The website is search engine punishment for five big reasons

had to admit that Shanghai Longfeng work trivial, heavy, and the need to persevere work attitude occasionally to Shanghai dragon worker brings all sorts of strange feeling, because this is Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng need to adhere to, need pondering, need to practice the skills required…… The sense of loss is not terrible, work inevitably occasionally emotional is normal, but don’t have disappointed to work, once the Shanghai dragon work loss of confidence, no confidence on the website, that is equal to their no self-confidence! Work every day in the Shanghai dragon with search engines to deal with because of this, the search engine will also constantly change to the website ranking algorithm, but the web site occasionally punished by search engines also can hardly be avoided. Once the site has been search engine punishment, keyword ranking plummeted, the Shanghai dragon worker also means that the search engine in the punish us hard work pay, after the loss is more need to find is the reason, because this is the Shanghai dragon work. The website is punished, usually need to comprehensive factor analysis to find the reasons, perhaps every webmaster in these cases all have their own way, the exchange on the website by the five major causes of punishment, inadequacies also forget more guidance.

: change the title; not that title changes will be punished by search engines, but your website is search engine punishment have changed their title should be very clear.

two: spatial stability; stability of more space to search engine spiders crawl the site information, if the space is not stable, when the search engine crawlers visit website and can not open the page, enter the page can not meet the crawler grab information, as can be imagined, search engine will drop right on the site. So buy space in the choice as far as possible choose the credibility of good IDC.

four: the content of web content is undoubtedly the best; original, original content and relative search engine crawlers fresh "food" is the most love to grab information. Of course, the original work better than the original acquisition and much more, not all sites must be original, if website weight relatively high can be appropriate pseudo original. Often update the contents of the article are the description text links to key words, once the keywords description text links excessive overlap too much also resulted in fatal website for key. Furthermore, repeated acquisition too much of the article will only make the crawler tired website, each visit can receive fresh information, the search engine will therefore feel that the website content useless for users, thus resulting in the site not being included in the search engine page.

three: Links; Links is one of the important factors to improve website ranking key, is often the site is one of the fatal factors. Links must regularly check, once found, snapshot chain in site is not in the home page, etc., included removing search engine drop right sign site, Links timely delete.

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