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everyone’s rights should be limited. Although people always enjoy the pleasure of deciding what power brings, it’s a good feeling, but sometimes you can’t hear the real voice.

the world has the ability to be stronger than their own people, they are willing to let capacity and contribution beyond their employees in the proportion of shares beyond themselves, so that talent is the best incentive.


in the long run, three years later, must be 90 successful. Why? Because there are too many links between the second models, there are too many factors to control it. For example, if you use someone else’s service, the brand is yours

it’s all up to the employees,

third, talent selection should be moderately loose, and enterprise management should be simplified and democratized.

second, the proportion of Founder shares should continue to decline;

therefore, the three founders are as directors of the company, each responsible for a business, perform their duties, so that the operation of enterprises on the possibility of more than one monitoring.

below, I’d like to talk about the law of O2O entrepreneurship.


source from the inception of the unknown component suppliers, until now the revenues of 6 billion, to be listed

three founders at the beginning of entrepreneurship, reached three consensus:

what if a company doesn’t do much, and even if it’s 100%, it’s a founder?. Let the ability to have a sense of belonging, they create greater value, the founder even when a "decoration", can lie to make money, why not?

company nearly 2000 employees, never punch, and no KPI assessment, post arbitrary change.

is the founder of the furnishings

three founders, in addition to the recruitment of Sun Yonghui will occasionally appear in school recruit, and the other two founders for more than 10 years has been "isolated", even the Almighty mother will admit defeat.

is inseparable from this unusual management approach behind its rapid growth.

October 26th, the first dark horse reading will be wonderful in the dark horse world roadshow center opening. Original handle network founder Wu Bo on the Internet O2O business theme to share their keenly aware of. Wu Bo is a famous continuous entrepreneur, in the industry for 15 years, has created the focus of the real estate network, handle net, and the United States and Australia and other projects. Currently, Wu Bo is the founder and CEO of us and Australia, and also a practitioner of e-commerce and O2O. What are his exciting ideas about entrepreneurship this time?


impression of the ordinary people, the listed companies are? Founder regressed donghonghong, frequent access to a variety of occasions, to earn fame.

but the founder of the company is low too, even in such an important occasion listed bell collective "disappeared"

first, O2O, this tuyere has just begun. We now see that the O2O service, is a relatively high frequency, every single small amount of service. For example, the aunt to help clean up, 10 yuan 1 hours, if the aunt is not good, next time for another. Taxi drops, the driver can not, I change the other one. God carved the beaver, nails did not draw well, for a redraw. But the real core of O2O is to change traditional ideas more and more deeply with the method, technology and thinking of mobile internet.

even more amazing is that every employee put the company’s interests first, and do their best.

first, the chairman and CEO of the position would rather empty;

O2O core is sharing economy, it is P2P economy. The so-called P2P economy is to remove all the intermediate links, only to provide services and enjoy the service of the people. For example, a senior auto repair specialist and a 90 entrepreneur at the same time, the latter is more likely to succeed. Why? These two people think differently. After 90 to do a car repair shop, is simply repair, or directly to do home service, this form may not seem now, but if the brand is strong to a certain height, it is not the same. How much a customer pays, how much money a technician gets, he can do other things in his spare time and earn a lot of money. But, a veteran car repair specialist, he has a range of things, such as branding and promoting stores. He has a lot of resources, such as 4S shop, car beauty, customers come to his platform, a series of business to do.

, I’ll share with you some ideas about entrepreneurship in O2O today. Now everyone is talking about the Internet bubble, in fact, the bubble is a state of supply and demand. What is called "bubble"? That is, there are not enough excellent start-up companies, but there are too many money on the market. This is the golden age for entrepreneurs. Now the environment is suitable for entrepreneurship, social tolerance for entrepreneurs, support, and all angles are much better than before. Rapid Internet thinking, Internet culture iteration, and quickly improve their team’s level, improve the success rate of entrepreneurship, this is the core of the entrepreneur to consider.

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create a Shiyuan medical center, staff and family free medical examination; self kindergarten, bilingual teaching resources. As a result, queuing difficult and child enrollment difficult, these may be encountered on the outside of the trouble, to help employees solve vision.

2016 1-6 months, the company’s net profit of up to more than 300 million, only half a year to complete the 2015 90% of the net profit performance


this mysterious China company called Shiyuan shares listed in January 19, 2017

below is Wu Bo’s live dictation.

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