The Aladdin plan will hinder the stationmaster’s money approach

this article might be written a lot, and it might take some time to sort out the two articles. Today, Hefei network promotion, mainly about the discovery problems. By the way, there’s a question for everyone to think about. The question is: "do we need a Aladdin plan?"

what is the Aladdin plan:


Aladdin project is a new generation of search engines. Aladdin is a universal open platform launched by Baidu, a search engine company, which opens the interface to the owner of unique information data, thus solving the invisible web information that the existing search engines cannot crawl and retrieve.

finds the problem,

first look at the effect of Baidu Aladdin: enter "360 security guards" at Baidu, as shown in figure


user’s point of view: if only from the user’s point of view, such results are very comfortable, and do not need to enter the site in a cumbersome way – find the download address.

webmaster angle: probably a lot less IP, and PV. Indirect spike our advertising costs. No IP, Baidu gave the user experience in high ~ we have some relationship with


, IP, and PV do not need to say more about it. As for the design, business in this area may be followed by bad luck. The business process needs to be improved again. The most graphic examples are statistical tools such as 51, CNZZ, because they can’t figure out what the Baidu Aladdin program calls dark web information. For example, when we click on the "official download", we will find that the download link is simply not to be counted. Therefore, Hefei network promotion will say, we can not change Baidu, then adapt to Baidu, modify, update it. Lenovo does not rule out any statistical tools in the station. What do you think,


summary: probably not as everyone imagined, the implementation of any product is not perfect. The Aladdin plan is whether Baidu charges, or free will to our webmaster friends some unavoidable obstacles, this may lead to controversy! Welcome here.

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