The article is not just to search engine talk about webmaster contribution should pay attention to

yesterday, I wrote an article, revision and re creation, parallel talk about pseudo original writing methods, on the pseudo original writing methods, talk about a few of their own views. Whether it is original, pseudo original, or reproduced plagiarism, are to enrich the content of the site, to attract search engine spiders, improve site rankings and weight, better attract and retain users. Perhaps some webmaster will think that the article is just to search engine to see, as long as the way to make the search engine that is original and included. In fact, otherwise, just like the site can not just focus on SEO and ignore the user experience, the article can not only focus on search engines included, and ignore the user and contributor website.

‘s article on its Web site is designed to attract spiders and users. The article should not only cater to the appetite of the search engine, but also pay attention to the attraction of the user. There is no correlation and no attraction to the website users, then the original articles with high quality can not improve the loyalty of the users. Therefore, the webmaster in updating the website of the article, not only for the search engine, more attention to the user, write the user want to see the need, can guide users to visit the original article is kingly way. Besides this, it is more important that the webmaster writes articles not just on his website. In order to promote, in order to more of the chain, in order to better and other webmaster exchange experience, the webmaster will contribute articles to the webmaster portal and BBS, and some other Internet related web site. How can I make my article smoothly through the website audit, this should from the article itself and website two aspects analysis. Stationmaster net triumphantly as an editor, often will review some Adsense contribution, for Adsense contribute need to pay attention to the problem also summed up a lot of today, in the case of A5, and share some of the webmaster should pay attention to the contribution of the problem.

starts with the originality of the article. Search engines will judge originality and plagiarism. Of course, the webmaster portal will judge. For the original content of the favorite, A5 and search engines than there is really less than. Because some of the classic articles will be reprinted, may even be the link with their own stately called original, and many articles in A5 before it was already cast off version. So the editor when the audit will search, because the pseudo original and Baidu included slow reason, will be in the middle. A Google search, so it is easy to tell what is plagiarism that is original, believe that other webmaster portal will also use a similar method to judge whether the original content. So, each big webmaster portal is very encouraging webmasters to cast some original nature of the article. If you want pseudo original words, most like yesterday’s article written, to add their own things, re creation.

to talk about the content of the article, it is better to have close relationship with the webmaster. The rate of submission for this kind of article is the highest. If it’s only something that has little or nothing to do with the webmaster, wait for it to be sure not to go through the review or to show the front page. The content of the article should also be substantial, if only casually

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