Yunlong Shanghai Dragon pressure is the driving force to RMB

program, is an important template structure of Shanghai dragon, a website must remember the beginning of the positioning don’t change, because I had to change the N TITLE, causing the site to drop right infinite love, Shanghai is very hate this always replace the site of Shanghai Longfeng structure, so not

a friend like the original site, but now people on IP5 million, and now regret is useless ~

I actually belong to a person, to do good, but then returned from Beijing to the northeast, the 10 days no updates to the site, site from 5000IP 3000, 1500, 1000, fell to 800, 600, 400, 200 until now, why? I gave up, but the real stick and rotary I have no room for the

In fact, I think the so-called

I haven’t write articles, why not write? The 2 failure gave me a lot of pressure, but the pressure I gained lots of experience and lessons, the article read a lot, but many of the details are not said, this is my failure in groping out! A whole year’s time, 2 sites at the same time and lose money, Shanghai Longfeng make the pockets more and more thin, though not to smoke on the smoke point, but also the poor not a luxury! Verbose said, entered.

from Beijing to the northeast of the 10 days no chain, flew down right! So, the chain must do every day, do not do today, tomorrow is not done, or you don’t have the hair of the chain, adhere to the first half of the year, and then go to a little bit of hair of the chain, the most critical stable


chain is good, but must be careful, or is seeking a stable, or every day, the time of 1 years that 1-3 months when the traffic is pretty standard, IP5000, and is a new domain name, the chain every day but I will send 20-30, to ensure the stability of


manual chainThe There are some buy >

(2) to buy the chain:

because many people have always gone wrong, it is likely to start a very energetic, but once the 3-4 months encounter pressure (RMB) supply is produced and the give up thinking, because it will make the site a little fall into the trough, so some people do not like that is because there is a lot of pressure, so to do anything to create power, in order to RMB to

, why say: pressure is the driving force, the effort is RMB

1. template:

! What are the ? ?

two, so the experience gained by the



!The chain: !But the

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