Please do not seize the user played the former song with timeliness of topics

when it comes to the search engine web value judgment standard, Baidu R & D department Bowen "on the Internet page value" fourth point is "the timeliness of the page features strength."". In May 2012, Baidu officially introduced the "timeliness" resources included problems, to remind the webmaster, SEOER attention to the timeliness of information, which shows the importance of "timeliness" of website content — especially for not using conventional means to broaden the content of the enterprise website to say more, we must pay attention to.


"time sensitive topic" is an essential component of all web content components

is Baidu stressed that the page aging features of strength ", first of all, with the development of science and technology change rapidly, people’s demand for change, your site must follow such changes, keep pace with the times, can truly meet the needs of users, in order to truly achieve" the page (Information) the degree of scarcity (alternative) ".

secondly, life is always in the present tense, and people are not only more concerned about it, but also more sympathetic to what is happening around us. Therefore, the website must meet the psychological characteristics of "love", a new topic, constantly find web users interested in fashion elements, in order to get the user’s identity.

this, the Qing Dynasty poet Zhao Yi "on poetry" said clearly: "Li Bai the million word of mouth, so far not fresh", "immortal" Li Bai, poet Du Fu’s poetry attainments recognized, even Li Bai’s poems we all feel tired, not fresh, need "please do not played the former song, listen to, not to mention the renovation of willow leaves" in the "information explosion" of the Internet era, the fresh information needs is to reach the point where modern people incapable of further increase.

so, a website only constantly from the point of view of user psychology, constantly provide to other sites, but did not meet the users real-time demand to meet the immediate needs of the potential user information, your website can really from the serious homogenization of similar sites stand out.

The so-called

time resources, Baidu will "timeliness" resource problems included it is defined as: "to meet the users valuable resources on the Internet in the new demand (content)", including "emergency news reports, the latest episode of the TV series, series of novels, the latest chapter in the latest version of the software, etc.".

in a broad sense, the timeliness of resources should also include a variety of different holiday seasons, new information – such as "the 2012 winter place women’s fashion trends forecast, 2012 Mid Autumn Festival moon cake Market Outlook", "spring XX disease patients should pay attention to what" industry of resource information.

such "new timeliness topic" not only for the website effectively break through the original content, writing bottleneck, improve content readability, effectively increase the audience of the website is very interested

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