Yang Changsheng the chain leads to the volatility of the website ranking change radically





content is king, the chain for the emperor, a website to be successful, in addition to the rich content, the importance of the chain is self-evident. We have a lot of common construction of the chain, such as Links, soft outside the chain, the chain, the chain blog forum, inquiry platform, network encyclopedia and so on, but we do most is the chain blog and forum outside the chain, why? Because they had the strongest operability, as well as at the same time otherwise, the risks are high than the other way. Some people may have doubts, the forum outside the chain of the chain effect than other forms of difference can be understood, the risk of higher say? The next Quanzhou Shanghai dragon Yang Changsheng will introduce you to the forum outside the chain website ranking change radically, vulnerable

BBS signature chain is the most easily available, is also the largest number of people outside the chain of resources, the chain of the site keywords ranking also has a great effect. Before Quanzhou Shanghai dragon Yang Changsheng think so, but I recently experienced a site due to change radically the forum outside the chain website ranking example leads to volatility risk, I realized the forum outside the chain. Perhaps you will say, you must have a mass, mass. I want to tell you I have no mass, no mass. Friends do not know whether there is such a situation? After the forum with signature of the chain, over a period of time the chain suddenly soar. Of course, the chain increased is good, it is generally the website ranking to improve, increase and flow. The following is a ww9933贵族宝贝 site outside the chain of my business change radically situation, the reason is that a lot of the chain is the chain BBS signature.


maybe a lot of friends to see the forum outside the chain of the general slump, the first thought is not to seal off the ID forum. Yang Changsheng also think so, so I’ll often publish several forum outside the chain to see. I found that the ID has not been sealed, all good. Then you may feel no reason ah, what is not a good forum outside the chain in the place to stay in other places, and no problems. Magic is not magic. Today Yang Changsheng is to reveal the mystery of it, we all know that such as Chinaz station and A5 station, laggards forum is very active, posting daily volume in the tens of thousands of level. As we are posting a ten thousand per day, so a year down there are 3 million 650 thousand posts, think it is very considerable. That is what is it? Let us take a look at a few screenshot.

As the saying goes, ah!

chain leads to the volatility of the website ranking change radically

Chinaz forum period included


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