Love Shanghai second page search Shanghai dragon Er should be how to use this function

day after the holiday, Shanghai love of search results and a new adjustment, it is about second pages of results there are three related search terms. No one has yet found the ranking results have great, but in fact there are many circles in Shanghai Longfeng factors do not directly affect the ranking, but indirectly affect the ranking. I think this is such a function, may not directly affect the keywords ranking, but must have the indirect effect. As for the influence of how much current data do not believe in love, Shanghai is also feeling the stones. Believe that the present love Shanghai but also on the sidelines, if the effect is not ideal, it is possible to cancel. Just as the push is added to the home page, now add to this function has no home. But the second page search webmaster concern, the author comment.


relevant search results for the second page of the second page of the row in the site seems to be not what good thing, it will be split off part of the flow. The function of a set of second pages with the first page of the pros and cons of potential pull farther. But there will be some circumstances HENGQIANG, at least this function further promote this pattern. This function should be for white users, because the relevant search general senior Internet users will directly glance at the bottom. If you need to click directly on the first page will, without having to go to page second point search. Because when people will turn to the second page, the eye more than light is related to the search will have a glance below, if you need keywords will directly click. Without the need to make an unnecessary move the turn to the second page and then click. So it is for Internet veteran tuoliaokuzi fart, but believe that since they pushed out, still has a certain guiding role for the internet.


can appear in the related search before the three words are more users, if our pipeline pump row in the second page, now is not to spend great efforts to bring the word pump up, but must bring with it the most relevant of these three key words: pipeline pump type, ISG >

In fact,


actually I think of a most important influence in Shanghai dragon is reflected in the correlation, when just launched, I think the first time is the impact on the Shanghai dragon. Then slowly think of love in Shanghai is how to think, the launch of this intention, a judgment that is the author of this function. When it comes to relationship problems, I think the factors affect the ranking should be indirect factors inside, correlation factors to influence the website ranking how important this nature is self-evident. If the website of our core keywords pipeline pump row in the second page, page second search terms related to it are: ISG type pipeline pump, pipeline pump, pipeline pump irg. According to the principle of correlation, we should put our core keywords with pipeline pump most relevant to the word of the three words to our website layout.

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