Stationmaster talk about hao123 website kind of website innovation road

remember, I will do the web site that day, want to start to do web site, in the y365 free space era, that should be in 2003 or so, just apply for free space, began to do site navigation. Because of the success of the hao123, with a very attractive, before hao123 sold to Baidu has many Webmaster Station in Web site, but because not a lot of traffic into the most is no access to a dead stop, and slowly they have lost confidence.

in fact, not to say that simple to beyond, because there is no core innovation occurs in the network site, the unified, unified text links, classification, page layout. From a personal web site to spread, large companies operating site, such as Google’s site navigation in the design, just joined the web search function, and the PR value according to some sort, not have any innovation. I never understood why so many powerful forces to join the site competition and not really into the minds of Internet users? In the concept of First impressions are strongest as then, because First impressions are strongest like hao123 uniform simple text layout has to find other people, if the website and hao123 is just like you of course, the user can choose the genuine hao123 as everyone knows. So, like the back of the market into the hao123 copy of the site, a lifetime can not really be in the hearts of users occupy a place. But no matter what the trend of Internet development is, users have a dependency on Web site navigation. Such sites will survive for long periods of time until there is no web site for users.

talks about the value of hao123’s links. The link security that appears on the hao123 page is secure, and the content rich Internet is filled with repetitive content with too much content. And hao123 are selected out of the quality of the industry’s top ranking of the excellent web site, links to everyone, constantly updated, constantly enriched. This virtuous circle has accumulated countless word of mouth support. Slowly precipitated the brand value and influence of hao123.

The innovation path of

website station. First of all, we must carefully understand what the role of the website is. The function of the website is to collect the excellent websites and classified lists of the Internet, so as to provide users with Internet navigation service. If a web site can do better than the hao123 Internet navigation service, it will definitely go beyond hao123. Because the product and service is the hard truth, and what brand is in order of arrival can train up. Why did not go beyond hao123, because there is no site, station service do better than it, 265, no better than it, but the service level is basically the same, is dotted with text arrangement. In fact, I have found an effective way to go beyond hao123. Let’s take a look at my computer now. It’s a Windows system. The biggest feature of Windows is the diagram

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