Combination of Web site changes talk about the benefits of writing soft text

originally this article should write, but recently busy website, very busy; now the website is completed, the job is not so tight, I say good soft! If we ask, website promotion and increase the use of what the best site outside the chain, many webmaster will say "soft", combined with my own practice to discuss.

I was 08 years from the beginning of October to do before the station, had joined a marriage agency website and his local station, then a variety of reasons not to do, decided to engage in a number of related, in reference to the website, register a good domain name (, looking for a website the source code in the space, began my station road. Then what all don’t understand, complete with novice rookie, that he built a station on how great, the operation of a word "difficult" from the station to the collection in more than 20 days, it may be a joke, no way, stupid, what are not, take a lot of in the detour, to participate in the A5 novice training class, I wrote a short essay, then do not know is soft, to A5, continue to adhere to the site updated after a week, hundreds of websites included, just

Google update, site PR1, site after the program is very unstable, often wrong, no way, I had to change the program, up to now was oneself is really a rookie, won’t make a stand, and find a website code, this website is a pretty good-looking but the old horse that mad! For web applications, I still insist that every update site can not included, and home often to more than 10 days update, then a webmaster asked me to write a soft try, I wonder in a few hours after finally out of two poor articles published in stationmaster net three days later, included in the site began to increase, the home is not how to update, no way, still insist on! Before long, surprises, in a recent Google update, my website from PR1 It’s up to PR3.

me to the benefits of soft, just sword dance before Guan Gong, in front of your old station is must. I put on the scalp, I feel and learn the fur written out, and share: so, soft Wen exactly is how a good law? Fortunately, where,


1 increases your outer chain by a big margin.

a good article, just like a good song, see who will produce a strong resonance, often begin to copy down to share with others, sharing in the process of continuous, your website, your URL has been extended constantly copied, a link with you the article was placed in a high weight high PR high traffic on the site, don’t you think the flow, PR, weight is so simple? When your weight is high, PR rose, traffic burst, you would say, soft, I love you! Remember: a good soft top. On your worn-out lips and >

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