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has gone through a month and a half online shopping freezer replacement event:

then there’s nothing, then, give it to a friend. A double 12 Zhang, my last lily is gorgeous


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!In addition to solve the Internet during

electric white one, review your business experience for the great spirit enthusiastically Paizhuan.



for the first time online shopping bulky goods, the result is too big to buy back, it is difficult to find a porter to carry up, the door can not enter the life or death, it is bad to open the door. Finally, no way to find the truck pulled to my colleagues in the Internet cafe in the warehouse. Well, I have to settle! Then let parents slip from home dug three baskets of lily to bring down the call through the freezer, frozen anyway. Afraid of what? Then prepare other things, what online shopping vacuum machine, packaging bags, set up shop, baby photos, design and so on. During that time, almost all of the delivery downstairs was mine. Run downstairs every day to take delivery,

and then tragedy, and a few days later, because the baby picture taken is not good, I’m going to pick some nice lilies to shoot again. Open the freezer dumbfounded, Lily from the heart. Freezer is electrified, but not refrigeration, and then all kinds of contacts freezer seller, dragged a few days, the local master repair is not good. No way to pack, return to the seller, ready to change a good smaller. Such a big thing, only is the handling fees, shipping what are 7.800 hundred, plus three baskets of rotten Lily more than 2000! The days almost depressed. I always Ah Q type to cheer yourself: nothing, everything is difficult at the beginning, bite the teeth on the past! I did not expect this teeth to catch up with double eleven, an ice chest, back and forth to me, a full month of hair arrived only!


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started preparing for Taobao’s business in late October and selling his own Lanzhou lily, saying it was hard to begin with.

IT industry by the impact of smart phones, increasingly slim. The Internet cafe and computer industry I live in is more like yesterday’s day. It has gone from bad to worse, the cost is high, and the profit is getting smaller and smaller.

sold out! !

walked through the hustle and bustle of 2013, double 11 mobile phones, Taobao sales are 5 billion 300 million; WeChat electricity supplier business model more and more fire; fresh and agricultural products have begun "electric shock".

things, the whole year in detention! Where do not >

, I got all kinds of preparation. But I can wait, the home in which Lily can’t wait! Don’t look at a lily to dig out, Dad angry! I’m not a character to write. He is afraid of waiting is not a good price! No time is allowed for explanation. took home more than two acres of land for the acquisition of dealer lily. Just leave me a basket of 50 pounds buried in their own crypt in

2013! My electricity supplier business to sell 30 pounds online, lily, "a successful conclusion!"

!During the

today is February 27th. The grey sky is not clear,

, thank you for all the support your partners have been giving to the alliance!

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