Permian Basin Drilling Report: Jan. 25 – Jan. 31

first_img By admin – February 4, 2018 Facebook Local NewsBusiness Permian Basin Drilling Report: Jan. 25 – Jan. 31 Previous articleTHE IDLE AMERICAN: A ‘go-to’ guyNext articleMASTER GARDENERS: Herbs are good for you, lovely admin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Home Local News Business Permian Basin Drilling Report: Jan. 25 – Jan. 31 Pinterest Snap Inc. to Participate in the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference 2021 Twitter Congressman Mike Conaway talks to the Odessa American on Jan. 7, 2018. Pinterestcenter_img Octopus Energy U.S. to Discount Customers’ Bills by as Much as 90% WhatsApp Twitter Permit applications approved by the Texas Railroad Commission for Jan. 25 through Jan. 31 for Districts 7C, 8 and 8A. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of permits approved for that leasehold.Anadarko E&P Onshore, LLC, Yellowjacket UL Unit 19-3, Loving, new drill (2); Mesquite Unit 2-2, Reeves, new drill (3); Frijole 34-187 Unit, Ward, new drill; Queso 34-153 Unit, Ward, new drill.Apache Corporation, Latzel 3946 D, Upton, new drill; Latzel 3946 E, Upton, new drill; Latzel 3946 F, Upton, new drill; Fox State, Reeves, new drill (3); Mohican Unit, Reeves, new drill; Cathey 16, Howard, recompletion; Lumbee, Reeves, new drill; Coons, W.A., Hockley, recompletion (5).Aqua Terra Permian, LLC, Buchanan, Howard, new drill.Atlantic Resources Company, LLC, State Gateway 34-39, Reeves, new drill.Atoka Operating Permian, LLC, Reed Ranch, Sterling, new drill.Basic Energy Services, LP, Beall SWD, Howard, new drill; Crane Brine Station, Crane, new drill.Blackbeard Operating, LLC, David L. Marston, Ward, new drill; Gilded Lady, Winkler, new drill.Bold Operating, LLC, West Hartgrove 1, Reagan, new drill.Boyd & McWilliams Operating, LLC, Ally, Winkler, new drill.Broad Oak Energy II, LLC, Farmar B, Irion, new drill (2).BTA Oil Producers, LLC, Blacktop 21601 SWD, Reeves, new drill.Callon Petroleum Operating Co., Wright Unit 40-33, Howard, new drill (2).Carrizo Permian, LLC, Zeman-State alloc C 4042, Reeves, new drill.Chevron U.S.A., Inc., Brd Astrodome Unit, Midland, new drill (12); Hay Aria 03/46, Culberson, new drill (4).Cimarex Energy Co., Kingman 45 State Unit, Culberson, new drill (2).CM Orla Ranch, LLC, Cowden SWD, Reeves, new drill.Cody Energy, LLC, Rocket, Jeff Davis, new drill.ConocoPhillips Company, Blackjack, Culberson, new drill.CrownQuest Operating, LLC, WR Vitex, Howard, new drill.Diamondback E&P, LLC, Kimberly A, Martin, new drill; Kimberly B, Martin, new drill; Kimberly C, Martin, new drill; Kimberly D, Martin, new drill; Lilly 49 Unit, Howard, new drill; Warfield West E, Midland, new drill; Line Drive G, Midland, new drill; Line Drive F, Midland, new drill; Line Drive H, Midland, new drill; Line Drive I, Midland, new drill; ST E Unit, Midland, new drill (2).Double Eagle Operating, LLC, Abel State 2, Loving, new drill.Elevation Resources LLC, UL G 1-4 Unit, Andrews, new drill.Elk Meadows Resources, LLC, J.D. Biles 2W, Gaines, new drill; East Toro 32 State Unit, Reeves, new drill.Encana Oil & Gas USA, Inc., Windham 11X, Midland, new drill (2); Windham 11G, Midland, new drill (2); Cowden 30X, Midland, new drill.Endeavor Energy Resources, LP, Shirk, J.H. Estate, Upton, recompletion; Herren 5-8, Martin, recompletion (3); Lewellen, Midland, recompletion; Louder 26, Martin, recompletion; Cox 9-12 Unit 2, Martin, new drill (6); Peck A, Upton, recompletion; Rio Grande 25-20SL Unit 1, Midland, new drill; Ricker-Hughes 2-1 E, Reagan, new drill; Ricker-Hughes 2-1 D, Reagan, new drill.Energy Management Company, University 11, Reagan, new drill.EOG Resources, Inc., State Pathfinder 7, Loving, new drill; Goodnight Unit, Loving, new drill; Quanah Parker, Loving, new drill (4).EP Energy E&P Company, LP, University