Are you still who update the article

you update the article in? If you just for the search engine update articles, it should stop thinking. Recently, right down the website, you can see a lot of website keywords are hundreds of thousands of millions to hundreds of foreign. The site updated as a search engine, can only tell you this website activity, let search engines often come to index your new content. As for the role of the ranking, has been gradually reduced. From the latest web site ranking observation, more of a user’s residence time, return ratio, point quantities, exit rate shall prevail, this is also the click device can to rank the reasons. So, in time, to update the content of these factors as a reference, can let the site’s ranking is more stable. Look at the key words "stationmaster" ranked first in the website, there is no need to update an article.

portal site: this kind of website is the most need to be updated, but the updated content is not only the original article is enough. The portal itself is in the consumer information. If there is no "information" to give users the consumption, this site also reduces the value of. The updated content should be based on the latest information, especially the new hot spot if there is a unique manuscript more. Here talk about the particular local portal site, so many people in the local site, will find it hard to do more than local enterprise website. But if you look carefully, these previously existing sites, and there has been no special optimization, has been stable in the first. And you as a reference to optimize but also how they surpass. One of the focus is the content of the operation, you will find that the local portals have attached great importance to this aspect, will have their own editing, editing and even reporters. Every day there is a hand of local information, it is very accurate for users’ interests, thus affecting the return rate, residence time and so on. The long-term accumulated weight, popularity is not every day you have not updated some original articles will be able to catch up with the.

website, and the website is in fact more relevant.


love Shanghai gradually update algorithm, web content has become the target of the attack. The original article is to become the webmaster for pining away things. Although love Shanghai to combat low quality content for the purpose of K, right down to a lot of websites, but when updating the original article, should think whether there is a need to update.

tools website: this kind of website is to query service type website based tools. In addition to the tools necessary, the other is almost no need. As long as your tool is really in line with the needs of users, from the above said "residence time, return ratio, amount, point out rates for these benchmarks, satisfy these conditions, that your website is the website search engine welcome.


enterprise website: is the enterprise website significance? Users usually find websites for a reason, as long as you what? "

The update frequency of the content of

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