Webmaster confused use PDCAR rule to get a breakthrough

seems to have been considered by many people many years ago that the Internet is a huge gold mine, and many people have tried to enter the field in the hope of "counter attack"". As the saying goes, "a lot of people do God helps those who help themselves, through their own unremitting efforts to completely turn over in access to the Internet, such as the founder of hao123 from a small Internet cafe administrator became millionaires, and like him a lot of people; and many times God seems to be unfair, you know many people join the Internet, but only a few are very successful, most only when a cannon fodder, their every night just to maintain a" food and clothing line".

I often see a lot of

even has just started a few years in the industry, will feel very confused, just know yourself in the Internet, and their purpose is very simple: a sense of achievement or money, of course, I think most of the final purpose is to get money. But do not know what to do, how to do so that many people are learning to do other people, almost what others do, do succeed, they immediately follow the butt of others, the results can be imagined. Even worse, there are some people when the webmaster for several years, whether it is technical or operational experience, no progress, with a small white, like, this is quite tragic thing.


today to write this article because a few days ago to see a micro-blog Li Kaifu teacher, the main content is the PDCAR rule, and the author is currently preparing Senior Project Manager, a knowledge of which is PDCA (Dai Minghuan), so I want to write an article to understand, can be said to be their way. To share with you. PDCAR is actually the Deming cycle improved version, we can understand the "upgrade version". PACAR refers to plan (plan), action (do), check adjustment (check), evaluation or action, and record (record). Although the PDCA rule was originally used in management, but in our operation of a website can be used, because our website is actually a project, only good management of the project site to be successful, we can realize their value.

one, a good plan is the beginning of success. We as the grassroots in the Internet, we all strive for their ideals, we will work harder than ordinary people. But once a thing is in the wrong direction, how hard you try is empty. And although many practitioners have a direction for their own good, but often have no plans to follow the people to do those people have been very successful in doing things, the 99% will not be successful, because you can’t go with that has done very well than you, not 360 kind of big companies have a strong foundation. I think we should first make sure what we can do and what we do is there is no user to come

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