Central, Reagan, new drill (5).EXL Petroleum Operating, Inc., UL Mustang 13, Martin, new drill (5).Fasken Oil and Ranch, Ltd., Fee BQ, Ector, new drill (2); Fee BQ, Andrews, new drill.FDL Operating, LLC, University Owens A 1-6, Reagan, new drill; Missie, Irion, new drill.Felix Energy Holdings II, LLC, Pearl Pass 2116-27 E, Winkler, new drill (3).Felix Water, LLC, Mitchell 40-28, Loving, new drill; University 23-21, Winkler, new drill; University 21-21, Winkler, new drill; University 29-21, Winkler, new drill; Spanish Dagger 30-27, Winkler, new drill.F H Walsh Jr. Operating Co., Inc., Patricia 31, Dawson, new drill.Forge Energy, LLC, UL 21 Yellowtail, Winkler, new drill (2).Fortuna Resources Development, LLC, Bel Air 16, Gaines, new drill; Challenger 6, Gaines, new drill; Valiant 1, Gaines, new drill.Four Corners Petroleum II, LLC, G.W. O’Brien, et al, Ward, new drill (2).Grenadier Energy Partners II, LLC, Oldham Trust, Howard, new drill (2).Halcon Operating Co., Inc., Sealy Ranch, Ward, new drill; Madison-Marie West, Pecos, new drill.Hannathon Petroleum, LLC, Morgan Ranch 27-34 Unit, Howard, new drill.Hillcrest Petroleum, LLC, Vogelsang, S.-2, Runnels, recompletion.Impetro Operating, LLC, Howell, Winkler, new drill.Independence Resources Management, LLC, Midkiff, Midland, new drill (6).Jagged Peak Energy, LLC, UTL 2714A-17, Ward, new drill; Shiner Bock, Reeves, new drill; Eiland 1112-GG, Ward, new drill; Catman 6263B-34, Ward, new drill; Catman 6263C-34, Ward, new drill.Kinder Morgan Production Co., LLC, Yates Field Unit, Pecos, recompletion (6).Laredo Petroleum, Inc., Sugg C, Reagan, new drill (7).Limestone Exploration II, LLC, Rio Grande SWD, Culberson, new drill.Longfellow Energy, LP, Goode, M.H. Estate, Terrell, recompletion.Matador Production Company, Larson 04-TTT-B02, Loving, new drill.McClure Oil Company, Inc., Sheridan 96, Gaines, new drill; Meador 16, Lynn, new drill.MDC Texas Operator, LLC, Secretariat 10, Reeves, new drill.O’Benco, Inc., Fluvanna Mississippian Unit, Borden, new drill.Occidental Permian, Ltd., Bennett Ranch Unit, Yoakum, new drill.Oxy USA, Inc., Guthrie West Waldron Unit, Howard, new drill; Patterson Unit, Howard, new drill.Oxy USA WTP, LP, Agate 182-179-1N, Reeves, new drill.Parallel Petroleum, LLC, Guns Up, Gaines, new drill.Parsley Energy Operations, LLC, Guitar South 1-4, Howard, new drill; Taylor 45-33, Reagan, new drill; Bast 33-40, Reagan, new drill (2); Willow State Unit 24-25, Pecos, new drill (2); Hubbard 26, Glasscock, new drill; Ranger C4-6-15, Reeves, new drill; Morgan A 25-26A-A, Upton, new drill (2); Redbud State Unit, Pecos, new drill (2); Strain Ranch 13B-24B-A, Martin, new drill.Permian Deep Rock Oil Co., LLC, Rebel, Midland, new drill; Bulldog, Midland, new drill.Piedra Operating, LLC, ULS 5-22 H, Andrews, new drill.Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc., Donald L Hutt Fee, Midland, new drill; Donald L Hutt Fee K, Midland, new drill; Dwight-Midkiff 25P, Midland, new drill; Dwight-Midkiff 25Q, Midland, new drill; Dwight-Midkiff 25R, Midland, new drill; Brook M-1D, Upton, new drill; Brook N-20E, Upton, new drill; Brook O-2Y, Upton, new drill; Woody 38G, Martin, new drill; Woody 38H, Martin, new drill; Woody 38I, Martin, new drill; Woody 38J, Martin, new drill; Woody 38K, Martin, new drill; Sally 26GG, Midland, new drill; Sally 26II, Midland, new drill; Sally 26HH, Midland, new drill.PRI Operating, LLC, Iguana Unit 6B, Reeves, new drill.Primexx Operating Corporation, Zacate Unit 151-152W, Reeves, new drill.QEP Energy Company, Woodward A, Martin, new drill (3); Woodward B, Martin, new drill (2); Woodward C, Martin, new drill (3); Woodward D, Martin, new drill (3); Poe, Martin, new drill; Hecker, Martin, new drill; Marie A, Martin, new drill (4); Marie B, Martin, new drill (3).Raptor Petroleum Develop, LLC, Cowden, Ector, new