1000 increase feelings between love Shanghai updated the chain number one night

is doing this, or at least the chain of a sudden increase in the amount of more than 1000, do not know is a blessing or a curse, can only wait quietly. Know the friends please add my QQ:1021360269 exchange. Thank you for reading.

2. update five articles. With the website related to diet articles within the chain and keywords layout.

2." if not cheating, will not be K". Love Shanghai will review your chain, and then carried out the investigation, to see if there is no black chain, or by other ways of operation cheating.

to my station, just about a month and a half, line on the website, promotion is BBS blog + + soft Wen, a day time is limited, basically did not how to promote your web site. Below is a list of what I did yesterday:

see? 5060 is the number of the chain. See the figure, I was not happy, the chain number suddenly increased so much love, Shanghai will K off my site? My website will once again enter the sandbox. For Taobao guest website, love Shanghai on the audit has been more and more strict, the chain number grow so much, can Shanghai have found love. I was very anxious to ask the group.


1. made a soft " how to shorten the gap between the " web site keywords ranking first; and send in your own site, included after the hair to other sites like the webmaster.

yesterday is Thursday, love Shanghai update time. Webmasters are waiting for the love of Shanghai update. The new hope the website is collected, the old hope their website included more and more chain number, of course, I also expect this update. As I stood in the morning that has changed, the other is very normal, the only change is the number of the chain. Look scared me, chain number overnight increased 1000, before 4000, has now become 5000. For everyone to cut a picture.

1." a 1000 day outside the chain, be careful K". The chain number increase too fast, will let the search engine is suspected of cheating way through operation, there is the possibility of K.

the best way to lose weight (www.qiantu123贵族宝贝) of the QQ:1021360269, the original, reproduced please.

4. in the five blog were published two articles in the website, the chain.

5. QQ group discussion site

3. in the five forums were released two posts, then back to the ten stick.

we all have different views, I here are some important points:

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