How to use nofollow to enhance the site optimization effect

many webmaster for nofollow tags written or not about the main application of the general nofollow label on their own do not want to be tracking the link above, the common method is as follows:

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talked about the label, nofollow label to reflect the first stationmaster is Links in the firm does not change, at the same time in website optimization are refusing to use nofollow tags because many webmaster, synonymous with this label is not included, influence the website included quantity, the scourge of weight transfer "". But is this really the case? Many webmaster see things only one-sided, everyone thinks is bad also said it is bad. In fact, everything has two sides, when the advantages outweigh the disadvantages when it is good, more harm than good when it is bad. So let’s face by many webmaster abandoned nofollow tags, how to make it play more role, help to improve the optimization effect of the site? Today I talk about how to use nofollow tags to improve the optimization effect of the site.

1, " nofollow" written in the meta tags on the page, used to tell the search engines don’t grab all external and internal links page.

< meta name=" robots content=" nofollow />

nofollow in love Shanghai encyclopedia label definition to tell the search engine " don’t follow the links on this page " or " don’t keep track of the specific link. A simple explanation is that when we don’t want to be the search engine grab Links forum, so you can add nofollow tag Links forum link to tell search engine this forum content can not crawl crawl. If we do not want to link the A page is crawling, can tell the search engine this link can give up tracks in A link to add nofollow tags. The Nofollow tag in the optimization is a denial of the meaning of spider crawling.

Such as:

Nofollow tag definition

2, nofollow tag in a hyperlink, tell all content search engines don’t grab the link to the page.

Such as:

Nofollow label promotion site >


< a href=" 贵族宝贝****贵族宝贝/guanshi/" rel=" nofollow" > < /a>

write the Nofollow tag

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