drill.Ring Energy, Inc., Fisher, Andrews, new drill; Fisher B, Andrews, new drill (2); Fisher C, Andrews, new drill; Fides, Andrews, new drill.Rio Oil and Gas Permian II, LLC, Expedition State Unit 71-67, Reeves, new drill.RKI Exploration & Production, LLC, CBR 9-4C, Loving, new drill; CBR 9-4D, Loving, new drill; CBR 9-4E, Loving, new drill; CBR 9-4F, Loving, new drill.Rosehill Operating Company, LLC, Z&T 42, Loving, new drill (3); Weber 26, Loving, new drill (3).RP Operating, LLC, Goldenrod 13, Reagan, new drill.RSP Permian, LLC, Mask HZ Unit, Midland, new drill (2); Schenecker 1813 B, Martin, new drill; Spanish Trail, Midland, new drill (6); Bullet 27-12, Winkler, new drill; Revolver 7507, Loving, new drill.Sable Permian Resources Land, LLC, Woods 212-217 alloc 01, Irion, new drill; Woods 212-217 alloc 02, Irion, recompletion; Woods 212-217 alloc 03, Irion, new drill; Woods 212-217 alloc 04, Irion, new drill; Woods 212-217 alloc 05, Irion, new drill; Woods 212-217 alloc 06, Irion, new drill; Hughes East 7-22 alloc 01, Reagan, new drill; Rocker B 20-21, Reagan, new drill; Hickman 206-223 alloc A4, Reagan, new drill; Hickman 206-223 alloc B3, Reagan, new drill; Hickman 206-223 alloc C4, Reagan, new drill; Hickman 206-223 alloc D2, Reagan, new drill; Hickman 206-223 alloc D3, Reagan, new drill; Hickman 206-223 alloc D4, Reagan, new drill.Seaboard Operating Co., Happy Hippo, Ward, new drill; Crazy Camel, Ward, new drill (2).SEM Operating Company, LLC, University 40, Irion, new drill.Shaida, John H., Womack-Bartley Unit, Lynn, reenter.Shell Western E&P, University 20 PW Unit, Winkler, new drill.Sheridan Production Company, LLC, TXL 05A, Ector, new drill; TXL 05B, Ector, new drill; Parker Minerals 8A, Ector, new drill; Parker Minerals 8B, Ector, new drill.SM Energy Company, Beesly B, Howard, new drill (3); Beesly C, Howard, new drill; Beesly D, Howard, new drill (2); Duke, Howard, new drill (4); Berlinda Ann, Martin, new drill (2); Miracle Max B, Howard, new drill; Merlin A, Howard, new drill (3); Merlin B, Howard, new drill; Oredigger D, Howard, new drill (2); Zissou, Howard, new drill.Steward Energy II, LLC, Pearl 6540A, Yoakum, new drill.Summit Petroleum LLC, Banay, Midland, new drill (2).Surge Operating, LLC, Clark Unit A 24-13, Howard, new drill; Chimera Unit A 07-18, Borden, new drill; Hamlin Unit 19-18, Howard, new drill; Wolfe-Jones Unit A 04-09, Howard, new drill; Wolfe-Brophy Unit 45-04, Howard, new drill; Dragon Unit A 20-29, Borden, new drill; Wright Unit A 44-41, Howard, new drill; Basilisk Unit A 13-12, Borden, new drill.Texland Petroleum, LP, Jasper, Andrews, new drill; Holt Jr., Ector, new drill.The Window Operating Co., Kurtz, Runnels, new drill; Davenport, Runnels, new drill.Three Rivers Operating Co. III, LLC, Orange Crush Unit, Culberson, new drill; Mountain Dew Unit, Culberson, new drill.Throne Petroleum Resources, LLC, Slaughter State, Pecos, new drill; Samson University 8-5, Andrews, new drill.Trilogy Operating, Inc., Green Hornet, Glasscock, new drill.UpCurve Energy, LLC, Lowe 32, Reeves, new drill.Western Chief Operating, LLC, Willingham, Scurry, new drill.Williams Oil Company, Rock House 6, Ward, new drill; Bel Terra B, Ward, new drill.Wishbone Texas Operating Co., LLC, Bucky 711, Yoakum, new drill; Bruce E. Gentry Jr. A, Yoakum, new drill.XTO Energy, Inc., Nobles, Midland, new drill (2); LHS Ranch 27-22 alloc 2201, Midland, new drill; Kriti C3-6-7 WB3, Pecos, new drill; Kriti C3-6-7 WB6, Pecos, new drill; Fullerton Clearfork Unit, Andrews, new drill; St. Kitts 76 2833, Loving, new drill; Mi Noche, Ward, new drill.>> RAILROAD COMMISSION Facebook Rattler Midstream: 4Q Earnings Snapshot Hawaiian Roll Ham SlidersTexas Fried ChickenSlap Your Mama It’s So Delicious Southern Squash CasserolePowered By 10 Sec Chicken Spaghetti NextStay WhatsApplast_img read more

