Talk about how to make acquisition change pseudo original

in the near future, to see someone selling at 3500 yuan price acquisition, change the original method, personally feel incredible. This so-called cheat engine method is worth 3500 yuan? Then you today but to pick up cheap, I will reveal several "collecting original method" to everyone, and perhaps outdated methods the man and I don’t like, but I can say that I used this collection method to the 80% engine will included, and will not appear after one or two months by the engine to delete.

general acquisition software with replacement function, the first method is to replace, many people will replace, for example, the other side of the site name instead of their website name. But have you ever thought of replacing the benchmark symbol? For example, your website is called * * *, then we can replace the "full stop" with "" so that without reading, your message will be added and two birds will be killed. ". Here you can also replace the content with the keyword you want to make.

of course, a lot of people would ask the tag "< —->" isn’t the content inside the annotation? Yes, the content viewer doesn’t see it, but the spider "see" gets it. Do not believe you can find a key value of procuratorial tool, make a website without content, which is full of notes < —->! Mark, then the key value wrote notes inside, you can see the key word here.

also can be < /p> replace mark, should end as general paragraphs are < /p> < /div> < br> so, you can use these markers replaced "xxxxxxx< /p>" situation, this is the XXXXXX code, and also can be written this way, also applies to the play on the acquisition marks, like standing in the same. You can also replace the word "yes", which is the most popular word in the article. This does not say, and their own extension of thinking.

Another method is

paragraphs conversion, as mentioned above, the paragraph is the general < p> and < /p> tag, so you can write a piece of code, the first < p> and < /p> tag inside the content with second or third were replaced with I will not write code here. This method can continue to extend, I do not write too clearly, writing too bright will imprison your imagination. Also, add the title of your website to the title of the collected article, which is equivalent to changing the title of the article. This is also very simple, directly in your template inside the title of the title, plus your site name calling labels can.

finally advise you, collecting, moderate overuse injury (unearned blindly will surely make you mental decline) ^_^ support original use less – > the collection!

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