Zhong Zhixin about the small experience of forum operation

now building websites is getting easier and easier, and programs are becoming more and more stupid, not as long as making a website a long time ago, knowing code, HTML, ASP, PHP, and so on. Now, as long as the online search, free website program, free templates are a lot, set are all Chinese, basically as long as you see on the function of the Chinese, you know this is what, is really very convenient. And now is the era of Web2.0, Web2.0 is relatively Web1.0 (before 2003 Internet model) of a new kind of Internet applications collectively, is a revolution from the core content to external applications. By simply browsing the HTML web model through the web browser, the development of Web2.0 Internet model with richer content, stronger connection and stronger tool has become a new trend of the Internet Web1.0. Simply speaking, is the interaction with the user era, interactive is relatively strong community, forums, and so on, so I chose to make an unknown x forum to play.

forum do not want to make money, it is best according to their own interests to do the theme of the forum, I myself on the supernatural things in this regard is more interested in, so I chose this topic, the forum search engine for me is basically recognized, though not seconds, but the post is basically a day can included. Of course, the forum does not mean that there is content on the line, but also know how to attract users to register, registration is not enough, but also active in the forum to share posts, these two points can be said to be very difficult to achieve.

wants the user to stay, must start from oneself, completes the user experience:

First of all,

is certainly a user interested content, there are a lot of friends say the best original content, this is true, but the theme of "I choose the" special, you call me the original, I cannot write out, I can say that the contents of the forum are all copy and paste in the network the treatment did not do the pseudo original. As long as the quality of the content, so that users may have to see more of the content of the forum, or else read a page left, it does not make sense.

two, with the user’s favorite content, and there is to see the operation of the forum itself, at the beginning certainly no members. That depends on the friends around, or their own registration vest, to play members to share posts, so that people feel that this forum is very active, so that users will have to register as a member of the impulse.

three, the forum has a characteristic, is today will show the amount of post yesterday, posting, posting number, membership, etc. these common forum data, so how are we to improve these data, of course, is this plug-in can modify the data, I used a modified just after the page surface data changed, if the point into a section of the above data, it will change back to.

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