The Chernin Group (“TCG”) Invests ~$40 Million in Growth Capital in Goldin Auctions, the…

first_img Facebook Local NewsBusiness By Digital AIM Web Support – February 16, 2021 WhatsApp Previous articleAmy Summy, Chief Marketing Officer of Labcorp, Named to Forbes’ CMO NextNext articleVigorous preparation returns as Biden calls other leaders Digital AIM Web Support Ken Goldin poses with $8 million worth of rare trading cards all currently up for bids Pinterest Twittercenter_img Facebook Pinterest The Chernin Group (“TCG”) Invests ~$40 Million in Growth Capital in Goldin Auctions, the Leading Collectibles & Trading Cards Marketplace WhatsApp Twitter TAGS  last_img read more

More details of weekend school protest revealed

first_img Facebook Further details of this weekends demonstration against cuts in primary schools in Donegal have been announced.Protesters will meet at the Port Road in Letterkenny at 2pm, and from there they will walk to the Market Square, were a number of people, including representatives of the INTO will address those in attendance.It was announced yesterday by the Education Minister that up to 30 posts could be lost in primary schools in Donegal by the end of this year.Organiser Fr John Joe Duffy expects a large turnout as parents and teachers are very angry with these cuts:[podcast][/podcast] WhatsApp Google+ Twitter Almost 10,000 appointments cancelled in Saolta Hospital Group this week Newsx Adverts WhatsApp By News Highland – March 8, 2012 Facebook Pinterest LUH system challenged by however, work to reduce risk to patients ongoing – Dr Hamilton center_img RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Calls for maternity restrictions to be lifted at LUH Google+ More details of weekend school protest revealed Need for issues with Mica redress scheme to be addressed raised in Seanad also Guidelines for reopening of hospitality sector published Previous articlePolice appeal after Derry assault and robberyNext articleDonegal Deputy says government health plans will make matters worse News Highland Pinterest Business Matters Ep 45 – Boyd Robinson, Annette Houston & Michael Margey Twitterlast_img read more

Man arrested in Derry under Terrorism Act

first_img DL Debate – 24/05/21 WhatsApp Homepage BannerNews Facebook Twitter Man arrested in Derry under Terrorism Act RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR A 41 year old man has been arrested in Derry today under the Terrorism Act.Detectives from the PSNI’s Terrorism Investigation Unit conducted two planned searches in the Creggan area of the city today, in relation to an ongoing investigation into violent Dissident Republican activity.A number of items were also seized and the 41 year old man arrested has been taken to Musgrave Station serious crime suite for questioning.Detective Chief Inspector Paul Rowland said: “Today’s search demonstrates that we will continue to work with our communities to disrupt the activities of this small group of people who are intent on using violence. Our priority will always be to protect communities and keep people safe from harm.Anyone who has any information which could assist with investigations is asked to contact Police on 101. Arranmore progress and potential flagged as population grows Google+ Twitter Pinterestcenter_img Loganair’s new Derry – Liverpool air service takes off from CODA News, Sport and Obituaries on Monday May 24th Previous articleAdditional 2 cases of Coronavirus confirmed in Norther IrelandNext articleFirst Coronavirus death confirmed in Ireland News Highland WhatsApp Pinterest Facebook Important message for people attending LUH’s INR clinic By News Highland – March 11, 2020 Google+ Nine til Noon Show – Listen back to Monday’s Programmelast_img read more

Government to review its supports for workers impacted by Covid-19

first_imgAudioHomepage BannerNews Google+ Loganair’s new Derry – Liverpool air service takes off from CODA Facebook By News Highland – May 3, 2020 Previous articleHSE apologise to family after given wrong body by hospital mortuaryNext articleGrants scheme for small businesses wholly inadequate – Doherty News Highland DL Debate – 24/05/21 WhatsApp Twitter Pinterest Twitter News, Sport and Obituaries on Monday May 24th center_img Facebook RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Arranmore progress and potential flagged as population grows Nine til Noon Show – Listen back to Monday’s Programme Pinterest Important message for people attending LUH’s INR clinic Google+ The government will review its supports for workers impacted by Covid-19 over the next few weeks.The Finance Minister says the programmes will be updated to reflect the changing economic and public health circumstances.Thousands of people and businesses are currently availing of the unemployment payment and wage subsidy schemes.Pascal Donohoe says it’s important the measures are continuously reviewed because of the costs involved for the state:Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Government to review its supports for workers impacted by Covid-19 WhatsApplast_img read more

