Website is equal to making products and services and customer orientation is the right directionnt

service is a popular saying in China. In foreign countries, there is a term called XAAS everything as a service, which means that everything can be provided as a service. This is the beginning of the concept proposed in the field of software, they proposed SAAS Software as a service software as a service; then it was proposed not only software, hardware can also be a service that is IAAS Infrastructure as a Service hardware as a service; then the server platform can also be a service, PAAS Platform as a Service platform as a service…… From these conclusions, we can find that all industries can provide services, and all solutions have a tendency to be service-oriented.

so, what exactly is the service thinking of the Internet,

then who will go on this route when WEB2 arrives?


client oriented web sites will always be the winners of the internet!

enterprises should meet the needs of customers in the form of integrated resources. That is, real-time, maximum and seamless to meet customer needs. In this process of satisfying demand, we may use the form of outsourcing, the form of intensive resources and the form of integrating resources to meet customer needs.

is the ability to be stronger, or seize the opportunity to do what others can not do.

IT is its service orientation. IT is the earliest of all industries to strip production, manufacturing, and services. For example, IBM and apple, they are the first to use technology to improve their own, and now IBM’s revenue has been 60% from the service. Under the background of informatization, the tendency of service orientation of IT industry has brought about the trend of service orientation of all industries.

you can’t provide. Can you attract resources to supplement your website?

can not help but say, in marketing, HAO123 really realized the essence of marketing: do network ignorant period, a large number of Internet users do not know what the site is good, will go to HAO123 to find. This is the demand, customer demand oriented generation of the Internet’s history. Written into the history of IT.

The service of

if not, then transform it!

, but officially this user – oriented site, remember, is a personal site, sold 50 million 10 million cash + sh419 stock!

so, if you really start a business?

HAO123 is an example. The earliest time, when others are rushing to do the door, he chose to do what others don’t do of course, there are technical problems,

UC as chairman and chief executive officer Yu Yongfu comes to a point, when Netscape’s failure is not the product, but because he will start its positioning as a software product instead of Internet products. Because Internet Co browser must be as a service platform, as in the past year, Chrome development can be seen clearly, that is, the deepening of its service depth. Therefore, in addition to the development of UC platform products, but also in the "United Front" approach to carry out cooperation in the upstream and downstream of the industry chain.

what are the real requirements of this part of the user? Can you supply it now?

will you list your site when you’re in the post?

this is actually a one-time delivery into a continuous product life cycle of the service model. The foundation of this process is the management of information. That is, when needed

The meaning of

service is to connect and supply the services, the value chain and so on in the form of service. In other words, the service means that this thing is not mine, but I can use it. China Telecom is not mine, but I can call and communicate with China Telecom.


well, personally, I think it’s better to make your website a client – oriented web site.

in the current state of society, success, the two as the best survival principle.

so, with blue ocean strategy, do what others don’t do.


competition brings many resource providers who have the ability to supply products or services. It is cruel profit weakness and crisis enterprises survive for a long time.

what part of the visitor does your site lock in and does it have the charm to keep them? Are platforms and web sites suitable for customers?

The biggest feature of

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