Summary of actual combat do not blindly follow the flow of traffic website


resigned, he began operating his own station for less than a month.

The on-line

website four days later, just on the line flow increases to 80IP, that day, I excited about traffic statistics carefully at CNZZ, one of the 85 IP 80 by keywords visit, and they are all on the front page of several main keywords, accurate flow is visible fine. But then I suddenly found that CNZZ traffic statistics are quite inaccurate! You have to use a few statistics!


always see a lot of people there to say how to flow, how to do, engage in JB?. You want to flow more than the fine, not just mentally satisfied? I do is for the fat girl website, just began to analyze the data when the fat girl daily search volume is more than 300, the final results show that Baidu search only 10 to 20 a fat girl, that don’t rely on webmaster tools.

everyone says website how to flow, as long as the traffic should, unless you are garbage, garbage station also have skill, why not only rely on search engines is so, because search keywords to accurate, but if you do dumpster station capacity dispatch class, or you the IT industry is dead, no one point of advertising, these people quasi. Well you line also report letter for you GG! So much more than the flow not good! Recently your site template sharing, a day from the website to the template traffic has more than 100, but I PV it off, the average traffic decreased from 14%-18% to 3%-5%, what ah? Don’t expect those who give me some advertising.

of course, objective, dialectical materialism, that flow is a good thing, I’m not saying much traffic is bad, do not misunderstand, make flow to their customers do not follow suit, said, how do good flow do so, it is wrong.

I don’t like talking very much. This article just reminds a few webmaster friends.

hope that we can share 48062530


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