Webmaster two or three years of things

1 remember it was 04 years since the beginning of the station. It was a small station, with the wild CMS, 100 / year asp space for people to buy, scrapped for several months in the future, to understand the most basic tools to get started, it is not a clue of what ASP, although it has not. Now, sometimes, in retrospect, people are still wondering why they were so motivated. Why are you so focused? But never answer.

2   05 years, my heart wanted to be a technical forum, I believe that many more people do this, some people just started always do on computer station when I opened the home network, using Discuz4. 0 program. Template is the template of Kaka, logo is the forum moderator do, I just provide a platform for everyone, probably communication software, crack ah, those. Anyway, the development is also good, the most terrible is that, when a man or a student, is a high school student, buy space or money from living in the crowded crowded to the space is monthly, why. Because there is no money, can not afford to buy, and the forum needs to go down, hey.. Now I have to call the IDCC again. CN (New China), maybe they have forgotten who I am, but I guess I can remember them all my life. There are always a few things that cannot be forgotten.

originally. In order to buy space, this 125/ month /1G space. I bought a Xilihuala, very good, fast, what is good, I remember when I bought it in June July, when graduating from high school, a few days later go back, the space was closed, this is not the key, the key I find them, so that they will the space inside the things back to me, it is not to be, there are provisions can not give, so I toss 1 years of data that destroyed in their hands. It’s really hitting me,

306 years, I know the outdated, so I will go to irrigation every day, look at things, download the source code. I did these things. Anyway, I was a very small rookie at that time, even now. But I know a lot of people behind the times. Such as meters, such as Chatong, for example, Zola, Zhang Da Guanren as many MJJ. At that time, I also like to read news on Admin5 and cnBeta, watch other people do stand, all right, occasionally send an article to share with you.

When the

407 years, I registered the domain name to download station, bus station resources, every day in that crazy updates, download the software update package documentation — — — — add upload software. It lasted about 5 months, when the label for the new cloud came home, so I knew what the label was for CMS. Later, the problem encountered, the space is not enough, no one sponsored. I’m still a poor student

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