NFL fines Saints, Patriots for COVID-19 violations, investigating two other teams

first_img Beau Lund November 30, 2020 /Sports News – National NFL fines Saints, Patriots for COVID-19 violations, investigating two other teams Written bycenter_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailBryan Allen/Getty ImagesBy IVAN PEREIRA and KATIE CONWAY, ABC News(NEW YORK) — The NFL cracked down this weekend on two teams who broke the league’s coronavirus-related policies and are looking into two other teams for possible violations, according to reports.The league fined the New Orleans Saints $500,000 after the players and the team posted a video on social media showing unmasked team members celebrating their Nov. 8 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the locker room, a source told ABC News. The NFL also took away a seventh-round draft pick as punishment for the Saints’ violation, the source said.The Saints are appealing the punishment, according to ESPN.A source told ABC News the team’s steep fine and draft pick loss stemmed from the Saints’ repeated violations of COVID-19 protocols and warnings from the league. In September, Saints Coach Sean Payton, who was seen in the video, and the team were fined a combined $350,000 after he was seen not wearing a face mask during a game.Payton told back in September he should have been more careful while on the field and kept his mask on.“It’s something we’re just going to have to remind ourselves to do,” he said.The NFL sent out a memo to all teams on Nov. 3 with updated COVID-19 rules that stressed: “All players and staff must wear masks or double-layered gaiters in the locker room on game day — prior to the game, during halftime, and post-game.”The New England Patriots were also fined $350,000 for violations related to positive tests of Cam Newton and other players in October, ESPN reported.Although Newton didn’t play in the Oct. 4 game against the Kansas City Chiefs two days after he was diagnosed, 20 teammates and staff members who were deemed to be close contacts to Newton flew out to the game, according to ESPN. The day after the game, cornerback Stephon Gilmore, who had been in close contact with Newton, tested positive for COVID-19, ESPN reported.The Patriots did not immediately release a statement about the fine.The league is also investigating the Baltimore Ravens and the Denver Broncos over coronavirus-related violations, sources told ABC News.The two teams were scheduled to play on Thanksgiving Day, but the game was moved to Tuesday after the Ravens reported at least 19 coronavirus cases among its players and staff members, including quarterback Lamar Jackson.The Broncos’ current starting quarterback, Jeff Driskel, also tested positive last week.The Broncos had its three quarterbacks in a room together for a meeting for an extended period of time without masks after Driskel contracted the disease, according to sources. The players, who were considered close contacts to Driskel, allegedly took off their tracking devices that are used by teams to assist with contact tracing, according to the sources.Broncos head coach Vic Fangio was fined earlier in the season for not wearing a face mask, and the team would be considered a repeat offender if the league determines it violated protocols.The Broncos released a statement Saturday that said the team would work with the NFL if they discover any positive tests among their players or staff.Dr. Allen Sills, the NFL’s chief medical officer, told ABC News he expects the situation to get harder as the season progresses due to the growing cases across the country.He added that the league is constantly evolving its coronavirus protocols and pushes teams to follow the science.“What keeps us safe are the same measures that work for everyone outside of football, and that’s wearing masks, physical distancing, good hand hygiene, prompt reporting of symptoms,” Sills told ABC News.Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Documentary reflects on 1916 Irish rebellion

