You don’t have to worry about the complexity and simplicity of your web site t’s about content and

nowadays many grassroots webmaster care very much about the copy and function construction of the website, but ignore the practicability and user experience of the website. Which causes the website to be unprofitable. Today I will tell you a little bit about my personal experience of standing. Hope to share with you.

general webmaster know the meaning of garbage station, that is, there is no content is their own. Also does not need the website the usability, completely relies on the trash information to cheat the user the misleading click. In general, such sites are based on Google advertising. Then, the site is now hard to survive. Because with the strengthening of the audit system of the alliance. These sites can not be earned by the major search engines, and thus no traffic source, and therefore lose revenue. So the stationmaster realized this and realized that the garbage station was not working.

then started doing regular sites. The so-called formal site, in fact, as long as the content is their own, personal think is formal site, of course not published, and the law conflict can. However, it is easy to talk and talk regularly. So many webmaster began to study how to do a normal station, so they began to learn from each other, while increasing the level of their programming to your site to begin to study the function of the direction of the. Therefore, the Internet began to appear a lot of very good web source. However, the lack of profit is scarce. Why is that?

personally believes that the main problem is that webmasters are constantly improving the functionality of the site, while ignoring the usefulness of the user. Like the current hao123, it’s a very simple site, but it’s a successful site. That’s a good proof. In fact, the website does not need to be too complex. Webmasters are more should consider the user’s habits, and then began the overall planning and construction of the site.

in the profitability of the site, the webmaster must first determine how the site should be able to have more revenue, rather than allow users to feel the functionality and complexity of the site. I think everyone should have accidentally logged on foreign sites, we must find that foreign sites are very ugly, if there is such a station in the country, will be cursed. But you found no, although the site is simple, and to the site’s income is very impressive.

give you an example, to the domestic "earn Wangzhuan" is a very simple lattice station. Many people think this garbage source is out of date. Is it really out of date then? Why are people making a profit? The site is simple, but it’s targeted. The user who comes to this station is definitely looking for what he needs. And the website can help them accomplish this task. So the flow is coming. The flow is coming, then the ad can be sold. Then there are benefits and benefits.

concludes: "you don’t have to worry about the complexity and power of the site, but you should pay attention to its utility for users."

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