Recalling the past eventful years LETV he tells the story of a most worth preserving historyPulse

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2011 October, Lenovo began to circulate inside the beam army will leave Lenovo news, but no specific whereabouts. November news points to LETV, heard the news, I first time sh419 music network, this just know music network is an online video site. In mid November, Liang Jun talked to me and asked if he would like to go with him as a music entrepreneur. I accepted the invitation without hesitation.

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September 19, 2012, LETV founder Jia Yueting in the "subversion day" conference, announced the music as the Internet TV industry. At that time, inside and outside the industry "hiss" a sound, the traditional TV manufacturers sneer again and again, LETV shares also fell. Even as music inside, there are a considerable number of employees are not optimistic about the TV business.

1. early to LETV

"do not look at the post name, with skills on duty."". In accordance with

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I was officially inducted on February 2012. Through combing the organizational structure of music as the TV division, I found at this time LETV TV department can only use "chaos" to describe, the company has three independent hardware team, a team of IPTV, OTT three leader two team, nicknamed "the big three". Although the entire team size is not small, but not according to the job name to cobble together a complete project team. To this end, I have carried out a drastic reorganization of the organization.

first, super TV, the first guarantee of success

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

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however, only 7 months later, in May 7, 2013’s press conference, super television turned out and shocked everyone. After the music as the big screen ecological model has become a monument to the industry, the big TV manufacturers scrambling to imitate.

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July 24th, the first super TV project for Mr. Liu Chaohua to stone private board, share the music as a super TV time "for members, this is a real, very valuable, worth preserving history. Liu Chaohua said, many people say that music is a Ponzi scheme, which is absurd, he hopes to use this personal experience as music and Jia Yueting rectification.

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Hello, I am the first super TV project leader Liu Chaohua, thank Xuehui’s invitation, also very happy to have the opportunity for private members of the board, stone stone business review readers share the music as a super TV time".

what I share today has three main parts: what’s the first guarantee for success as a super TV? What are the factors for success? What are the memorable stories behind super TV?

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with the end of 2016 LETV outbreak of financial crisis, both inside and outside the industry is "when", rub heat, "said LETV is more Ponzi scheme", this is ridiculous. I believe we listened to today’s sharing, the heart will have a clear judgment as to music.


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