first_imgBriona Nic Dhiarmada said when she first started planning her three-part documentary series about six years ago, she set the goal of commemorating the 1916 Easter Rising in a special way.The series, “1916: The Irish Rebellion,” was written and created by Nic Dhiarmada, a fellow of the Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies and the Thomas J. & Kathleen O’Donnell Chair of Irish Language and Literature, and will premiere on many PBS stations, including WNIT-TV this Thursday at 9 p.m.“I really felt that with the resources available at Notre Dame and the Keough-Naughton Institute, and given the sort of distance both in time and in space, from Ireland and from Irish history, that we would able to do something new and we would be able to look at that event not only simply as Irish history or Irish-British history, but as part of actually world history,” Nic Dhiarmada said. “I think it goes to prove that we’re very lucky to be at the University of Notre Dame.”Christopher Fox, executive producer of the documentary and director of the Keough-Naughton Institute, said the project served as an opportunity to extend Notre Dame’s academic reach and educate people worldwide about this event.“For over 20 years we’ve been bringing Ireland to Notre Dame and Notre Dame to Ireland,” he said. “I thought the one thing we really hadn’t done was kind of public education, and this is public education on a global scale. It allows us to bring Ireland to the world, and also … I don’t think there has ever been a time when something based in our research and teaching mission will be seen by so many people, millions of people worldwide.”The film first premiered in the U.S. at a gala held in DeBartolo Performing Arts Center on March 3. The audience was packed with students, faculty, filmmakers, donors and celebrities, including Oscar-nominated actor Liam Neeson, who narrated the documentary, and Anne Anderson, Ireland’s ambassador to the U.S.Nic Dhiarmada and Fox will complete a screening tour of the feature film format of the documentary that will take to them to 16 countries throughout 2016, Nic Dhiarmada said.“We’re bringing the film around the world to various universities and culture centers and Irish embassies. The Irish government, from a very early stage, took this project on board as one of their official centenary events for their official program,” she said. “Even though it’s specifically Irish, it’s also a global story. Actually, the response has been unbelievable. It’s beyond our wildest expectations, I suppose, that we get to show it in so many places.”Fox also said the response to the film at these screenings has been overwhelmingly positive.“It’s been getting standing ovations every place we’ve shown it,” he said. “The surprising response we’ve gotten is actually from some unionists and some British people who have seen it and said afterwards, ‘This is balanced, this is fair.’”Fox said the creative team was largely able to maintain an impartial view on the subject by showing it through a historical lens rather than a political one.“We decided not to use political pundits or commentators, we wanted historians involved, serious historians,” he said. “Now they don’t all agree, but they can have a discussion here. The story that ended up telling itself was really a story about the breakup of empires. I think that’s one of the reasons the film has the broad appeal it has.”Nic Dhiarmada said she drew inspiration from Ken Burns’s documentary series, “The Civil War,” in order to sensitively handle an issue that remains contentious in Ireland.“The American Civil War is something that’s still very raw, still quite contentious, and what Ken Burns did for that was to give it back to the people,” she said. “He contextualized it, but he gave the personal stories and the impact that history has on ordinary people. … We didn’t exactly copy Ken Burns or what he did, or really imitate him, but we tried to do something similar and create for Irish history what he had done for American history.”People who aren’t Irish or of Irish descent have still been able to relate to the story as a human story, Nic Dhiarmada said.“I think it’s a story of historical significance because it was like a ripple effect. Its effects were felt way beyond Ireland, but I think on a human level it’s a story of great courage, of idealism, and also then of loss, as well,” she said. “I think it’s certainly resonant for people who respect equality, people who struggle and strive for equality, and justice, and freedom and things like that.”Fox said the impact this story had on the largely-Irish creative team was evident in the care they took during the filmmaking process.“It was family history, this is their history. And it just wasn’t a job, it was a labor of love,” he said. “A whole bunch of really creative and smart people got together, and it was wonderful for me to be orchestrating all that, but a lot of really smart and creative people got together and we found ourselves in the middle of something special, and they all felt that this will be a landmark documentary.”Nic Dhiarmada said she remained very conscious of the personal nature of the story she set out to tell throughout the entire process.“You’re dealing with people, with people’s memories, with history and you’re dealing with people’s lives,” she said. “People make history, but history makes and breaks people, so we’re conscious of a great responsibility, I suppose, and really what we tried to do was tell the story as honestly as possible, keeping in mind that one has to be ethical when you’re telling these stories and conscious of the effect it can have on people.”Tags: 1916: The Irish Rebellion, Documentary, Easter Rising, Ireland, Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studieslast_img read more

Mountain Mama: Women’s Southeast Paddling Series

first_img“Shannon Christy was loved by all her knew her,” the leader of the Ladies Southeast Paddling Series down Section 9 of the French Broad River said to us, the twenty women gathered in a circle. She explained that after the day’s paddle, we could buy raffle tickets to benefit a fund the Shannon Christy Memorial Fund (to be turned into a non-profit to empower women in kayaking in 2016). For those of you who didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Shannon, her name is synonymous with an unequaled generosity in spirit and up-for-anything attitude.Thirty minutes earlier I pulled into the take-out in my pick-up with a custom welded kayak rack, the kind of vehicle that makes everyone assume you’re running shuttle. Women introduced themselves as they handed me their boats and I balanced on the bedrail in my flip flops and sundress. I reached over to turn a boat and lost my footing, falling face first into the bed of my truck. I broke my fall, grabbing onto my rack and flipped over it, leaving me in the compromising position of feet up in the air and sundress gathered around my belly button. Talk about an ice breaker, that stunt had us all laughing.Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 2.24.17 PMThen a friend who’d taken a brave leap to another part of the country and pursued her dream job had come back into town for the weekend and paddled with us.  As we paddled through rapids like Pillow and Ledges, she told us about the bumps along the way. The journey had transformed her, animating her with a certain confidence and optimism that was contagious. Another friend learning to kayak attempted some boofs and wore an ear -to-ear smile the whole way, getting another successful day on the river under her belt. The day was spent catching up with old friends and making new ones.Later while reminiscing about the day, I remembered an email I sent to Shannon in June 2012. We had paddled the Pigeon and talked about the importance of exposing all types of women to whitewater. We exchanged a few emails planning an after work series to get women in their boats. Between us, we knew so many beginning women paddlers who wanted to get out on the water more often.I dropped the ball on actually organizing any paddles with Shannon, but I realized that Saturday, the exact paddle we had discussed all those years ago finally happened. The day was so kissed by grace that I’m sure Shannon Christy had a hand in it.Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 2.24.09 PMGirls at Play will host three more of these supportive gathering to foster community amongst women paddlers – the Pigeon River on July 25th, Ocoee on August 1st, and the Lower Gauley on September 18th. While Girls at Play provides trip leaders, these paddles aren’t intended to be instruction based.last_img read more

