Tencent micro blog officially fully shielded spider love Shanghai

, Tencent, micro-blog has officially fully shielded love Shanghai spiders, but it is only the love of spiders in Shanghai, Google and other search engines in addition to love overseas, which makes people think about.

when I was in February this year in the A5 published an article pointed out that "micro-blog search, search engine a piece of cake", if the contents of the retrieval and utilization of micro-blog, is likely to catch up with the Tencent soso love Shanghai, become the most mainstream search engines, the premise is micro-blog Tencent must shield love Shanghai and solve the technical problem. But now most people in soso search, micro-blog is also not search out, probably is

This shows that ?


now, television and the Internet are on a person in the heat: wujingmin. A few days ago is still in love Shanghai in search of his name, the first name is wujingmin Tencent micro-blog. But this morning when trying to find information about him, did not find his micro-blog search in Shanghai love Wu Jingmin, wujingmin Tencent such as micro-blog keyword, so I looked at the Tencent micro-blog robots, you can see, open 贵族宝贝t.qq贵族宝贝/ robots.txt, see the show as follows:

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