The impact of Taobao alliance rules changes on Taobao customers two

in the context of "Taobao Union rules change influence on customers" Taobao (a), mark tower and share the radium muscle dew on Taobao union to change the rules for major influence, webmaster indeed, change alliance rules, certainly not only for the main site effect for other channels to promote the friend, also have today, the main influence, and share the love Taobao single product page:

in the League for change before we can through the Taobao alliance, alliance products – self promotion: single product / store promotion to get goods promotion links, after the user clicks on the link, you can jump directly to the product page, after purchase can get a commission, but is the system after the upgrade, the user clicks on the link to enter the single product only love Taobao single product page, can not jump directly to the store.

of course, this update is simple, There are both advantages and disadvantages., advantages and disadvantages are:


1, buy the same paragraph baby and hot baby is also a commission.

2, the promotion of single products, even if already under the shelf, in love Taobao single product page, there can be related products as compensation.

3, instead of indirect cross store settlement authority, to help the novice to support, in the love Taobao single product page, even if Taobao does not cross shop customer settlement authority, when buying the same paragraph love single product page in Taobao and hot products, but also a commission.

4, after entering the love Taobao single page, if you click on love Taobao’s home page, and then choose from the love of Taobao’s home page purchase, you can get commission.


Cross shop settlement, is really a temptation, the new rules of Taobao alliance that want to get cross shop settlement authority, based on the original "heart" rating, also must have a website, and must use the Amoy gold, the implication is that QQ group, micro-blog, space, blog, forums and other forms of advertising, no cross shop settlement authority, what feel? Oh, unbelievable? Messages from yesterday, as shown below:


himself is not a Taobao Daniel, but belongs to the golden crown, the site is also some, after the new regulations come out, the original rule of "seniority by seniority" privileges have been canceled, not to say that you have more commissions and more permissions. Indeed, some union is not authentic! Close the authority should choose a good time? 12.11 off? The day before twelve! This is not a bit too much


changes biggest benefits, no less than second points: the promotion of a single product, even if it is already under the shelf, in love Taobao single product page, there can be related products as compensation. That is to say, later, you can do a hammer deal, so as to build, and then do not have to manage, suitable for Baidu experience, Soso Ask, micro-blog, SEO and other marketing methods.


1, Taobao has no choice:

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