Central American and U.S. Firefighters Conduct Joint Training in Honduras

first_imgBecker explained that Air Advisor is an intensive program taught by three instructors from the USAF Expeditionary Center who provided 35 hours of instruction to the firefighters. The program was designed to improve previous knowledge, ensuring that CENTAM SMOKE, which is held in a multicultural and multinational environment, is a success. Participants attended classes on Mesoamerican Religions, Foreign Disclosure and Intercultural Communications and Negotiations, and Public Relations. “If they do not have all of the equipment, it is provided to them,” Inspector Becker explained. “It is important that the firefighters have the proper equipment. To perform all training they must have a self-contained breathing apparatus, which is vital to practicing the live fire and rescue drills, focusing on fire expansion and fire extinguishing methods.” When the course was completed, CENTAM SMOKE began with the arrival of the Central American teams at the Soto Cano Air Base, where they were informed of the facilities’ safety regulations and had their personal equipment reviewed. Arduous preparation CENTAM SMOKE began in 2002 at the national level and in 2009, the program was implemented regionally in Central America. It is now held biannually. Since its inception, it has trained 800 Honduran firefighters and approximately 700 firefighters from other Central American countries. Each firefigher makes a difference Each firefighter who participates in CENTAM SMOKE is one “who can work with standardized levels of quality and a high amount of professionalism. They will serve as an example and may encourage, wherever they are, programs similar to the one they have received. Many of the trained firefighters are worthy representatives of the program in their countries of origin,” Inspector Becker explained. Inspector Becker explained that program participants perform these drills to implement the acquired knowledge, improve the use of tools, and ensure the proper handling of firefighting hoses, sprinklers, and nozzles. Every firefighter who participates in CENTAM SMOKE receives a Firefighter Specialization Manual, allowing participants to teach the lessons they learned in their respective countries. CENTAM SMOKE is a biannual program that, in addition to improving civic and humanitarian operations, promotes regional cooperation and improves collective skills among firefighters from Joint Task Force Bravo and the Central American region. The firefighters participating in CENTAM SMOKE 2016 included four from Belize, and five each from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama, for a total of 34 participants. On the first day, the firefighters were divided into groups that included one participant from each country, as the multinational teams strengthened brotherhood among Central American firefighters. “The learning experience was very important,” said Honduran firefighter Jorge Betanco Rodríguez, who benefited greatly from participating in the CENTAM SMOKE training. “I strengthened my physical conditioning and bolstered my knowledge of the use and handling of tools, particularly the ‘jaws of life’ [an extraction tool used in rescues]. The correct use of this tool makes the difference between life or death when used in a rescue after an accident.” By Dialogo May 26, 2016center_img The typical workday lasted from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. “In addition to mutual cooperation and coexistence, the Central American teams achieve certifications and gain knowledge that enables them to deal with real situations and rescue as many people as possible,” Inspector Becker stated. “This training at the regional level in Central America greatly improves the professionalism and techniques that we use,” CENTAM SMOKE’s Coordinator, Fire Inspector Herberth Becker, told Diálogo. “The work of the U.S. and Central American teams is important because it allows a leveling of the shared knowledge regarding first aid, vehicular extraction [one or more techniques used to free a victim trapped in the tangle of metal from a collision or car crash], and aircraft and structural fires.” For the CENTAM SMOKE program, seventeen firefighters from the USAF Squadron 612 at the Soto Cano Air Base conducted preparations that included taking week-long Air Advisor course to welcome firefighters from across Central America, according to Inspector Becker. Lengthy workday For example, a team of firefighters from the Soto Cano base transported an injured person by helicopter to a hospital in the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa. The landing was considered risky because the hospital is in a densely packed urban area. However, the team of firefighters who received them had trained using what they had learned in the CENTAM SMOKE program to do their job without putting anyone at risk, Inspector Becker said. “A trained firefighter who does the job in accordance with the appropriate security measures is more confident and therefore able to successfully reach the victims of fires or other disasters, creating a positive civic impact,” he added. “A firefighter with CENTAM SMOKE training can make the difference.” The competition between the combined Central American team and the Squadron 612 Fire Brigade was inspiring, Betanco added. “It was a good competition. We strove to give the best of ourselves, and it fills us with satisfaction that the effort led to success, because the Central American team beat the U.S. one” A major training program was held at the Enrique Soto Cano Air Base in Honduras, when the Central America Sharing Mutual Operational Knowledge and Experiences Exercise (CENTAM SMOKE) brought together representatives of fire brigades from seven Central American nations from April 16th-23rd for a joint training session with U.S. Air Force (USAF) Squadron 612 out of Soto Cano Air Base. During the week-long CENTAM SMOKE exercise, physical exercises come in the form of obstacle courses and rescue simulations using dummies of different sizes. The academic side includes classes on first aid and responding to medical emergencies. last_img read more

