ncrease user stickiness tool develop website plug in

how to evaluate a good site, many people will say, it depends on the flow of this site and ALAX ranking. There is no doubt that the more traffic on the site, the higher the ranking. Well, this site is a good site. These really important, and now more and more small websites, in order to bring traffic, there is no lack of risk taking, brush flow and ranking cheating. These are already common in today’s internet. The reason for this is nothing but the following:

1, eager to make money, want to audit as soon as possible through the advertising alliance.

2, fear of hardship, publicity website is a long-term accumulation of work. Many people think of their new site, but also so long, so slow promotion, why not spend a few money,


3, give up halfway, lack of willpower. There are many webmaster, just started the station, holding a beautiful dream, the results are halfway through, and can not go on. Because every day to see their efforts so hard to pay, the lack of Web site brings a bit of popularity, too hit. Simply brush the flow, why make yourself so tired,


4, forced to helpless. This has also experienced, worthy of sympathy. New sites have just started, certainly must do some quality links, originally with the attitude of pleading for change links, the results are poured a cold water. Either Baidu or PR is not included, not… Not to do not do… In Baidu search results, the other site is just starting soon, we are all the same fate, why are so anxious?. Can’t stand the gas -" I’ll show you how I’ve passed you overnight. "

above four points are their own personal views, of course, there are many reasons. This is the Internet now too many websites, too many alliances, dragons and fishes jumbled together. And really good, really for the sake of users in the end how much,


if you are not to consider from the user’s point of view, sooner or later there will be many problems, to know the ship can carry a boat, can capsize. Here, or suggest that we more from the user point of view, to consider how to increase user stickiness.

website development to a certain extent, users also accumulated some, this time, we must consider how these users better stay, better services for them? Here I’ll give you a suggestion, with website development auxiliary plug-in. Of course, the plug-in here isn’t the same kind of malicious plugin that automatically tampered with web sites and home pages. A good website should consider not only the content, function and practicability of the website, but also the novelty of idea. Well, the site plug-in plug-in is a good example.

what is an auxiliary plug-in, just like a bank’s ATM?. You can go to the counter to do the business, of course, if you just access money, the ATM fully meet your needs, you do not have to queue equal sign. Greatly facilitate the user. So net >

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