How to perfect the details to promote the love of Shanghai

the number of articles to show the value to a great extent, the words will make the loss of value is too small, and too many words will not let the user to lose interest in the patient. That should be how to control the number of words is the most reasonable? Here depends on the type of site webmaster to control, such as a web site is the enterprise stand, with less words, because the enterprise information should be concise and comprehensive, can let users understand the moment; but if the website is the news station, it should be more words, like this in order to complete a news presentation to the user.

An article in

[first]: to edit the high correlation of the article

[Second]: the layout should be neat and beautiful


high quality.

this article even write well, high quality, can not get the favor of love Shanghai, not to mention the love Shanghai seconds, should go to look for on the construction site of the article, such as website construction techniques, and so on can be reached with the theme for the type of web site. So, rather than a few days to update a website with the theme of the article, do not add a few days not related articles.


[Fourth]: add more elements to enrich the

test the quality of optimizing a website which is an important indicator of the site, a site is ratio of love Shanghai included more high, so the flow will more, also explain this website optimization level. But because the love Shanghai algorithm is more and more strict, many owners are worried about their website to rise, or even declining, I also experienced the dilemma, then by asking other people and their own thinking, summed up some experience to perfect the details, solve the difficult problem of website.


many webmaster in such a misunderstanding, in order to update and update, so a lot of time in order to complete the task and to add some little cowboy theme of the site and the relationship of a construction site, the author took the early time is such, in the station, almost see all the articles on electronic Commerce:

[Third]: good control of the number of articles

therefore, when editing the station, we must do: paragraph indent on the indent of the font is bold, bold text, line height and gap to meet the common user’s browsing habits, do these details, I believe the pages included will receive a good effect.

believe that every webmaster on primary school will remember our beginner when writing, the Chinese teacher always taught us to pay attention to the layout, and strive to make the layout neat, beautiful. The website article is a truth, ugly layout makes love Shanghai and user " ", at a distance; as shown below:

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