How do have a niche on the QQ web site

didn’t want to write this article, but many webmaster friends always encouraged me, asked me to write to share some of my experiences with everyone, then feel shengqingnanque, so I write, literary talent is not good, you forgive me.

I’m here, a stationmaster in the countryside. 06 years, when the game started, and then the game industry is not booming, so I want to do a station, when there is a friend in the Admin5 ready to sell a Q station. At that time I was attracted to the station’s domain name, and saw the statistics he gave me, it was 1200ip, and later this fellow is also more reasonable, and finally to 500 yuan transactions. Thank you for the part of the.

actually, some people say that when you have a station, you have a kind of care, and you don’t want to throw it away. If I stand long, I think you’ll feel the same way as me. Well, don’t talk nonsense. Now let me tell you how I came to the fore in the era of QQ sites everywhere.

specifically how to develop a station, I think this is similar to other webmasters, but nothing more than every day to update the article, every day plus some high quality of the chain. My website got up last month. So I’m going to talk about my experience.

October qqkjc PR4 even a lot of updates frequently, but the word QQ space player always on page second, we all know a keyword if your website ranking is not in the top 3, flow rarely,


step; focus on the choice of smaller words, such as you want to do " QQ space code " you should put the center to " QQ space; free code " the word "


                1, < title> title> < method; QQ space, QQ space player, QQ player code space, QQ space free player, message code, free skin < /title> focused player " "

Some people think that

2, " keywords" " description" is not very important, said to give up their search, pure nonsense, personal experience of " keywords" 4-10 words, to highlight the center, remember to do a theme, < meta; name=" keywords" content=" QQ space player, QQ space, QQ space message code, QQ code " />

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