The value of local websites 9 questions and 9 answers on local website investment

local web site is a unique field of China’s Internet, is in the ascendant. The value for this field Public opinions are divergent., unable to agree on which is right. According to our understanding of the field for many years, the daily answers list out, I hope all of you help.


1 and local website worth capital concern?

answer: first use some cases so far to explain. Local websites can be divided into local and local vertical portal website, 2011 is in an advantageous position in the Yangtze River Delta region of the 365 estate Home Furnishing network through the gem (IPO for public information disclosure in Chinese fund investment strategy), 2011 mother network access to Tencent 50 million yuan investment strategy (mother network rooted in Guangzhou, through the localization operation strategy layout of national success), 2010 Nanchang Baowang won 10 million yuan investment strategy. In addition, the 2006 Hefei Forum (Hefei hotline) accept the acquisition of 365 real estate Home Furnishing network strategy; it long lane has repeatedly rejected the strategic investment of capital.

, 2011, Chinaz organization Guangzhou Adsense meeting, IDG partner Gao Xiang said: "a few years ago, the local website is not worth attention, in recent years, worthy of attention, but still do not have greater investment value.". The biggest problem is the volume of local websites.

Ning zhe network point of view: local sites are currently in the initial stage of investment value, vertical web site for the larger industry is more worthy of attention. Vertical operations are easy to standardize and therefore more reproducible. The value of the portal site depends on the development of the 19 floor. East China’s Southern China, especially in the Yangtze River Delta region, is more developed and has no industry bonus; the middle, North and South China, the bonus period is over, and the northwest and northeast still have bonus opportunities. At the same time, we must solve the problem of volume of business income before we have the value of big capital investment.

2, what do you think about the risk of local websites?

answer: there is the following risk –

Chinese policy risks: the local portal is generally involved in people’s livelihood, and private websites generally do not get news qualifications.

mode: the field operation risk when the standardization level is still very low, awareness of the profit model is not high, many websites don’t even know how to operate and profit.

future investment risk: portal website by the traditional strong vertical impact of large, profitable field bearing co.. At the same time, the investment cycle is long, and the value cycle is at least three years at the present stage of development. There is a profit model risk after millions of investment.

Is there any profit model for

3 and local


answer: Yes and mature, but the answer is only in the minds of a small number of people. The characteristics of the profit model is to create social influence with local professional services combined with localized real brand, product channel value (can be attributed to the localization of O2O) and the localization of social network value. >

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