The movie station outside the chain skills summary

every day in the love of Shanghai know, Sogou quiz answer questions, add your own links to the corresponding.

here, love Shanghai know at the beginning will delete your web site, but we need to have some problems. All you choose in order to solve the problem of strong, so adding links necessary answer, pass rate is greatly improved.

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is especially famous for the site collection: QQ bookmarks, love Shanghai collection, YAHOO bookmarks and other online favorites. After all, these are the respective online collection of large portal products. So we in the construction of their products in the chain, they must also be recognized, so as to give us the weight.

did the movie website friends all know the construction of the chain website, is a very difficult thing. But after we work hard to send the chain, do the chain of hard work, not necessarily a lot. Because we can do very hard half low chain, will not be recognized by the search engine. Sometimes our website is considered cheating, counterproductive. Do the movie site to a friend, how high the chain? It becomes a vital issue.


for a list of Web sites, I want to tell you, most of these sites need to be reviewed to add. Some webmasters, usually set the condition. Such as the need to add links to web site directory, can be approved. In fact, here, we naturally do not have to worry more about this, because the directory sites are often Pastebin website search engine, their performance are very good, especially the high PR directory sites, links have little effect on their own and they. Because they are recognized by the search engine, rather than the garbage collection station, the definition of the search engine for their list of Web sites, they have www.vzhizhu贵族宝贝 search engine weight height, you give them. They recommend you such a good website, not only let you have a negative impact, but also is beneficial.

soft Wen promotion.

collection site collection and site directory.

soft Wen promotion effect has been very good, write a soft Wen, the key to success lies in whether the article in the public interest. Of course, you have to take your keywords, such as "American movies". The public is able to obtain the useful information from your soft. Otherwise, a good soft, just you soft advertising. We naturally cannot harvest what will not agree with you. > and

and the choice of the inquiry platform do so outside the chain, the most important is the general inquiry platform are also corresponding engine products. An answer to the engine ranking index is a great chance. By the way, we need at the right time, proper conduct propaganda. Rather than blindly in the Q & a platform advertising, otherwise the platform shielding your website, but also behoove



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