Airbnb hand in hand with poor travel network good landing mode can Chinese market


[Liu Yang] / titanium Media Editor in May 29th, the local community website poor travel network focused on outbound and American short rental housing exclusive platform Airbnb announced a strategic partnership. This is almost Airbnb "this legendary" start-up company for the first time officially in the domestic appearance, the 6 years of the founding of the United States pioneering companies, trying to cut into the Chinese market strategy to officially begin landing.

rushed to the poor travel network office announced the day before the good news, Airbnb chief operating officer Ms. Varsha just flew from San Francisco to Beijing. Interestingly, she did not live in the hotel in Beijing, but through their own company’s Airbnb mobile applications, rented a Hutong in the local characteristics of the residential.

yes, although Airbnb has not tried to expand the Chinese market yet, there are already a large number of Chinese registered landlords and tenants in the APP registered users.

what kind of company are these two,


Airbnb was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in San Francisco, USA. Public data show that Airbnb users are currently in more than 34000 cities in 192 countries. Airbnb’s model is simple, that is, individuals release listings, and the owner and the buyer do their own trading. Therefore, Airbnb is also known as the "Travel Edition" ebay".

according to titanium media understand, Airbnb’s revenue last year reached $250 million, in April this year, financing $450 million, the valuation has reached $10 billion.

Another protagonist

the cooperation of the poor travel network (, is a domestic focus on providing outbound information, community service and vertical portal. Travel history to be longer than Airbnb. If from the tour founder founded during the study tour forum date, QiongYou history can be traced back to 2004. According to the travel community market leader Yao Yuan introduced, serving poor communities have students from development to "all interested in travel outbound travelers, the coverage is from the initial development to the European world.

why is travel?

, according to Ms. Varsha, "Airbnb has been choosing the right partner for the first collaboration in the local market."". Just a few months ago, Airbnb co-founder, CTO Nathan Blecharczyk at the Chinese users meeting, expressed Airbnb optimistic about the Chinese market. So, why

hand travel?

1) user coincidence is higher,

Ms. Varsha

visited QiongYou office in a few months ago, and the two companies’ similar cultural temperament impressed she contributed to the cooperation intention.

and technology combination >

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