Don’t panic website ranking drop value strategy analysis of dry soft optimization

first, improve the quality of soft. This quality should follow three factors below are relevance, readability and value. The correlation is soft with your website theme to support, not to have no relevance. Then that is readable, this mainly refers to the soft, very smooth and smooth, no obvious mistakes, especially for possible ambiguities must be completely eliminated. The third is the value of the soft Wen, also need to have the value of property, a soft paper is just to advertise, the website optimization for help no effect, even counterproductive, and the core value lies in that it can help to your users.

in the recovery strategy rankings in numerous soft is a cost-effective method. Of course, the use of soft optimization value also need to have a premise, it is ruled out main factors causing the decline in ranking websites. These factors are mainly embodied in the following aspects:

, and a penalized site do Links. Or buy virtual space, there is a penalized site, this will cause the website ranking drop.

fourth, the existence of website revision, site server stability is very poor and so on, these are all important factors that seriously affect the site ranking.

second, with a soft spread. In order to enhance the soft in optimization function, a key factor is that can be very good to let the soft spread out. In addition to the spread of soft Wen said in front of the content quality, also need a certain correlation platform for communication, through the correlation platform for publishing the advantage of being able to make.

The first

only the above factors affect website ranking is eliminated and then the soft this important optimization value to rapid recovery of website ranking is feasible, specific practices can proceed from the following aspects.

second, the chain construction site are built on the basis of garbage sites, and the correlation between the site outside the chain is not high, all these will seriously affect the weight of the website, resulting in the decline in ranking.

third, the content of the website has not updated, or lazy to use a lot of reprint articles and collected articles, and just started to update the content period completely two, this work is not hard to reflect the natural decline of the website ranking.

we are doing site optimization, there will be a variety of problems, when the website ranking. When we will have a lot of methods to optimize the site at this time, it will let the webmaster have great power to do optimization. But if the website ranking has done, but also spent some time in Shanghai love home, but I do not know what the reason is that website ranking has declined, this let many webmaster friends very depressed, very likely directly to the webmaster confidence rout, so when the website ranking drop, it is especially important to provide to the webmaster friends of a rapid recovery technique is very effective.

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