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24 coupons fell, founder Du Yinan silent, nearly three months after the emergence of again. For him, the last September with investors accused each other get neither "pretty", the final public the truth of their own excuse still skeptical. Du Yinan’s appearance, less of gunpowder, instead of the narrow-minded attitude. He used 3000 words, summed up to get $about 50000000 financing 24 coupons, why not live in the electricity supplier competition?. The group long term debt model mentioned in this article, financial risk control and employment problems, I believe it can give some reference to entrepreneurs.

recently, a piece on the crazy: winning the lottery 10 million, is actually stored in the bank, but the lottery each spend two dollars to buy lottery tickets, in fact is to lose a password, just enough to stick, always out of the 10 million…… This specious statement, but attracted lottery sales all the way bullish. And similarly, after the virtual reality enterprise had unknown Oculus VR is Facebook to $2 billion acquisition, stimulate entrepreneurs continue to force in the VR industry, if oneself is the lucky guy? At the same time, investors are increasingly focusing on the VR industry.

Abstract: as the next most promising market, the VR industry has the most promising future, and it is an inexhaustible gold mine". But on the other hand, there are still too many uncertainties in the VR industry. For those entrepreneurs who are weak in strength and have low risk resistance, it is likely to become a "big pit" from the gold mine".

Du Yinan, less of gunpowder, instead of the narrow-minded attitude.


maybe a lot of stories in the world, only a few people will know, and sooner or later will be forgotten by most people. Through the clouds, it is only a matter of hope and wonder that the Chinese Internet entrepreneurs, who need our sympathy and support most, may have little or no experience.

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this is not meant to VR industry to become the most fast lane? In determining the potential market next, VR industry has a very bright future, is an inexhaustible, inexhaustible "gold". But on the other hand, there are still too many uncertainties in the VR industry. For those entrepreneurs who are weak in strength and have low risk resistance, it is likely to become a "big pit" from the gold mine". This delicate relationship, in an infinite temptation for entrepreneurs at the same time, also let their students fear.

first, careful choice of direction, careful judgment of climate and weather is the most important decision that an entrepreneur can make. Just like playing poker at the Dezhou table will affect a person’s success, entrepreneurs of the industry and business model product the choice of an enterprise future destiny is essential, this is to "stop" grasp; accurate cognition of the environment of capital market and commercial market, and with the timely adjustment of strategic play. This is the "day" to grasp. For entrepreneurs, >

for entrepreneurs, in fact, the effort is not the most important, find the right direction, looking for the industry is to maximize the success of the dream. Now if the entrepreneur has fall into the intelligent mobile phone, Mobile Games, mobile applications and other industries, "see" the chance in the lottery much higher than. And now, the future is quite good, and in the beginning, the chaotic state of the VR industry is one of the best areas of entrepreneurship.


group buying is like an arena, whether it is to stay or be out of the person, it is the dauntless practitioner that has been on the ring. Out, although scarred, are tough, left behind, facing more unprecedented challenges, waiting for them is the test of life and sublimation. Even if the world does not pay attention to the experience of those who are out, perhaps these experiences can cheer for those who stayed.

, a veteran entrepreneur friend once said to me, every aspect of the difficult process of entrepreneurship will challenge your humanity; perhaps, people need to make a big mistake to practice to the valuable skills, thus making it possible to obtain great achievements. In the past 3 years of the 24 ticket, I admit that I made a lot of mistakes in the choice of direction, strategy, formulation, selection and employment. For those 3 years and I stand together through storm and stress 24 coupons to colleagues and friends, this is not new; they know that I am a strange character, who has a lot of shortcomings, so once and for all to the end of the 24 person ticket in the 3 years of my patience, tolerance and understanding as in the past and trust and support, I am grateful. Without you, there would be no 24 coupons.

gold mine! VR entrepreneurs eyeing

Du Yinan ‘s 24 coupons


now, VR industry business mainly concentrated in the following branches: equipment, Oculus VR, Samsung Gear VR, as the representative of the storm mirror; control, manipulator and tracking device launched VR Nod Lab>

giant has entered but still did not have the absolute right to speak, not to build technical barriers; entrepreneurial direction more, each sub branch force can be in the VR industry; investors money constantly waving the magic wand, looking for the next Oculus, after three rounds of financing is not a product of the virtual reality company Magic Leap by shlf1314 Qualcomm, Ali, favor, get ten dollars financing is the best evidence…… Various trends show that the VR industry is the gold mine of the entrepreneurs.

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