From BBS to online education leaders Hujiang network 13 years’ journey

twenty-first Century Business Herald correspondent Wang Shanpeng, Shanghai,

August 15th, Shanghai river network 13th anniversary anniversary, online and offline activities overwhelming.


net already was born in 2001 to become the domestic influence of radiation 200 million learners, nearly 80 million registered users, 3 million students of the largest Internet Education enterprise.

from the community to do business, then turn to the Internet to the mobile terminal, Shanghai river network in 13 years the focus of exploration of online education, can be said is a pioneer, is the industry leader. With nearly two years of online education entrepreneurship and investment rising, Shanghai river network has become the domestic online education companies can not miss the sample.

13 years growth road

2001, Arno junior at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (Shanghai network founder Fu Cairui network) founded the Shanghai Jiang Yu Lin forum, and all successful BBS in 2002 of that year, brought together a large number of free foreign language resources Hujiang community quickly became one of the most popular communities across the country to learn a foreign language users.

at that time, the craze for going abroad spawned a boom in language training. After in-depth exchanges with users, Arno in accordance with their different needs of learning foreign languages, targeted at the BBS to increase listening, translation and other practical modules. And the line "Hujiang blog" in 2005, according to the needs of users set up 46 level, Japanese, PubMed, IELTS and other channels, and launched the "Shanghai tribe" version of the Web2.0 community, further enhance the user’s social.

do you need the product as Arno insisted on the idea, after his sustained efforts to study, students graduated in 2006, Shanghai has gathered about 200 thousand users.

clearly, the huge number of users and the stickiness of the site are a sign that it will be a great asset. Arno is also logical to choose a business, Shanghai river network from the original interest "into the commercial operation.

Shanghai river networks are still self definition of network media. Like many online media, they initially chose the path of advertising revenue generation. For a long period of time, from the press, all kinds of training institutions, language schools and other institutions to become the main advertising revenue Hujiang network. "Because it has a large number of users, the best start to feed their approach is to rely on advertising to eat, most of the domestic training institutions are Hujiang advertising partners, so it is more like a network media." The same as the Shanghai river network co-founder Yu Jie told reporters in twenty-first Century economic report.

to break the over reliance on advertising, coupled with the rapid development of the electricity supplier of Taobao, but also because users demand high correlation seen on learning, learning materials and curriculum, Hujiang network began opening Hujiang mall business in 2007, to undertake BBC, VOA official authorized content, as CASIO, HYT electronic dictionary official network of sales channels, and New Oriental online, Chinese.

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