Brazil’s Air Cadets Preparatory School Opens Its Doors to Women

first_imgBy Taciana Moury/Diálogo April 06, 2017 Eloá Rodrigues de Lima, Ana Carolina Félix Barbosa, and Laniz França Machado Sartorelli are making history at the Air Cadets Preparatory School (EPCAR, per its Portuguese acronym) in Barbacena in the interior of Minas Gerais state. The three are among 17 other women in the first female class at the military institute of secondary education. Established 68 years ago, its mission is to prepare students for admission to the first year of Aviator Officer Training at the Air Force Academy (AFA). According to the Department of Aeronautical Education (DEPENS, per its Portuguese acronym), the school opened its doors to women to further develop coed rights and responsibilities. The Brazilian Air Force (FAB, per its Portuguese acronym), has been a pioneer in female inclusion. As far back as 1996, there were already spots available at AFA for the quartermaster officers’ corps. Then in 2002 spots for aeronautical specialists opened up. In 2003 spots were made available for female pilots at AFA. Women have joined FAB since 1992, serving in technical squadrons, and in health care. The opportunity that opened in 2017 did not go unnoticed by women across Brazil. There were 3,480 applications for 20 openings or nearly 174 candidates per vacancy. The women reported to the school at the start of the year for an adaptation period, and they are now integrated into the routine, together with the 153 men in their class. According to DEPENS, these female students have adapted quite well to the academic structure at EPCAR, in terms of both their achievement in the classroom and their physical and military performance, as well as their compatibility working alongside male students. Curriculum EPCAR’s academic curriculum adheres to the high school standards set by the Brazilian Ministry of Education. The content is supplemented by classic military subjects focused on military history and the world of aviation in general, as well as field activities, with survival skills and techniques for ground deployment. Marching in single file, professional military ethics, physical training, and sports are also part of the school’s program. The daily routine for these 20 young women is the same as for the other students. “Activities are done together, without any distinction of gender, race, creed, or origin,” DEPENS emphasized in a press release. Rodrigues, 17, said that there is no discrimination of any kind. “No one gets any special or differential treatment,” she said. It was her passion for military life that led her to enroll in EPCAR. She hopes for a career as a FAB pilot. “It’s a total rush. We’re always motivated and it’s great to see our efforts acknowledged when we do well in our daily parade.”. Also age 17, Barbosa was used to military life. Coming from a military family, she also chose EPCAR in an attempt to get a spot at AFA. “We do our activities together, like physical education.” For this student, living with her squadron is the most difficult part. “This experience has been great, but there are moments of difficulty and uncertainty,” she said. Sartorelli chose EPCAR because she was inspired by her father, who is a member of FAB. She grew up at Santa Maria Air Force Base and has always wanted to be in aviation. The 18-year-old student explained how challenging it is to balance military life with her studies. “These first months have been hard because we lose a lot of sleep, and therefore, are very tired. But gradually, we’re getting used to it.” In spite of the demands, the student says that she is very happy at the school, mainly because she is in the first female class. “This incredible experience is teaching us new lessons, with group trips and interactions. We’re testing ourselves to the max, both physically and psychologically. But this will make us stronger and more prepared to become FAB officers.” Another pioneer is Captain Carla Alexandre Borges, who enrolled in the first class of female pilots at AFA, and celebrated the young women’s admission at EPCAR. “This is one more barrier that has been broken down, one more door that has been opened,” she stated. Capt. Borges was the first woman to pilot a fighter jet in Brazil, and feels that a career in the military is exciting but requires a lot of dedication. “I hope they go on to brilliant careers and that tomorrow they too are role models for many other women.” Training To be able to admit female students, EPCAR went through a redesign of its facilities and its academics. According to information from DEPENS, the physical facilities, such as restrooms, were adapted for women. The Student Guide was also updated to cover items such as romantic relationships and the regulations for women’s civilian clothing when traveling between the school and the city of Barbacena. In the area of military practice, DEPENS says that the only modification that needed to be done was the introduction of female charts for the Physical Fitness Test in the Evaluation Plan, which is conducted each semester for the purpose of adapting the scores to the physiological differences of each gender. There was also concern about training the students’ military instructors so that they could welcome the female corps. The instructors went through a training course for teachers of military doctrine where topics such as military ethics and the pedagogy of military character were addressed. The experience of having welcomed females into other courses within FAB was also discussed, such as the details of what occurred at AFA in 1996, and in the aviator corps in 2003. EPCAR has 55 civilian professors heading up classrooms in the Training Division, and 61 military instructors. In total, 489 students, divided into three squadrons study at the school in a three-year training program. At the end of that period, they can apply for a spot at AFA. Their admission to the academy, however, depends on passing medical exams, the Military Pilot Aptitude Test, and their physical performance, among other selection criteria.last_img read more