Liu Yaoqing read Yang Wenjian how to build a strong self confidence of new owners

recently found that my QQ space daily visits from 20 to more than 40, although not much, but I feel very happy, after all, doubled. All this I want to thank a person, and today he told me in the crowd: "Yang Wenjian, I found that I have become your fans now."". If that day you found out that the person you admire told you personally that he was your fan, was he just as flattered as I was? The man I adored, my ", and the fan " understood.

I wonder if I’m too sensitive, or am I too smart?. Now, when someone says something nice to me, I always feel like someone is encouraging me. Understand, tell me, "you can make it. I believe it."." But I do not have such a trace of success, I think it is not when they do not believe their own, others say what very objective words, will feel that others are just encouraging, saying some white lies,


new people into an industry, I think the most lack is self-confidence. I always think I am a new person and can do nothing, so I give up a lot of opportunities. As I began to learn SEO, Download Wang Tong SEO e-books, carefully read through, thinks SEO is a very advanced things, even if Wang Tong in the book that many things are actually very simple, you just don’t know it, SEO is the same. But I just think SEO is difficult, like I have no basic people, I’m sure I can’t learn it.

a year later, when I stumbled on my website traffic, from hundreds of IP to tens of thousands of IP, I found SEO was so powerful. Decided to give up IDC learning SEO, in learning SEO found SEO than I first contact SEO idea is simple. Looking back on my first contact with SEO, I thought it was funny. If I wanted to think I could learn SEO, take a serious look at Wang Tong’s SEO e-book, and then do a station to practice, and more people to communicate, then I can now improve the level of SEO a year’s skill. Unfortunately, because I was not confident enough, I denied myself.

recently contacted a lot of new Internet users, and I found that what they lacked most was not learning resources, not the basis of study, but the self-confidence of study. Always feel that I can not learn, I am partial to pointing out, want me to teach. In fact, I think I will not teach them, and give them only a self-confidence, so that they feel that there is a senior in teaching, he certainly can do, and no one taught, then he certainly will not learn.

actually, confidence is not for others. Every time I face a problem that seemed impossible to solve at the time, I would be very sad. When I’m sad, I think what I’ve solved before is what I didn’t seem to solve at the time, but in the end I solved it perfectly. If I would, then I think the college entrance examination is very difficult. As a result, I was admitted to the University. Even if it was an ordinary university, I was admitted to it. As I would like to once I >

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