A ten year old head of the tragic history

is now zero twenty-six, open Admin5, enter the forum simple look, this time wrote several article, I don’t want to write today, but I still want to promote my website in this article, because as a webmaster, you have every minute to do a user the website, after worked out how to use limited resources to let people know that it needs it.

Through more than a simple

as head of the definition, you can see me is an old webmaster? I don’t want to tell you, I will always be a novice, no heaven, the mountains there, someone outside the person, I always feel that I was in, so I always want to find the broader sky. Why today when the dead of night I want to open the A5 page article published articles, beginning this article series? I think more firm in my belief that the firm owners of the future is bright, I also hope to see this article webmaster like me faith, let us have a forward construction China Internet


went out at three o’clock this afternoon, and when he left home, he looked at the statistics, looked at the Google income, and everything was all right. When I came back at six o’clock, I found that all of my websites could not be opened. Today’s Google revenue is zero and the statistics are only zero after 4. Why is ISP provided several providers can access space? A call, some IP was completely blocked in some telecom, that is to return tomorrow to check in and off the net of this large area is not only affecting me such a webmaster, I think thousands on thousands of me. It is not to have a host of two weeks to check, stopped one afternoon, today again stopped. What makes me despair is that all the space in the computer room has been stopped this afternoon. I do, but normal station, all bound my domain name is a record of? No notice, do not know the news, immediately broken all my life? For me this webmaster barehanded I feel helpless, I don’t know when I will bowl with a bowl of porridge will overturned. My future is grey.

I’m not what the famous university student, like the 51 founder same may not be a college student, I was only a college, not a solid foundation, lost in the starting line, 97 years of high school but I chose a computer professional, Qiazhiyisuan over the past twelve years, then maybe just to think of the future some students work for a typist. But I was lucky enough to enter the University from 2000, from the beginning of the day and night in the cafes do personal homepage, then just want to show yourself, we are not paying more tuition even the poor don’t have their own computer, that is only in countless sleep in the campus that the beauty of the dream in bed. I didn’t know I wasn’t a webmaster at that time, but I remember I could visit my page through a web site, and someone visited my page. I don’t know if I can write a program, but I’ll keep writing and testing HTML in an online edit box, when schools are learning the fundamentals of electronics and learning C language

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