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advertising position completely determines the click rate of advertising, the article website, for example, the article put 336*280 is recognized, the highest rate of hits. Some people are always complaining about the low earnings of an ad, perhaps because the advertisement is not in a good position.

according to my experience and practice, the best advertising position for a content page of a web site follows the following principles:

1. close to the text, not only to attract visitors to the eye, but also to facilitate user clicks.

2. article content page is the best way to mix graphics and text. It’s best to put 336*280PX size ads on the top left of the content.

is then between the title of the article and the first paragraph, or between the abstract and the first paragraph of the article.

followed by the end of the article.

3., the top right ad position of the page, is the worst hit

4. is worth mentioning that, in this respect, Baidu theme and Google Adsense is not the same,

if you put 3 Google Adsense units on a page, then the unit price of the ads in these three units is decreasing in the order in which the three units appear,

, that is to say, if we put 468*60 or 728*90 ads in the top right corner of the page, and then put 336*280 ads beside the main text of the article, the price of the former is higher than that of the latter,

but I have just said, the click is much lower than the latter, and to what degree? My test is 30 thousand PV, the near 336 ad Click 600 times, and the top of the page advertising click 20 times / day.

I just tested it some time ago, compare

A, next to the text of the 336*280

The 728*90 advertisement between

B, the article title and the first line of the text.

found that B’s click is A’s 80%

, that is to say, B is the second best advertising position on a web page.

many download stations put 468*60 ads near the download link, that is, follow the rules of placing ads in the article (sub) title and the first line of the text.

in general, the location of the ad is:

1. can be quickly and accurately displayed to visitors, while also convenient for visitors to click.

2. advertising content rich enough to meet the needs of different courses,

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