For some Shanghai Longfeng soft Wen promotion experience

2, the title of the soft not too guanggaohua, and don’t appear illegal keywords, if there is not through.

is a soft, the title of the novel, provocative

1, soft Wen title to novel, and the best use of some of the more controversial topics attract popular name.

Er understand the status of Shanghai Longfeng soft in website promotion, soft to the promotion of the website chain and keyword promotion, shaping the brand to create a strong flow more than the value of development. Soft Wen is a high quality of the chain, not only to improve their website ranking, also can attract spider crawling your site. But many people have doubts, what kind of soft can bring good effect? How to write a high quality of soft text? A high quality of soft soft around the readers really want to know, will get traffic. How to write text? In this paper, through the soft Wen title and content to share experience:

4, the best title of the soft can let readers see you soft core idea.

3, soft Wen title should not be too long, generally between 10-14 words is the best.

title directly affect the reader’s reading, questions whether novel, without innovation, does not have the penetration, which can cause the reader’s interest, the heart is very important to reach consensus. But not what title are good, when we write soft article submission will review, so the title is generally not illegal, advertising information, so the title of the soft, not only to focus on the reader’s point of view, but also around how to let the editors through the audit of the name, to give you a brief summary of the text below the title should pay attention to:

, don’t need a superb writing, also do not need what flowery language, as long as the text follows the authenticity, then a successful soft Wen appeared, so here we don’t feel soft, how to write the content here, one would think that the high quality soft paper is need to readers, so no flowery language to write, readers will recognize the readers? Not everyone is a liberal arts graduate, as long as the soft content easy to understand, so readers will recognize. A high quality soft Wen content should be true, soft content generally follows the technology as the main body, because technical articles are not flowery language dry cargo, modified, a high quality soft Wen will appear, so here, don’t worry, and soft content don’t appear illegal information, etc. Finally, advertorial content to leave your site keywords and link address, this is very important, because the keywords and link address is directly affect your website ranking.

two, the soft are

is a high quality of soft Wen title in accordance with the above 4 points can be, so the soft hits you will be very high.

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