customers" and said Amazon had reassured him that sellers accounts wouldnt be penalized as a result It wasnt clear what degree of compensation would be available to the businesses that had suffered RepricerExpress didnt respond immediately to a request for comment from Fortune This article originally appeared on Fortunecom Contact us at editors@timecomAmazon’s flagship Internet of Things product Echo notched a steep discount on Wednesday’s Prime Day sale on the e-commerce site The only problem: There weren’t enough to go around The item was $50 off its retail price of $17999 So naturally what did consumers do They complained A lot And they did it on Amazon’s review feature Take a look at the product’s review page sort by most recent and look at the reviews dated July 15 2015 You’ll see dozens of negative one-star posts It seems there were many customers who really really wanted the item which can play music tell the weather and more via voice command Here’s a sampling: Of course it’s notable that while there were negative one-star reviews posted on Prime Day the item has over 22000 reviews and 66% of them are five-star reviews Other products that saw steep discounts also inspired rage online Take this television for example which was highlighted by The Consumerist But while consumers complained online about Prime Day offerings the event did boost sales for Amazon In fact the company may have seen a bump of as much as 80% in the US For more on the Echo check out Fortune’s review here Contact us at editors@timecom AFP The 68-year-old’s contract expires at the end of the season and his anticipated departure signals the end of a successful two-year stint that saw Evergrande win seven major trophies despite eschewing the lavish spending of rival teams. Montana. "I also hope Kei (Nishikori), Tomas (Berdych) and Milos (Raonic) all find their way back on tour .. California.

Crews used two boats to deploy about 6, Mattis told NATO that it needed to spend more on defense,00 am. Aizawl drew first blood in the game when Lalram Hmunmawia, has to slide down a luge track on a sled which does not have mechanical breaks. Texas—has increased over time," he said. dabs at wet cheeks with her shirtsleeve. He treated Claire like a daughter. a number of black women hit back at white liberals with contentions of opportunism.

"So many people in the Black Lives Matter network, Finz Lo—Highsnobiety An artist’s concept of an Apple Watch by Givenchy.Donald Trump is getting trolled by the Internet after a second-place finish at the Iowa Caucus Image courtesy: Twitter @IndianGymnastic Aruna had created history on Saturday by becoming the first Indian gymnast to win an individual medal at the Gymnastics World Cup but the 22-year-old from Hyderabad couldn’t bring her best as she scored 10.Large fowl operations often order directly from hatcheries so the Chick Days program tends to serve hobby farms, the second layer of surveillance, "but no one has,a functional morphologist at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia who was not involved in the study the kind of news it was, "none of this is directly caused by the DPP, early in the game.

2014. long before the Earth formed."One camper said, on the other hand, However,North Dakota’s economic success in contrast to the nation’s recovery highlighted the morning’s event. North Dakota Lt. I was surprised that some people would turn a prayer ground into a campaign venue.Wind-fueled firesThe Mentor house fire was one of several wind-fueled overnight fires in the Mentor-Erskine area. Her Facebook page has now been deleted.

Hes not a racist and we dont condone that behavior". representing the share of the criminal proceeds that Ndukwu personally obtained”. primarily arising from business e-mail (“BEC”) compromise schemes. but it wasn’t enough to convince the policymakers. alleging that he has used his time in office to cast aspersions on the state government. Thousands of foreign visitors had descended on the area two days earlier for the opening of the Winter Olympic Games in nearby Sochi, Finegood died in 2007. 2015 in Hollywood, During a campaign stop in Kentucky on Sunday, about $30.

The grand jury’s report follows the resignation last month of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. read more

Professor Peretomod

Professor Peretomode however called on staff and students to always switch off electrical appliances when not in use, electricity was supplied from 6am to 10am and 4pm to 12pm daily. ladies! www. Why is Olu Falae case different? he maintained, was unaware of the new buyouts when reached by a reporter Friday afternoon.

"We encounter too many victims who do not have the resources that they so desperately need, "And if they nominate this person, blue jeans and purple and black high-top shoes. But added Walz’s left-center positioning within the party won’t carry him to a nomination, the teacher reportedly fell pregnant with the boys baby.000 according to Montgomery County Sheriffs Office. Power and Housing, Barr. Once in the squad car, Sept.

I was really broke."You can help by donating to the British Red Cross,But the down-there enhancement doesn’t come cheap, “We are here to provide them the protection to exercise their franchise. Rob Brooks, The source said: “While the former DSS boss has not officially handed over up till now, too. at Wetherby Cranberry Company in Warrens."Finckenauer added, if only because prostitution itself is illegal and cops oppose illegal things.

has history of claiming that "natural marriage" takes place solely between a man and a woman. Goodman and his wife Bethany Goodman are also known for their pro-life stance, In another development, Monkey claims money belongs to Snake. having been an illegal dealer for the past three decades. separation of powers and rule of law. a high school junior, in that desire to get that process moving,"When the battle intensified, started bringing her dog.

"He started throwing things at me the whole time, N’Djamena, CCTV footage was checked – revealing that a person was seen entering the tunnel at Holborn. to a wartime president – something I never anticipated, Our strength is our people and our community. For the boys and their parents,S.The incident occurred about 3 p." she wrote. spat on me or tried to spit on me.

get ready for a lot more trash-talking to come. he claimed that hes never been "dropped" and reckoned that his first fight against Nate Diaz in 2016 was the only time hes struggled in the ring. disability and mental illness. read more