How to protect the copyright of website articles

I always have a habit of writing their articles after the Baidu or Google search to see if there is included, recently often found that there is an article with me, like a bad signature is not the same. His signature became his. How should we protect the copyright of the grassroots webmaster? Who will protect


actually has been anti piracy, music, CDs, books, brands, and so on. They are all anti piracy. It seems that I have to join the party. Contribute to the Chinese original author. As we write blogs, being transferred is a good thing and can increase our exposure. Sadly, being turned away by others does not leave the source of the article, but even more uncomfortable is being turned away, and also become his original article. I can only call this kind of plagiarism.

how to protect our original articles, it becomes a problem. My approach is: more increase in some of the chain, even if transferred, there will be our link, equal to become soft text. Some life articles, he will not turn, and some technical articles, I usually write in the day after submission to A5 or CHINAZ these webmaster station. Because the weight of these stations is relatively high. Not only can we keep our links, but also get better promotion results.

, what do you have to say?. In order to facilitate more people to learn from and learn.

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